The Healthiest Multiple Vitamin


Show of comments… who here is a supplement junkie?

Maybe (like me!) you have/had a pantry filled with half empty bottles of various omegas, probiotics, vitamin A, MSM, oregano oil, melatonin, vitamin E…

There is a small group of supplements that I believe everyone should take (see my post on essential vs. nice-to-have supplements) but the vast majority of supplements out there are just… overkill.

Food doesn’t contain enough nutrients for us to solely rely on it for all of our health needs. It’s the truth.

Sure, we could bulk up on heavy doses of multiple vitamins, but many of the supplements out there aren’t from whole food sources. And, the vast majority of the population doesn’t have enough stomach acid to properly absorb all of the nutrients in capsules or tab supplements anyway!



Solution: fresh-pressed juice. Juicing fruits and veggies is a pure and simple way to boost the amount of whole food, natural nutrients in your diet.


Juice is “pre-digested” making it easier for the body to get the nutrients it needs. The nutrients are from a whole food source, free of preservatives, flavors, additives and pesticides.

Check it out, here’s the nutrient information for one of my favorite green juice recipes, Love Your Greens:

Green Juice

2 cups of juice – 10 grams of protein, 500% Vitamin A, almost 300% Vitamin C, 46% calcium, 46% iron… pair that with a healthy lifestyle (like the one I advocate here on the blog) and you’re rockin’ it.

I’ve partnered with Real Juice – a fresh-pressed juice company that delivers Canada-wide, and we’re on a mission to use juicing as a way to heal, repair and support health.


We’re on day 19 of our 30 day fresh-pressed juice challenge. We’re drinking 1 juice a day, along with solid foods, to support a happy and healthy body.

Are you in on the challenge? If not, commit here and get started with us either by ordering your fresh-pressed juice from Real Juice or by making your own juices or smoothies.

Your body, future self, and wallet, will thank you!

And… once you see just how good you can feel by drinking 1 fresh-pressed juice a day… perhaps you could tackle that cupboard of supplements? Make a bit of extra space in your kitchen?

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  1. Hi Leanne, I think I found a company in the US that delivers a juice cleanse. Urban Remedy. I think I am going to give it a try!


  2. I recently bought a liver cleanse supplement and I’m about two days into it. I’m bad at taking any kind of pill cuz it makes me gag. After researching info about adult acne, I decided to use the supplement to help aid in my quest to get rid of the acne. Juicing takes me some time to do…the prepping, juicing, and the cleaning. When I juice occasionally, I juice for a family of 6. Anyway, I think you have answered my questions to the email I sent you recently(I know you’ll get back to me soon:)). I plan to incorporate more fresh juice into my daily meal plan. Hopefully it will help and soon.

    • Hey Mo! For sure, the combination of juicing + the supplement… have you tried juicing beets? They’re really great for the liver!

  3. I would keep cabinets of supplements and forget why I needed them, and they would sit half full until they expired. I now have one supplement I take, Juice Plus. It is a convenient way to get the benefits of juicing without the mess or the expense! It is juiced (including peels and leaves; WHOLE FOOD) and dehydrated and put into a capsule. I am sold on it and I feel great! Everyday! Like the juice bottles shown, it has a Nutrition Label, not a supplement label. It is just pure, clean, whole food. I loved the simplicity of it so much, I joined the marketing team! Just like I joined yours; I tell everyone about your blog. Love it!!

    • Hey Ria! I’ve heard of juice plus… sounds interesting. I’ll have to check it out again. And thank you SO much for passing on the Healthful Pursuit love… I really, really appreciate it <3

  4. Amen to that supplement junkie thing! I totally was for a bit, until I realized that the slew of supplements I was on was actually exacerbating my digestive problems. I stopped taking all but 2 and continued eating my usual whole food diet (which includes plenty of juice and smoothies!) and voila! So much better! And yes, SO much more space in the kitchen!