My Favorite Things Giveaway!

Thank you everyone for participating in the most popular giveaway on HP… ever! Congrats to Karina for taking home the prize!


I’ve been collecting things…

and not just any things, my favorite things.

There’s instant coconut water that I like to use in my homemade electrolyte mix or post workout popsicles.

Some LARABARs that I like to break up over oatmeal, make into rice pudding, or just snack on in the car.

There’s a bit of stevia, used frequently in our house for a touch of sweetness in green juices, muffin tops, and protein cakes.

A good amount of Simply Bars, the protein bar that made my trip to India possible.

A package of Elixo powdered tea, my savior when I start to feel under the weather. One cup of this stuff and my immune system thanks me instantly. Holy antioxidants, batman!

Last but not least, the Shake & Go Smoothie mix that I’ve relied on countless times to pump my body full of vegan protein power is in there too.

And now that I’ve collected it all, I’m giving it away to one lucky reader!

The giveaway

Enter for a chance to win:

  • One 120g packet Elixo tea
  • Five Simply Bars – peanut butter chocolate + caramel peanut
  • Two 20g packets of instant coconut water
  • Four apple pie LARABARs
  • One 28g container of Stevia extract
  • One 98g container of Stevia nocarbs blend
  • Eight 25g packets of VEGA shake & go instant smoothies – bodacious berry, tropical tango and vanilla almondilla

1 winner will be selected.

Giveaway is open to EVERYONE!

How to enter

Receive up to 5 entries by:

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  4. Tweet it and while you’re there follow me! You could say something like: Win a #glutenfree #vegan gift basket valued over $75 from @be_healthful
  5. Comment: If you could make up a basket of your favorite things, what products would you choose?

Please leave a *separate comment* for each entry!

The giveaway will be open until Wednesday April 11 with the winner announced on Thursday April 12.

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  1. a box of my favoritees would include: peanut flour, cascadian farms cinnamon crunch.chobani yogurt, apples, dark chocolate, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, and refried beans haha

    • Some things I can’t live without: Raw Vegan Protein powder, Traditional Medicinals Ginger Aid tea, Spry cinnamon gum, and Green and Black’s 85% Organic Dark Chocolate.

  2. And fifth, I guess I would fill my basket with nut butters of ALL sorts and varieties, larabars, fresh fruit that I haven’t tried yet (like the weird looking dragon fruit), and winter squash and carrots :) Perfect!

  3. A basket of goodies for me would probably include: the Vega One mix and savi seed flavored protein bars, then just plain savi seeds, almond butter, coconut water, Early Bird granola, a few ProBars, and then some gummy bears for good measure. You can never have too many gummy bears :)

  4. andddd if I could make a basket of my favorite things it would include endless jars of nut butter. Specifically maranatha – its’ my fav!

  5. This would actually be my PERFECT giveaway. I love Larabars (hello Key Lime Pie) and have been a fan of stevia for a while. I’d add some Tera’s Whey Protein Powder (vanilla bourbon) and some medjool dates. Possibly raw cashews, almonds, and walnuts. My favorite snacks!!!

    Thank you for the opportunity.

  6. My basket would be filled with Paleo Macaroons, and lots of little raw energy balls, and nuts and dried fruit, and some vanilla stevia! Oh, and berries!!!

  7. also i think my gift basket would be filled w nut butters, fruit, and larabars

  8. If there was a basket of my favorite things it would include the following:
    almond butter, raw honey, unsalted roasted almonds, some herb seeds to grow your own, curry powder, oats (both rolled and steel cut), Now Foods Almond Oil (I used it as a moisturizer and it’s wonderful!). And if I could include all the ingredients for my favorite green smoothie, I’d do that too!! Thanks for the chance to win all your favorites! I enjoy your blog!

  9. If I made my own basket, it would include:
    Lucuma powder
    coconut oil
    pink salt
    hemp seeds
    sunwarrior protein

    great basket!

  10. If I could make up a basket of my favorite things..hmmm. It would be of sweet potatoes (not joking-my favorite food ha!), pink lady apples, achieve protein powder, trader joes raw almonds and cashews, nut butters of every kind possible, and pumpkin and apple butter!

  11. Oh man…probably the simply cashews, almonds and chocolate trail mix from Trader Joe’s, GT’s trilogy kombucha, chocolove sea salt and almonds chocolate bar, mini heirloom tomatoes, mini sweet peppers, dates and peanut butter.

