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Lots has been going on over here on the blog, and in my day to day. Despite all of my efforts to try to slow things down and go into hibernation mode, November is proving to be quite the busy month!

On Friday, I got completely lost searching for a recipe on the blog and practically had to call a search team to locate my whereabouts. One hour later, I got an acquisition email from recipage. Coincidence? I think not.

I’ve been holding out on getting recipage because I really thought that the recipe page I had created was working. But it was still really hard to find things, especially when looking for specific meals for dietary restrictions. And, if I can’t navigate through my own blog, then I can’t imagine what you’re all going through.

Needless to say, I have a new menu item and it rhymes with smesipage.

I’ve managed to input 62 of my 234 recipes. Of course, I started with breakfast and was reminded just how much I love overnight banana pudding, quinoa flake bakes, and anything made in a jar.


Speaking of recipes, I’ve been trying to plan some of the posts I’ll be sharing while I’m in India in February. I know, it’s a far ways off but these sorts of things have a tendency to creep up on a person.

Chances are I’ll have to prepare things ahead of time and am trying to think of the best way to manage it all while I’m gone. Kevin has asked if he can be a guest blogger – sharing some of his foodie tips with you all, I thought that would be fun. Any other ideas? Anything you’d like to see?

On to my workouts and progress…

I’ve been loving cross fit and bodyrock.tv they compliment each other so well. It’s been really hard for me to wrap my head around the less is more approach. I’m amazed how a 15 minute workout can wipe me out far more than my previous 2 hour sessions at the gym, and that these sessions are yielding better results than I’ve ever experienced before.

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks really working on my diet. Lot’s of food journaling – what I eat, how I feel afterward, how that affects my training, emotions, digestion, everything.

I’ve been shifting more toward grain-free than ever before, have increase my healthy fats, increased my protein substantially and reduced my carbohydrates. I’m filled with energy and it feels great. Not only that, but my digestion is getting better by the day – this was after I kicked my fats up a notch – and my muscle definition is coming along really nicely!

It’s been great to allow myself to begin at square one and just follow my bodies innate knowledge.

Reducing my grains substantially has been a difficult one, but I’m now on the other side of it and am surprised by how little I crave sweets.

One of the lessons I’ve learned as of late, is that my body does really well on a high fat diet and not so great with low fat/oil-free. Lots of coconut oil, coconut milk, soaked nuts and seeds, and olive oil have filled my days. About 120 grams/ of fats per day seems to be the sweet spot.

Last week, I was on the search for a soy-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, legume-free protein powder, and just found one yesterday – Jay Robb’s Vanilla Egg Protein.

It has everything I was looking for – no fillers, sweeteners, and artificial colors/flavors. Basically, it’s ridiculously better than many of the other egg proteins on the market. Some of that stuff is just garbage!

I’m planning to prepare the mix with coconut milk in the morning and drink it before my workouts, followed by fruit puree as a post workout snack. And maybe a second serving in the afternoon with ground nuts/seeds.

Although I love my hemp protein powder, mixing 4 tablespoons of it in a glass of water is something you’d see on Fear Factor.

For real.


This time next week I’ll be in London for work, and have a whole list of places to see (thank you for your recommendations!) I really hope I’ll have time to see it all. Thankfully, there is a Whole Foods about 1 mile away from the hotel, so I’ll be sure to visit at least once a day. Maybe I’ll find some cool health products that we can’t find here in Canada?

So that about does it for my Sunday chatter. I guess I should get ready for spin class… after I input a couple more recipes…

I don’t know whether to cry because I still have so many more to input, or smile because I’m totally stoked at finally having a bit of organization up in here!

Have a beautiful day :)

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  1. I was just looking for an all Egg white portein powder and remembered reading about it on your blog a while back, but when I checked the Jay Robb’s you mentioned, it lists lecitin, xylitol and natural flavor (which is the one I am concerned about). Did you happen to check with them to see what ‘flavor’ they might have use? If you already did I would not have to again :) The lecitin I am wondering since I have a client that is soy, corn and lacto intolerant. I am weary of the ‘natural flavor’ since here in the US they can include a whole bunch of stuff under that name :(
    I am leaning towards getting the one below, but have to do some more research,
    Any thoughts?

  2. Plant Fusion is another great hypo-allergenic plant-based protein powder. Lots of yummy flavors and is supposed to have less irritation on the GI tract. Just bought the Vanilla Bean and can’t wait to try!! I found it on Amazon, but you can check it out on there website….http://plantfusion.net/index.html.

  3. Hi Leanne!! It is so ironic that my trainer just mentioned I should try finding some egg white protein powder for preworkouts as my recovery is really slow and I have so many allergies!! May I ask where you purchase the Jay Robb powder? Thanks!! I am so excited for you about India:)

    • Tracking down that powder was a pain! I could only find one place in Canada that sold it – lowcarbcanada.com The lady said she only had 2 left, so I took them both. If you’re in Canada, let me know if you have more luck! I know you can order it directly from Jayrobb.com but you have to be in the US. I’ve heard great stuff about egg protein and am going to be using it for the same reason you are, so I’ll keep you updated :)

  4. I would love to see what a day of eating looks like for you! This was really helpful.

    For the past week, I have been extremely fatigued during my workouts. Spin classes this past week have been miserable and embarassing. Its like randomly all of my energy is zapped from me for a few seconds and I just have to stop. I use coco oil and olive oil already to cook, but I’m going to try cutting out some grains and eating more nuts this week! Thanks!

    • I’ll be sharing more on food journaling in the weeks to come that may help you pin point what could be happening. As well, I’ll be sharing the food choices I make for the symptoms and changes in my body, too!

      • Thank you! Your first food journaling post is great. I can’t wait to start journaling.