Transitioning into and out of a juice cleanse


A lot of internal action happens while you’re cleansing. Your body kicks into its natural cleansing cycle and runs on hyper drive to flush out toxins, regenerate tissue and restore your vital organs.

Jumping in and out of a cleanse – abruptly transitioning from solid food, to liquids and then back again – can be detrimental to your body. Which is why it is highly recommended that you follow a ramp up and wind down program. Ramping up and winding down will give you far better cleanse results than an in-out-done approach.

Ramping Up

3 days of preparing your body to cleanse. Focus should be on increasing vegetable intake, reducing animal protein and other highly allergenic foods like nuts, grains, gluten and dairy.

Winding Down

3 days of slowly reincorporating solid foods. Focus is on reintroducing solid foods very slowly so as not to shock the system. Your body will still be cleansing during the wind down program.

Here is one way you can support your transition into and out of a juice cleanse::

Free 7-day whole foods cleanse program

The cleanse program outlined in this guide will support you in making adjustments to your eating style while also highlighting the importance of a transitory period. Whether you’re cleansing for health or you’re curious to learn how doing one could benefit you, this program is a great introduction.

The program outlines daily recipes for a 7-day cleanse:: 2 days of whole foods, 1 day of liquids and 3 days transitioning to whole foods again.

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  1. Thanks for all the wonderful recipes and inspiring words Leanne! I’ve really been enjoying following you. You’re deserts are AMAZING! And I thank you for them…I love, love, love sweets and you have given me the freedom to enjoy them without all that guilt!

  2. Leanne, do you have any suggestions for using the pulp left over after juicing? it ends up being so, so much, and i’d love to be able to use it rather than just make amazingly rich compost with it!
    thanks for any suggestions, and for the amazing juice recipes.