  12. This is such an amazing and generous giveaway, Leanne!

    I am already suscribed by e-mail :)

  13. Bananas, strawberries, GF oats, homemade almond butter, and cocoa powder–with that combination, I’m set for life :)

  14. A basket of my favorite things.. definitely stevia would be in there! Love all of your things though.

  15. I already get your writings in email and on Facebook. :-)

    What a neat opportunity for some great products and ones I have been wanting to try as well. By the way, my new stove was delivered Wednesday. Happy baking for me! :-)

    If I was to do a give away, I would do kind bars and pure bars along with the Larabars. I might add a jar of pure maple syrup and some carob almonds. :-)

  16. How is it that all of your favorite things are my favorite things too!? Larabars, stevia, vega protein powders, simply bars, ahhhh! I’m already following u on the RSS feed :)

    If I were to make my own gift basket, a few chocolate bars would definitely be included, hehe ;)

  17. Oh, I have many favourite things!! If I go with favourite healthy snacks that didn’t need to be refrigerated, I would include Holy Crap cereal, ShaSha brand buckwheat snack, dry roasted almonds, a few Denman Island chocolate bars (especially razzle dazzle, zesty orange, cool mint), tea – my likes far exceed the space allocated here, homemade granola, a honeycrisp apple and a bartlett pear. Thanks for sharing your favourite things, Leanne! Move over Oprah! :)

  18. In my favorites basket, I’d replace the powdered coconut water with Vita Coco water, and I’d add some Justin’s nut butter packets. But the basket as-is looks phenomenal!

  19. If I could make a basket, it would include: glutino pretzels, figs, nutella, popcorn, salsa, loose leaf tea, coconut oil & sugar. So many yummy things to choose from!

  20. Favorite basket items would include Trader Joe’s seaweed snacks, raw cashews, PlantFusion chocolate protein packs, nutritional yeast, fancy olives, roasted ground cumin, Bragg’s ACV and Jarrows B12 chewables:) I love larabars so much too!!

  21. OHHHHH a basket of my favorite things would include green tea, larabars, natural almond butter, coconut butter and coconut water.:)

  22. My basket would include Larabars, Clif bars, PB & Co peanut butter, Trader Joes kettle corn, nutritional yeast, and almonds!

  23. If I could make up a basket of my favorite things it would be some homemade canned things (salsa, jam, etc.), CHOCOLATE of course :), some yummy bars.. LARABARS for sure, granola, fruit, coconut water, and pretty much everything in your basket :)

  24. My favourites would definitely contain many similar things to yours but in addition I’d include kale chips, raw macaroons and vanilla powder.

  25. If I could fill a basket with my favorite goodies it would have chia seeds, Luna Bars, Chobani greek yogurt, crunchy peanut butter, and Cal Naturale Svelte that I use in place of coffee creamer!

  26. If I made my own basket full of my favorite things, it would be brimming with almond butter and sunbutter!! I can’t get enough. I like artisana brand almond butter, and I also like their raw coconut oil so you’d probably find that in there as well. Throw in some lundberg brown and wild rice cakes with a few bags of eden foods gluten free grains (like millet!) and you’ve got a basket of my favorite things.

  27. Basket of my favorite things: A big jar of nut butter, bananas, almond/coconut milk blend, oats, brussel sprouts, sweet potatoes, and wine!

  28. If you could make up a basket of your favorite things, what products would you choose?
    Easy……..chocolate :)

  29. I’d definitely include some larabars, nut butters (almond is a favorite of mine), raw nut mixes (like the trader joe’s mixes, dried organic fruits (bananas, dates, raisins), and maybe some green tea!

  30. Everything in your basket looks yummy! Thinking back to when I went hiking a few months ago, we had to take almond butter and apples, and various things I made in the dehydrator for the trip: dried strawberries and mango “fruit roll ups”. Also must always have a handful of raw cashews & a few dates wherever I go.

  31. My basket of favorites would include Justin’s Maple Almond Butter, Barney Butter, Clif Mojo Bars, Kashi Go Lean Crunch, Cinnamon Roasted Almonds, endless amounts of Greek Yogurt and my heart rate monitor

  32. Oh jeeze… In my gift basket I would definitely have the vanilla Vega Sport Protein, chocolate chip/chocolate peanut butter Larabars, PB2 (it’s magical, and I have a peanut butter problem…), Rhythm Chips (the spicy ones!), a variety of tasty green teas, So Delicious coconut milk greek yogurt (plain), dried tart cherries, and cacao nibs (because everything is better with a few sprinkled on top!)

  33. I would have to put almonds, cinnamon, Garden of Life protein powder, Yerba Mate Tea, coconut ice cream (providing it didn’t melt!), carfrot cake, oatmeal, Silk Unsweetened Almond Milk, mangoes…the list goes on!

    (I’ve liked you on facebook, subscribed, and tweeted! :D)

  34. Leanne, that’s real generous of you! I pop by your site everyday to check out what great recipes you have for us and to read all about your posts. I just subscribed via email though. : ]

  35. Ok, here come all of my comments! Firstly, my basket would include a lot of the things in yours, especially Simply Bars! I’d also have to include Gin Gins Ginger chews, Vega One, and some tea from Davids Tea!

  36. My basket would be filled with oats and peanut butter – I have a serious addiction!

  37. I would definitely include Lara Bars! Any of the chocolate flavors are my favorite!
    The suggestion above for the Jay Robb protein powder is a good one. Mark Sisson also makes a protein powder. A variety of coconut products from Tropical Tradions….

