Video: Insomnia on Keto

Why Your Sleep Sucks on Low-Carb #lowcarb #keto

Having a horrible time sleeping since you went low-carb or ketogenic? 4 proven steps to improve your sleep, right now.

Insomnia is the worst. And, when you’ve gone keto and start to feel better overall but your sleep quality starts to suck, it’s an even worse place to be in. You feel great on low-carb keto, but when you eat low-carb keto, your sleep suffers.

Perhaps you know that eating carbohydrates fixes your sleep quality problem. Maybe when you ‘fall off the wagon’ and eat all of the carbohydrates, you have the best sleep that night but wake up feeling less than awesome because carbohydrates don’t feel good in your body.

Girl, I’ve been there. And it SUCKED. No amount of extra magnesium, or melatonin sprays, liquids or capsules fixed the problem.

If you’re experiencing insonia on low-carb/keto diet and you’re looking for solutions that allow you to feel good on your ketogenic diet while also getting the best sleep of your life, you need to watch today’s keto video.

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  • Signs that keto is affecting sleep
  • Steps to end insomnia on keto
  • The ultimate reason why you’re experiencing insomnia on keto


Does your sleep suck since going low-carb, keto? Which of the steps that I shared are you going to try first?

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  1. I have tried Atkins twice in the past. I’m sick of counting calories and carbs make me bloated and give me rashes so I mostly stay away from them anyways. But literally, the first day of cutting my carbs I cannot sleep that night. And it doesn’t go away. The longest I’ve lasted is a week because I’m so exhausted. So my question is…I would have to have a few carbs right from the very beginning. Does this mean I wouldn’t get into ketosis at all? Which would cancel out the benefits of doing keto? Thank you!

    • Hi Heather! You can still eat carbs and maintain low-level nutritional ketosis. I actually talk about this in my book Fat Fueled, if you’re interested!

  2. I suffered with insomnia for years before I went keto until I read about resistant starches this starch does not break down until it hits the lowest part of your digestive system then it creates the bacteria you need for your body to produce serotonin, I have been low carb now and I use a tsp. of bobs redmill potato starch every night before bed, works like a charm, it only adds a couple of carbs and I don’t even know if it effects insulin levels and well worth the few extra carbs anyway and I am still dropping weight and sleeping, I still cringe at the years of sleepless nights that could of been avoided over something so simple.

  3. Hello! LOVE your video. I was hard core keto for over a year (25 grams carb, 100 fat, 60 protein). My body loved it, loved the way I looked. This fall after a stressful time at work, hair was falling out, sleep sucked. I’ve very slowly ramped up my carbs to 65 per day, still 100 fat and 60/70 protein and now i’m gaining weight. I know, it’s only 6 pounds, but I FEEL those 6 pounds and i don’t like it. My sleep is vastly improved, not perfect, but pretty great with the help of cal/magnesium, kave and melatonin nights.

    SO, my question is, how do I add more carbs (I’m told getting to 75/80 carbs would be best for my body) and lose those 6 pounds, and not gain at all. You wisdom is greatly appreciated!

  4. OMG I thought I was the only one having insomnia because of Low Carb diet.
    Ever since I got on a low carb diet my sleeping has gone BONKERS. I have been on this diet for 1 year and lost 70 pounds. So that said I have not slept good in 1 year.
    I almost gave up on this diet until I saw your video. I will try some of your methods and hope to little baby Jesus I can sleep at least over 6 hours straight in one night…!!!!!

    I have this anxiety, falling feeling with TONS of energy all night long. Never had a problem sleeping till I started my diet. I also did try Tea’s , SleepMD, Magnesium, joined soccer league late at night so I can burn off energy. I have noticed I need to run at least 5 to 8 miles per day to feel exhausted enough to burn the energy off and fall asleep. I am going BANANAS and need sleep!!!

  5. I am not a research project, but I found that increasing my protein to the recommended amount (1/2 gram of protein per pound of lean body weight) helped my sleeping problem. I was careless in keeping track of the amount of protein I was getting over several months and it finally caught up to me in several ways, one was the sleeping problem.

    • That’s great! I’m glad you found a solution. Thanks of sharing!

  6. Hi Leanne I start LCHF April 21st. I am down 15lbs and I’m excited about this new eating style. However I’m a bit confused and I’ve plateaued for the last 10 days or so. I’m not sure if I’m being impatient or if I should try carbing up. How do I know if my body is getting enough calories and carbs? Also I’m trying to eat within the 6 hour window but does having a bulletproof coffee in the morning disrupt that fasting state?
    I love your videos and appreciate the info you share!

    • Hey! Yes, totally, it sounds like it’s time for a carb up! Bulletproof coffee and rocket fuel lattes do not break the fast. I recommend watching this video on carb ups and this video on weight loss if you haven’t already. Also, do you have Fat Fueled? The section “Weight & Plateaus” is super helpful in this area, too. I’m so glad you’re enjoying my videos! Thank you for the support :)

  7. Hi Leanne,

    Here are some thoughts you might try.
    1. Magnesium is better absorbed/used in the body if it is applied transdermally. You can buy lotion or spray at a health food store or online. Just apply to your backside, pull up your panties and off you go. The lotion and spray reduce pain if applied directly on a painful area of the body.
    2. For better quality sleep try melatonin pills or glycine powder.
    3. To reduce the effects of the blue light at night from your computer download f.lux. This adjusts the color display on your computer.
    Hope you find these helpful.
    Love and Blessings