What A Nutrition Educator Eats: Vegetable Boosting Edition


Have you ever stared in the face of a radish and said, either in your head or out loud (no judgement), ‘What am I going to do with you?!’

Do you reach for a fresh piece of fruit instead of a bag of celery sticks because celery is, well, kinda boring?

Have you, consciously or unconsciously, gone a whole day without eating vegetables?

About 2 weeks ago, I made a commitment to massively increase my vegetable consumption.

I did a mini 3-day juice cleanse to help eliminate my cravings for meat, oil and all things grains, and followed the cleanse up with 8 days of pumping my body with as much veg as possible.


3 days of juicing + massive amounts of veggies at every meal = a new found love for all things vegetable.


Mission accomplished.

Here are some of the breakfasts, snacks and lunches that I’ve had that are heavy on the veg AND overflowing with yum.


Veggies and Sauerkraut.

Instead of constantly opting for hummus as a dip for my veggies, I tried sandwiching them between a pile of sauerkraut… and it was good.


Salad Bar.

Dad cut up a bunch of random veggies from the fridge – roasted, leftovers, raw, baked, all sorts. And put them on several different plates. We loaded up each of our plates with a bed of greens and customized our salads to our liking. Mad props, papa Vogel.


Zucchini Pasta.

Transforming a couple of zucchinis into a heaping pile of raw pasta is easy with this inexpensive spiralizing tool. I LOVE mine. Topped off with some sprouted beans and steamed broccoli and onions and this girl is ready to go!


Crouching Smoothie Hidden Vegetable.

You couldn’t even guess that behind this watermelon smoothie lies 1 cup of steamed cauliflower and 1/2 cup of butternut squash! Mwahaha!


Really Good Salad Dressing.

A great salad is all in the dressing. This salad is of the steamed variety, my personal favorite because I find that lightly steamed vegetables are a lot easier on my digestion than straight-up raw ones.

Need a couple of healthy dressing ideas? My healthy marinade recipes double as salad dressings!


Fresh Veggie Juice Instead of An Appetizer.

Kevin and I like to start our restaurant visits with a couple of appetizers but, during our last couple of restaurant visits, we’ve ordered fresh pressed juice as the start to our meals. Such a great way to inject a bit more veggies into our day in a yummy way!


Raw Food On The Go.

We’ve been in Vegas for the past 4 days so I’ve taken it as an opportunity to visit as many raw food restaurants as I can find. Raw food restaurants are guaranteed to serve up the freshest, purest veggies out there. Perfect for my veg-maxing goal.


I’ve been on mission of purity and cleansing, not only in my personal life, but also with my business.

I want to create more recipes, come up with new techniques, fresh content and rockin’ products…

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All you have to do is fill out this short survey:

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Thanks for supporting the community we’ve built here on Healthful Pursuit, and here’s to a bunch more awesome, purifying, cleansing, feel-good adventures to come!

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  1. Leanne I always have a big smile on my face when I’m on your website. While I always have something to say, I’m a woman of very few words when it comes to blogging and making comments.
    Today I’ve decided to let you know how loved and appreciated you are because I know only 2 people out of many who share my passion for healthy vegan eating. You are very inspiring I’m not feeling too creative. Thank you for what you do. Please continue to share your wealth of knowledge.

    • Hi Elizabeth – you are too sweet. Thank you for your kind words and supportive loveliness. You are making ME smile!

  2. love all you do with the veggies, gives me great ideas as my digestive system has rocked my world for the last 4 yrs and i still am struggling. Please keep inspiring me. and thanks

  3. My favorite salad dressing helps add even more vegetables. Place a red, yellow and orange bell pepper in the food processor or blender and liquefy. That’s it!! You can add spices if you like but it’s a sweet, pretty dressing that even the kids like.

  4. This is so awesome, Leanne! :) I love the watermelon smoothie! Definitely going to try that :) I LOVE IT! And your muahahaha! TOO CUTE!

    I haven’t made zucchini pasta in quite some time and the way yours is done up and topped looks amazing! Right on!

  5. I totally like this series. Though, apparently, I could really up my veggies :)

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