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The craziest things have happened to my hair since I went low-carb, high-fat, keto.

Whether you’re eating high-fat, keto right now, are looking into it, or have experienced issues with your hair in the past, you’ll want to tune into this week’s video. I’m breaking it all down sharing how eating keto affected my hair.

How severely low-carb, keto, carb backloading, carb ups and becoming Fat Fueled has changed my hair from frizzy and dry to nourished and healthy (and which step has been the most transformational).

Plus, steps to boost the health of your hair no matter where you’re at.

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  • The importance of carbs for strong, thick hair.
  • The importance of fats for gloriously nourished hair.
  • What to do if you’re losing hair (and how long to do it to notice results).


What has your hair done since eating more fat?


Hey, you guys, my tights match my outfit today, and I’m even wearing business socks for you. This never happens and I like to switch it up, like business tights, Lou Lemon action, business socks. Usually, I wear indoor shoes because my acupuncturist says that it’s like good for my chi or something. I don’t know. She is awesome so I trust her. Usually it’s like business on the top and PJs on the bottom. In fact, most times I have like my hair over here and no makeup and I look like a witch most of the time and my husband will leave in the morning, kiss me goodbye and then he’ll come home and he’s like, you look exactly the same as when I left like 14 hours ago. Story of my life, the struggle is real.

We’re not here to talk about how I need to be on a makeover show with all of my crazy outfits and the fact that I live in pajamas, we’re here to talk about hair and my hair has done some really crazy, awesome things over the last year and a half. Overall, eating high fat, keto has been super nourishing and awesome for my hair. I could never wear my hair down like this before. It was so frizzy, to the point wear if I wore it down, it was like a big puff ball or I had to like straighten it and then put a ton of product in it for it to just like kind of stay there for like an hour.

Eating this way overall and eating high fat, keto has been so helpful to my hair, but when I was first getting going, I noticed major transitions in my hair health as I tried different eating styles within the high fat, keto living realm. If you are currently eating high fat, keto, this video’s for you. If you’re eating high fat, keto and having issues with your hair, this video’s for you. If you’re interested in eating high fat, keto, but you already have hair issues, or you’ve had hair issues in the past, also this video’s for you and if you eat low fat and your hair is all messed up, this video’s for you because you probably need some fat in your life to make your hair awesome.

Before I started eating high fat, low carbohydrates, keto, like I said, frizziest hair in the world. Then I started eating high fat, low carb, keto, about 20 grams net carbs for quite sometime, about four months, and my hair got super curly. It was so weird. I’ve always had straight hair but it was like ringlet curls and I got so many compliments on it. Shortly after that my hair started falling out, like a lot and I have a previous thyroid condition, hypothyroid, that I had been kind of ignoring up until that point and I actually ignored it for a couple more months and my hair was falling out like crazy and I was like, I should probably do something or I’m going to be bald by the time I’m 30.

Then I started carb backloading, which is different than carbing up. Carb back loading is specifically for when you’re lifting really, really, really heavy weights. Obviously, I actually had weights in my hands when I was doing this, but you get the movement and it was like really heavy. When I lifted these really heavy weights, it was about two hours a day, six days a week, yeah, I totally regret doing that because it totally even messed up my cortisol and my thyroid even more but that is for another video. Basically, when I started carb backloading, I wasn’t really paying attention to the quality of food and I started reacting to a lot of foods, probably because I was eating grains and so my hair got really greasy and super itchy.

My scalp was, right here, oh my gosh, all I could do was itch it. Then I woke up, thank goodness, and decided to eat more Fat Fueled, keto, which is the program that I outline in my keto book, Fat Fueled, linked up here and also below, where I time the carbohydrates and they’re healthy starches, fruits, those sorts of things. I eat low carb, high fat, keto all day and then I was doing carb ups every one to three days and then my hair got like this where it’s like moist and it’s not falling out and I don’t get split ends. I got my hair cut about two months ago, so I’m due for another cut but it grows like super long, really fast, it’s so awesome.

It’s fair to say, by eating high fat, keto with timed carbohydrates, I nourished my hair, I healed my allergies through gut healing, which stopped the scalp and the greasiness because it was like dry and greasy and it was horrible. Three, I balanced out my hormones and specifically my thyroid so that my hair stopped falling out. Also, I’m sure that one scoop of collagen every day for the last 11 months has definitely helped. I’ll include a link below this video for a ten percent off coupon to Vital Proteins Collagen. It is VPHP 10, all in caps and it’s free shipping too. I use that also to make sure that my hair is nice and beautiful and awesome.

Pointers for those already eating low carb, keto or those that know that they have a hair imbalance, a couple things are, how do you know that you’re losing a lot of hair and it’s probably something you should look at? I look at the shower, brushing my hair with my hands, and my pillow. For the shower, if I’m washing my hair and there’s all this hair in my hands and I have to put it on the shower wall because if I don’t my husband will make me clean the drain. If I’m putting hair on the wall or I’m brushing through my hair and I’m getting a lot of hair in my hands, like I didn’t even get any bits, so that tells me things are pretty good.

If you’re brushing through your hair and you’re getting, I would say more than five strands with one brush then that’s probably something to look at. If you wake up, and you look at your pillow, and you have like ten to 15 strands of hair on your pillow, just like rogue hairs hanging out, chances are if this is kind of a new thing, you should probably look at that too.  Once you start eating Fat Fueled, keto, this is really going from like a strict low carbohydrate, keto eating style to eating Fat Fueled, then you should notice a difference in your hair in about two months because it just takes a little bit of time and your body will be like, oh we don’t need to lose all the hairs, we can keep them, so about two months.

