Everything I’ve learned about carnivore

By September 28, 2021

About Carnivore

Two fabulous approaches to the diet I’ll never personally try… but, I’ve seen so many benefit from the carnivore diet, that I love sharing it’s potential positive affects! Don’t take my word for it (I love plants too much), enjoy the brilliance of Judy Cho (Author of Carnivore Cure) and Austin Cavelli.

OK, so… I’ll just come out and say it: No matter how much I learn about how great carnivore is for your health… there’s no way I could ever do it.

There, that’s out on the table.

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And so now, I want to introduce you to today’s topic: CARNIVORE!

Well, that’s awkward… isn’t it.

Not really.

As a Holistic Nutritionist, it’s my job to know a little bit about a lot of things. And, this includes all the different eating styles, their benefits, and side effects… so that when a client comes to me with an issue, or they’re interested in eating a certain way, I’m able to actually help them.

I’ll never ever ever say with certainty that one thing isn’t good for everyone. Blanket statements like that scare me, and they should scare you, too. Well, unless you ask me if snake poison is good for all… and then I’ll say, “Duh of course not… Unless you’re Paul. Didn’t seem to bother him much” lol.

But for serious. I’ve seen the carnivore diet help A LOT of people. Would NOT work for me… but it may work for you! And, this is why I’m writing this little message to you! Yes, you!

Each of these interviews below are amazing. So, I’ll link em up, and you can decide which to watch first. Yes, if you’re interested in carnivore, then I suggest you watch both. And hey, if you’re interested in carnivore like I am interested in carnivore (I listen to things like this and think, “no way I could do that” the whole time), then have a listen!

Eating carnivore and my love of plants with Austin Cavelli

The Carnivore Cure with Judy Cho

Enjoyed these interviews? Here is how you can connect with each of these ladies

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