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By July 21, 2015

Lucky for you and me (yipee!) one of my favourite nut butter companies Premier Organics, creators of Artisana, sent me a box of their raw organic nut butters and asked me to take them for an official test drive. Read about the health benefits of the ingredients in these butters here.

Where it all began…The beginning of a long lasting relationship

A part of our nutrition graduate studies was to write a paper on an alternative diet. It wasn’t long after the assignment was introduced that I decided to not only write about the alternative diet I had chosen (raw foods), but to live it for 2 months and write about my experience. While on my raw foods journey, I was always on the lookout for new tastes and experiences. I’m big into online shopping so it wasn’t long until I’d come across Upaya Naturals, a Canadian company dedicated to raw supplements, equipment and foods. This is where I met 100% organic and raw Artisana coconut butter for the first time. When I received my first shipment I wasn’t too sure what to do with the coconut butter. My assumption was that it was going to be like oil but it was far from it. The texture was smooth; it melt in my mouth like chocolate, and combined brilliantly with just about everything. It quickly became a staple in my kitchen and was my partner during late night study sessions many a times. What makes these butters better than the rest?

Artisana – The Art of Healthy Food

Premier Organics; makers of Artisana, is headquartered in Oakland, CA and was founded in 2002 with a devotion to sustainable living, organic farmers and organic community, and the living foods (raw foods) movement. Their slogan is “The Art of Healthy Food” and this is no lie. They’ve done an amazing job at selecting the purest ingredients for their butters and pride themselves in finding local, fresh, and wholesome nuts/seeds for their products.


Not only does the product lineup include basic nut butters like cashew, coconut, macadamia nut, pecan, and walnut, there are also quite unique products like cacao bliss (chocolate + coconut) and cashini (cashew + tahini) which is an amazing alternative to peanut butter. Best of all…Premier Organics facilities are free from peanuts, gluten and soy!

My first reaction to Artisana Almond butter

On Thursday I packed an apple and a 1.19oz packet of Artisana almond butter as an after gym snack. I spread the butter from the packet quite easily onto the apple and took a bite. I immediately looked over at the package to make sure I had the right butter. Had I packed another flavour and my taste buds were playing a trick on me? This isn’t almond butter I thought to myself. So I took another taste, this time spreading it over my finger and taking a lick. It was like no other butter I’d ever tasted before. It had a sweet, natural tone that I’d only ever experienced in extremely fresh, right out of the shell, almonds. Goodness gracious it was fantastic! (Unfortunately Premier Organics only sent me 1 little packet :()

Where to buy

Artisana products come in 16oz glass jars or 1.19oz packets (although I’ve never been able to find the packets anywhere). The glass containers are available in health foods stores like Community Natural Foods, Planet Organic, and Nutters. Also, if you enjoy online shopping like I do, Upaya Naturals has a good selection of Artisana products.

My favourite ways to enjoy Artisana

In the coming weeks I’ll be posting various ways you can enjoy Artisana butters and how effortless it is to make the switch to this high quality, deliciously tasting product. To kick things off, I share with you the snack that started it all… date dips.
Date Dips
This ridiculously quick and delicious snack is great for a quick energy boost after a workout and will assist with muscle development. Dates are high in fiber, vitamins and minerals and are a natural remedy for constipation, intestinal disorders, weight gain, and cardiovascular issues. Pair that with coconut which helps to reduce LDL cholesterol, balance female hormones and assist with weight loss and you have one powerful snack.
  • 2 medjool dates, refrigerated (don’t buy the pit-less dates. They’re not nearly as flavourful and moist)
  • 1 tablespoon coconut butter, room temperature
  1. Cut date in half and remove pit
  2. Spread the opening where the pit used to be and fill with coconut butter
  3. Eat it quickly before someone else does!
This post was sponsored by Artisana. All expressed opinions are those of Healthful Pursuit Inc. and were not influenced by the opinions of Artisana. Thank you for supporting the brands that I believe in and choose to feature here.  

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