Healthy Halloween Recipes (gluten-free + vegan)

By November 13, 2018

Healthy Halloween Recipes

My favorite healthy (gluten-free and vegan) Halloween recipes from ant hills, to eyeballs and every brew in between.

Like you, I can’t believe that Halloween is right around the corner. This year is flying by faster than the last. My parents warned me this would happen as I aged. Ugh. No matter how old I am though, I still get excited for Halloween. The treats, the costumes, the trick-or-treaters, the whole day is brimming with activity… and sugar.

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Between the candy you put off buying to the last minute so you won’t inhale the entire bag while watching reruns of Friends on a lonely Tuesday night, to the treats you prepare for your kids, the office, or a friends’ party – this is the beginning of a very long period of sugary “temptations” that last from now to… well, New Years Day.


If you surround yourself with healthier versions of your holiday favorites, you can go on living your life and feel good about the choices you’re making.


It’s fabulous. I highly recommend you try it out. And here are a couple of my favorite Halloween recipes to help you get there.

Healthy Halloween Recipes - Ant Hills

Vegan Caramel Ant Hills

Vegan and gluten-free caramel popcorn balls made with just 6 clean-eating ingredients and could just be mistaken for creepy-crawly ant hills.

Healthy Halloween Recipes - Witches Brew

Witches Brew Breakfast Pudding

Digestion stimulating breakfast that will make any witch happy!

Healthy Halloween Recipes - Skor Bar Cups

Dairy-free Skor Bar Cups

5 ingredient chocolate cups filled with hard toffee. Just like a Skor bar but with no dairy or refined sugars.

Healthy Halloween Recipes - Boo-nana Pops

Frozen “Boo”nana Pops

Playful frozen ghost pops made with banana, coconut butter, and dried currants!

Healthy Halloween Recipes - Stuffed Jack-o'-Lanterns

Stuffed Jack-o’-Lanterns

Pasta-stuffed peppers cut into jack-o-lanterns. Made with raw zucchini or brown rice spaghetti and smothered in a 5 minute simple raw red sauce.

Healthy Halloween Recipes - Raw Witches Fingers

Healthy Halloween Recipes from my Favorite Ladies…

Do you have plans for Halloween?

I’m flying to Victoria for a weekend workshop, chill session with my (soon to be) Mother-in-law, catch up with friends, and some heavy duty work meetings. Maybe I’ll bring along a pair of cat ears?

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