Healthful Hints: Happy and Healthy Pregnancy

by March 1, 2018

I had no idea how many Moms-to-be read the blog! Hello to you all out there :) I’m thrilled to hear that you’re interested in learning about how to have a happy and healthy pregnancy, and that you’ve asked me to share my opinion on the topic. Today we’re chatting about a general portion plan for expecting Mom’s, foods that will assist you in avoiding deficiencies, and we’ll cover a couple of my favorite tips I’ve found helpful for my pregnant clients!


Here is the basic portion plan I covered in the video:

Food type


Count of Servings

Dairy 1/2 cup 2-3
Cereal grains 1/2 cup cooked, 1 slice bread 4-5
Veggies (yellow or dark green) 1 cup 2-3
Other veggies 1 cup 2-3
Vitamin C foods 1 cup 2-3
Eggs or egg whites* 1 egg 1
Meats* 4oz. 1-2
Legumes* 6oz. 1-2
Fats – nuts, seeds, oils  1 tablespoon 2-3
  The recipes I mentioned: Tuna Chard Wraps BBQ Kale chips Vegan Sour Cream and Bacon Kale Chips PS: A winner for the SimplyBar giveaway has been selected! Check out the original post to see who won. Thanks for participating and sharing your favorite protein bars! I now have a list of bars to track down and try out.

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