Get Glowing Superfoods Breakfast Pudding (Vegan + Paleo)

by Leanne Vogel (Healthful Pursuit) on March 19, 2014

Blended breakfast pudding that’s high in fiber and has absolutely no added sugars. I created this Happy Tummy Breakfast Pudding recipe a couple of years ago and loved it so much that I ate it for breakfast for 6 solid months. The recipe was phenomenal. So delicious. The only thing I didn’t like about it…


Chocolate Orange Pudding

by Leanne Vogel (Healthful Pursuit) on September 10, 2013

Every Monday, I prepare the week’s gluten-free, dairy-free meal plan for our glorious group of meal planning ninjas. They’re not actually ninjas, but after a couple of weeks on the meal plans, many have reported feeling like they could become a ninja, if the opportunity arose.


Vegan Cream and Blood Orange Parfaits

by Leanne Vogel (Healthful Pursuit) on March 12, 2013

An open mind transforms our restrictions into celebrations. Do some of your allergies or sensitivities feel like a death sentence? A horrible, twisted joke? Or a major restriction on how you live your life? Gosh, I know that feeling. But it doesn’t have to be this way! We can give up the allergy fight and…


Vegan Lemon Pudding

by Leanne Vogel (Healthful Pursuit) on March 7, 2013

We have two things to celebrate today… Thing #1 – this recipe. It’s mind blowing-ly awesome. Preparing it (and writing about it) makes me feel like an anti-dairy ninja battling crap pudding everywhere with dairy-free ease and resourcefulness. HIYAH! Thing #2 – holy flourishing business, batman. I had the opportunity to share a recipe on…


Vegan Chocolate Pudding (Soy-free, Nut-free)

by Leanne Vogel (Healthful Pursuit) on February 8, 2013

I had every intention of coming up with a bunch of Valentine’s Day recipes for you, but wouldn’t you know it, the big day is next week and I’m just getting my head into the Valentine’s Day dairy-free recipes zone. Since getting back from New York last week, I’ve been in a frenzy to finish…


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