On the Move

By December 26, 2018

Moving truck in front of our house

It’s all fun and games until a gigantic moving truck shows up at your house, spends all day loading up your belongings and heads out into the sunset.

Huh, I guess we’re actually doing this.

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Moving box that looks like it's drooling

I woke up at 5am on Tuesday morning (the day of the big move) so that I could spend a couple of final quiet hours in my beloved purple office before we left our home forever. I’m going to miss that space. Come 7am, Kevin was up and decided to join me for breakfast on the only chair we had left in the house. Guess who sat on the floor?

Such a gentleman he is.

Leanne and Lexy in Leanne's new office

We decided to stop procrastinating at around 7:30 (1 hour before the movers were scheduled to arrive) and get to packing up the last of our boxes. You know, the cluster boxes. The ones where you’re like ‘just get the darn stuff in the box so we can be done with this’. Packing 147 boxes will do that to a person.

147. Yes, we counted.

Lexy, our German-Sheppard

I could tell that Lexy and Pebbles knew something was up after everything was packed away. We got the sense that they thought we were leaving without them, or weren’t interested in them anymore. Silly girls, they’re just as much a part of our little family is Kevin and I are! We did our best throughout the day to stay with them to ease their worries.

Pebbles on stairs sleeping

The house got really busy once the moving crew came in so Kevin, Lexy, Pebbles and I grabbed some music, our two laptops, a couple of water bottles, and headed out onto the back porch to bask in the sun. We were out there from 9am to around 4pm and; although Kevin and I were working most of the time, I couldn’t have picked a better last activity to do in our house together.

Leanne and Pebbles outside on deck

We were a bit peckish mid-morning so decided to harvest my garden snack on the 6 carrots I managed to keep alive this Summer.

Pulling out carrots from planter

All in all, it was a happy day filled with sunshine, cuddle time, and memories that will stick with the four of us forever. There was a lot of crying, though. Empty house… made me cry. Truck driving away… made me cry. Planting a penny in the backyard for good luck… made me cry. Driving to my parents house with the dogs… made me cry.

It felt good to let it all out! And now; days later, I can say – I think I’m good now, at least until we get to Montreal!

And, just in time for the weekend, this week’s Happy Days Dairies recipe is gluten-free mini tortilla pizzas. They’re homemade mini pizzas made from tortilla cut outs, sun dried tomatoes and roasted fennel. Use shapes like stars, hearts, or circle cookie cutters to create any pizza shape you’d like!

Mini pizza collage with ingredients

Head on over to Happy Days to check out the goat cheese and fennel vegetarian recipe or for my recipe page for a dairy-free/vegan version.

8 simple steps infographic

Have a wonderful weekend! I’ll be back on Saturday or Sunday with a recap of the dinner my parents and I made together on Wednesday night, along with 3 new recipes. 3! Ha, I love the good food here.

Ta ta for now!

Mini pizzas with fennel and goat cheese on baking sheet

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