Healthful Hints: Everything You Need to Know About Palm Sugar

Healthful hints is back again, and today we’re talking coconut sugar.

We’ve chatted about why I choose coconut sugar over agave nectar, I’ve used it in small amounts during my candida adventures, and many of my reduced sugar recipes call for it… but what is coconut sugar exactly, and what’s so special about it?

You have to click ‘play’ to find out! ;)


Some of my favorite recipes using coconut sugar:

Vegan Banana Bread Animal Crackers

Gluten-free + Vegan Gingersnap Cookies

Grilled Mini Inside Out Apple Pies

Have a sweet day!

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  1. Is coconut sugar the same as palm sugar? I bought some palm sugar at the natural food grocery store and LOVED it but now they aren’t carrying that brand. They were carrying coconut sugar and date sugar, but no palm sugar.

  2. Great video!!! Just a question..have you seen coconut sap in the stores and do you know anything about it? I found some packets in home sense the other day and wasn’t quite sure about it! thanks!! Love getting your videos every week…it makes my day!!:)

    • Hi Mel – coconut sap is what I talked about at the beginning of the video. It’s what comes out of the tree before it’s processed. Think of it similar to maple syrup. Now, if the stuff you found has been unprocessed, it may actually be better for you than the crystallized coconut/palm sugar!