What A Nutrition Educator Eats


So I had this crazy idea for the blog and instead of chewing it over for a couple of months (I do this a lot!) I’m just going to go for it.

If this new series is totally, completely silly and you think my energy could be better spent sleeping in, let me know. I like sleep just as much as you do. But I love helping you more. So if this helps, tell me. And if it’s lame, also… tell me.

Here goes –


I’m a Nutrition Educator… and I’ve been keeping in real, whole and natural since 2007.


That’s 6 years of:

fresh meals (6,570 meals to be exact – if you count lunch and dinner).

figuring out what works for me.

working with a bazillion clients to learn what works for them.

learning what doesn’t work for me.

teaching myself how to eat on the go (because I seem to eat more meals in my car than at a table).

scouring for the healthiest stuff for lowest dollar.

I’ve been everywhere, man.

So here’s the deal: every Friday (until you tell me to stop) I’ll post a couple of pictures of my meals and snacks from the last 7 days. Nothing fancy.

My intention: is to give us new meal ideas, go-to quick snacks and IGNITE a conversation between all of us.

What this is NOT: This is not a documentation of all the things I ate in a given day. This is not a replacement of my daily recipe posts. Nothing has changed on the blog, a series has just been added.


Let’s inspire one another to eat healthy on a limited budget with limited time and multiple allergies, restrictions and sensitivities… kay?


Ready? (I’m kinda nervous…)

What A Holistic Nutritionist Eats

The Good Bean makes these incredible roasted chickpeas that make for a great snack. 1 serving has over 7 grams of protein, they’re not oily, and they’re super CRUNCHY.

What A Holistic Nutritionist Eats

I kick my sugar cravings to the curb by having a savory breakfast instead of a sweet one. Roasted butternut squash (can be made ahead of time and warmed up when you need it) is great with a pile of sauerkraut and a quick vegetable stir-fry of onions, mushrooms, spinach and leftover bison sausage.

What A Holistic Nutritionist Eats

We had a chicken stir-fry the night before. I pulled out the chicken and had it for snack with celery, carrots, a bit of Homemade Hummus and a crumbled up quinoa rice cake.

What A Holistic Nutritionist Eats

Balance is necessary for success in EVERY aspect of our lives. I treat myself… because that’s life. My sister and I went out for poutine at The Big Cheese. The fries were deep fried, the gravy was layered on thick, it was amazing (and it was gluten-free AND dairy-free to boot!)

What A Holistic Nutritionist Eats

Nutritional yeast on salad is one of my favorite things.

What A Holistic Nutritionist Eats

Green juice is necessary. Loads of calcium, magnesium and stress reducing goodness. I don’t go a day without it anymore. This is my favorite recipe of them all.

What A Holistic Nutritionist Eats

I ran out of time to pack a lunch so I went to Superstore and bought a package of organic greens and loaded it up with hard boiled eggs, mini carrots, snow peas and broccoli.

What A Holistic Nutritionist Eats

We took these Nori Sandwich Wraps with us for our Father’s Day picnic (along with a batch of Dad’s Famous Potato Salad)

What A Holistic Nutritionist Eats

Puffed amaranth sprinkled over top of a Super Woman Green Smoothie makes for a perfect mid-afternoon snack. It’s so loaded with protein you’ll be full for a very, very long time.

What A Holistic Nutritionist Eats

High protein snacks are where it’s at. I whipped up this omelet with eggs, a bit of leftover rotisserie chicken, onion and served alongside grainy mustard (as a veggie dip for my carrots and celery).

I wore cute shoes as I ate it, too.

Now it’s YOUR turn –

Do you feel like you do a good job in taking care of your body (nutritionally)?

What steps did you take to get to where you are today?

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  1. I just heard of holistic nutrition. I would love to hear more. I googled and ran across you blog. Do you have a facebook page by chance.

  2. After being misdiagnosed at age 16 with a crazy rare disease called dermatomyositis and living on chemo for almost five years, I discovered I had a gluten intolerance and this alone was the cause of ALL my symptoms (severe muscle pain, skin rashes, inability to walk, swallow, ulcers in my throat, etc.)After going gluten-free I was able to go off all my medication and today, nearly four years later, I remain symptom-free. Today I am gluten-free/dairy-free/GMO free and I have found that this works very well for me. I also eat organic with lots of healthy fats and I only eat meat if I know who killed the animal (aka my brother who kills deer) and I only eat eggs from local farms. I have not yet kicked the refined sugar habit but I am getting there! Small steps, right? Thanks for sharing what works for you. This is what works for me.


  3. Thanks in part to your blog, I do feel like I’m taking care of my body again! I love so many of your recipes, and I’m feeling very inspired and committed!