If you’re first starting out on a low carb, keto journey, maybe it would be worthwhile doing something like Fat Fueled where you don’t even have to play around with going strict, strict, strict low carbohydrate, keto and potentially losing your hair. The signs that you’re doing it right, after those two months, if you’ve been eating super low carb and your hair was falling out and now you’re going towards more of a Fat Fueled, keto eating style, like I said, about two months is when you’ll start to notice the changes, but usually the changes are like your hair stops falling out, it’s shiny, it looks moist and nice and not like a moist, moldy grossness. I hate the word moist. Basically it’s like nourished and like good and the color’s nice and it doesn’t look dry.

The last tip is zinc and selenium. The most selenium rich food is Brazil nuts, but if you can’t do Brazil nuts, cremini mushrooms are really good too. I supplement with selenium and have for about six months and I just take one capsule in the morning. I’ll link to the product that I use, as well as zinc, and there’s actually a really cool test that you can do to find out whether or not you’re zinc deficient and it costs a dollar. You just go to the drugstore and purchase a type of zinc and you swish it around in your mouth for ten seconds and then if there is no taste or you taste something sweet, then it is positive and that it means that you need zinc and if you don’t taste anything or if it’s a bitter taste, then it’s negative and you don’t need to supplement with zinc.

I will include that specific type of zinc to test with down below and if you swish it around in your mouth like I said and you taste something, then take the following zinc capsules for a couple of weeks and you can test again by swishing in your mouth. Maybe I should make a video about this, about how to test whether or not you’re zinc deficient and you don’t need blood work or anything crazy. I hope that was helpful. Like I said, collagen, zinc, selenium, they’re great supplements to support your hair health overall and if you want to learn more about high fat eating and low carb living and all the things about being Fat Fueled and awesome and having gorgeous hair, you can click up here to my program Fat Fueled and also down below.

I’ve also included a link below to my Keto Bundle, which is both of my products melded together for 15 percent off. So that’s the Keto Beginning and Fat Fueled all together in a bundle and if you loved what I shared today and you want to learn more about high fat living and why it could benefit your life and your body and your relationships and your friends and your hormones and your adrenals and all the things, you can subscribe to my channel. I’ve included a link up there and also down below if you’re watching this video on my blog, Healthful Pursuit. Thank you so much for watching and I will see you next week. Bye.

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  1. Hi Leanne,
    I’m 68 and I’ve been on the LCHF life-style for 6 months. I’ve lost 50 lbs and feeling great. But for at least 2 weeks, I’ve lost a lot of hair. Carb ups, eating enough protein, more thyroid support are helping, but going lighter on the fasting may be the key for me. Thanks Leanne! You’re awesome!

  2. Hi, I have PCOS and started on keto about 4 months ago. I have lost 10 kilos, which is the most I have been able to lose in the last 4 years. I feel great and I want to loose 10 more kilos… but I am going bald and that really upsets me.

    • Vitamins can help with some things, but if you’re not eating enough, vitamins alone will not stop your hair from falling out.

      • I am loosing soo much hair, I am soo sad. I just ordered Selenium & Zinc and we will see.

        • Have you tried incorporating carb ups and making sure you’re eating enough? While supplements can help, eating enough is a much bigger player.

  3. Any idea if some of these supplement protein shakes, such as Beachbody’s Shakeology, can be incorporated as a carb-up on more intense exercise days? I want to ensure that I’m getting all the vitamins and nutrients I need but I’m not a fan of taking supplement pills, as they often upset my stomach and I never know exactly which ones I should be taking.

    Thank you!

    • I’ve heard of some people doing that. If it works for you, do it up!

  4. I just want to be clear and make sure I understand what you’re saying in this post. Are you saying that if I recently started keto (mainly I’ve started eating more fat/low carb but not yet in ketosis) and that I’ve started losing my hair that in about two months it should even out and I should stop losing my hair by then? My hair is markedly thinner in about the last two weeks since implementing these changes, it happened fast, I just don’t want to go bald. ha ha.

    • Nope, hair falling out is a sign that you’re TOO low-carb or you’re not eating enough. I’d start implementing carb ups and make sure that you’re eating enough overall.

  5. Hi , I ha e been on keto for 5 months and lost around 12 kgs. I want to stay on leto and loae 7 kgs more. But however i am loosing a lot of hair. Please can u suggest carbs to consume ?

  6. Hi, I just want to warn people not to take zinc in any larger amount than 5mg UNLESS you are taking copper to balance it, or you could be in for a lot of problems. Copper deficiency is very common now because people think taking loads of zinc is great. And that isn’t disputed, as long as it’s balanced with copper. Hair loss is a side effect of copper deficiency, loss of bone density, neurological problems that mimic MS. This article explains it better than I can…

    • I do not! I’ve tried it before, but I prefer the old fashioned way of getting into ketosis ;)

  7. hi! i starting my keto diet in another 3days, but very scared of hairloss, as i have PCOD, and because of it already have very scanty hair growth with bald patches.
    please can you advice me about it.

    • Hey, Sheeba! Do you have my program Fat Fueled? There is a section all about Hair Loss that might be helpful for you as you get started on keto again. This section explains what can cause hair loss on keto and how to stop it. I hope this helps!

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