Audio: Your Answer to Healthy Aging (and feeling sexy!)

Sexy Aging Q&A - Blog Post

A recorded Q&A session providing you with the details you need to maximize your health as you age. It’s never too early to focus on creating the tight body, balanced mind and glowing skin we’re all after.

I’m a fairly-active 28-year old woman who takes care of her body…. but are there specific things that I can do now that will set me up for lifelong health + sexiness into my 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and beyond?

You bet there is! And today, Dr. Brianne Grogan break it down, providing you with the info you need to make simple healthy choices for your future hot, healthy + sexy self. Strong bones, good posture, tight body, budding memory and glorious digestion. See below for links to freebies mentioned in the recording.

A must-watch if you want to build strong bones, boost memory and lift your life to new heights.

Change doesn’t have to be scary, especially with simple tips like what we’ve shared in today’s Q&A. Small and steady adjustments are the key to success! Start small, feel inspired and keep moving toward greatness.

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I really want to chat with you in the comments on this one…

Are you on top of your healthy aging game? Which areas do you feel you could work on?

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  1. Hi Leanne,
    I have enjoyed your recent interviews very much. I am not able to hear Brianne’s portion of the interview. I can hear you perfectly. Is the issue on your end or mine?
    Thank you for your help.

  2. Wonderful interview Leanne & Brianne! Jam-packed with great information. I particularly liked the discussion about dietary fats. Just out of curiosity, Leanne, how much fat (in grams) do you aim to eat on a ketogenic diet?