8 Healthy Travel Meal and Snack Ideas

By December 11, 2018


Making one last trip to New York City was so incredibly worth all the hustling I had to do to make it happen.

I experienced new things, got a ton of work done and ate really good, healthy food.

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The trip was short, sweet and incredibly amazing.

On Thursday, I walked from the top of Central Park (110 street) all the way to Times Square (42 street) and then back up again, got a manicure on fifth ave, grabbed a late lunch, sat in the park and stopped for a couple of fresh juices along the way.

I had my photo shoot on Friday with Peter Hurley – a super skillful, incredibly passionate headshot and portrait photographer. I can’t wait to share the images with you (!!) Gotta say, I felt pretty special throughout the whole experience.

… and then I came home.


The last time I was in New York, I ate out a lot and didn’t feel so awesome when I got home. This time around, I made a point to keep it a healthy trip. I created a rough meal plan, cooked a lot of my own meals at the hostel, and made healthy choices ate every turn.

Woo to the hoo!

8 Healthy Travel Meal and Snack Ideas via @healthfulpursuit

Hardboiled Duck Eggs

I’d never had a duck egg before, but at $0.99 per, I couldn’t resist! I hardboiled a bunch of them the night I arrived into New York and had them with salads along the way.

On the left, with my Vegan Caesar Salad with sprouts, kale and fennel.

On the right, with my Roasted Cauliflower Salad and romaine.

Quick on-the-go Snacks

Roasted sweet potato wedges will last in the fridge for about 3 days and make a fabulous on-the-go snack with a couple slices of veggies or a sprinkle of hemp seeds. I found gluten-free 100% grass-fed beef jerky at Whole Foods that was pretty good, too.

8 Healthy Travel Meal and Snack Ideas via @healthfulpursuit

Portable Probiotics

There was no time for me to pick up a pack of travel-ready probiotics for this trip, so I relied on my trusty kombucha companion to load my body full of healthy bacteria while I was away.

8 Healthy Travel Meal and Snack Ideas via @healthfulpursuit

Fiber-filled Fruits

Eating fruit alone makes me cranky and hungrier than before I ate… so I like to pair my fruits with things like broken up vegan protein bars, sprouted buckwheat granola, hemp seeds or chia seeds.

8 Healthy Travel Meal and Snack Ideas via @healthfulpursuit

Baked Fish

I’m a bit of a fishaholic right now. Just can’t seem to get enough of it. The great thing about fish is that it thaws quickly, bakes quickly, and doesn’t need a lot of spices or extra flavors to be delicious. A perfect protein option for a girl on the go!

On the left, I had some baked cod with veggies and a couple of quinoa rice cakes. This meal was intentionally pretty bland to avoid digestive upsets before my shoot.

On the right is a tuna steak (the chicken of the sea) with roasted beets, onions and carrots.

8 Healthy Travel Meal and Snack Ideas via @healthfulpursuit

Healthy Eating Out Spots

Salads (dressing on the side), juices, smoothies, rice bowls, non-cream soups, are normally all great options.

It’s so easy to find healthy options in New York, wow. Some of my favorites are: Juice Generation, Blue Dog Cafe (picture on the right – thyme chicken salad), One Lucky Duck, Cafe Blossom, and Angelica Kitchen.

8 Healthy Travel Meal and Snack Ideas via @healthfulpursuit

Nori Sandwich Wraps

I never go a week without making a couple batches of my Nori Sandwich Wraps. It’s a sandwich made in a nori sheet and rice paper roll. Fill them with whatever tickles your fancy. They’re light and travel really, really well.

8 Healthy Travel Meal and Snack Ideas via @healthfulpursuit

Protein Bars and Veggies

The best combo. Protein + green juice = healthy, glowing goodness!

Now, I’m dying to hear from you… because I just KNOW you have some healthy eating genius to share with all of us…

What healthy meal or snacks do you take with you on the go?

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