  38. In my basket of favorite things, I’d include a “Be Kind” bar, coconut oil, chocolate covered almonds, Spirulina, and chia seeds!

  39. as for a gift basket full of my favorite things? hmm

    For Relaxation
    Lavender scented Epsom Salts for a long soak in the tub
    My favorite natural no additives soap – oatmeal cucumber (2-3 bars)
    Organic cotton face cloths
    Soothing Sage incense
    Bach’s Flower Essence Rescue Remedy
    Deepak Chopra’s Meditation Challenge CD

  40. If I made my favorite things basket it would include the following: Zen Green Tea (mint and lemon grass, Ginger Snap Larabars, Fage 0% Greek yogurt, Stevia, dry roasted almonds, and balance bars! Thank you for the opportunity to win this amazing goodie basket!

  41. If I could make up a basket of my favorite things it would include stevia (duhh), raw cacao powder, nut and seed butters, shelf stable hummus packets and braggs liquid aminos (I am traveling to Cancun in the summer so will be bringing along my own muchies!), whole food nut bars, and hopefully some chocolate coconut water which I have yet to find!! :(

  42. I subscribe via email. I love reading your posts and such great advice. :)

  43. If I had a basket of my favorite things, it would include coffee, sea salt dark chocolate, greek yogurt, peanut butter, and pizza. Weird?

  44. If I could fill my own basket with my favorite things it would have
    Strawberry CheeseCake Quest bars, homemade granola, Natural Peanut Butter
    some Perkey Turkey Jerkey and some of those great Nuts!!

  45. I’m not sure what I would put in the basket. We just found out that my daughter has sensitivities to gluten and casein, so we are just starting this journey and are still exploring what is out there.

  46. If I were to create a basket… it would pretty much include all that you did! Except for the tea (simply because I’ve never heard of it before.). :)

  47. How cool! I’ve only heard of the Larabars and the NuNaturals, I’m intrigued by all the others!
    I’ve been following you on FB for a few months :)

  48. If I made a basket of my favorite things it would def include – peanut/almond butter, energy bars (lara, kind, and pure), yogurt, and COFFEE! :)

  49. Right now, my basket would include: Fresh mangoes, chia seeds, lemon flavored liquid stevia, cashew butter, and kale chips!

  50. I’d fill the basket with dried mango, Lifestyle’s Life Basics Vanilla protein powder, sage & cedar massage oil, coconut water, dried seaweed chips, Justin’s nut butters, stevia packets, red quinoa, cinnamon raisin Ezekiel bread, and Yogi Thai Sweet Delight tea : )

  51. If I was to do a giveaway of my favourite things, it would be comprised of some of the following items:

    – Pure stevia
    – Camu-camu powder (for energy!)
    – Natural Calm Magnesium Citrate supplement (helps me with digestion among other things)
    – Dulse (and pretty much any seaweed)
    – Pink Himalayan rock salt (I could not live without salt)
    – Nutritional yeast
    I could go on and on…but I will finish with:
    – Quinoa

    Great giveaway, Leanne – thanks so much! <3

  52. And goodness, if I could make my own basket of favorite things….
    Quest Bars
    Trader Joe’s honey sesame cashews
    Sweat Leaf liquid stevia drops in English Toffee and Vanilla Creme
    Homemade peanut butter and almond butter
    Freeze-dried fruits (banana, apple and mango!)
    Flavored coffees/teas
    Dark chocolate
    Cajun Power Fruit Treat in Strawberry (jam)
    Bragg’s Apple cider vinegar and liquid aminos

    ok that’s enough :)

    • I don’t think my basket of favorite things entry even showed up.
      Here are my favorite things!
      PB2, Quest Bars, dark chocolate, homemade peanut and almond butter, flavored coffees and teas, Sweet Leaf liquid stevia (english toffee and vanilla creme), coconut almonds, freeze-dried fruit

  53. I just requested an invite to you on Pinterest…and I’m glad I did – great pictures!

  54. In my basket I would have nut butters, sun warrior/Vega protein powder, greek yogurt, larabars, granola, good quality dark chocolate, tea, chia/flax seeds, and probably much more :)

  55. I would put:

    -Hemp Seeds
    -Sol Sunflower Milk
    -Whole Oats (best oatmeal ever)
    -Braggs Aminos
    -Coconut Vinegar
    -Chocolate Hemp Protein
    -Amazing Grass Chocolate Powder

  56. My basket would most certainly contain Endangered Species Dark Chocolate, New Moon cookies, and all of Sweets from the Earth’s cheesecakes! Oh, and coconut water to wash that all down XD

  57. What would I put in my favorite basket? Hmmm….I would put Kind Bars, lots of fresh fruit and vegis, some yoga dvd’s, bath soak, essential oils, a Life Factory water bottle, some relaxing music, ooo and have to include a good piece of dark chocolate. :)

  58. Hi Leanne I follow you on Facebook whenever I see that you have a new post I head straight over here to read it. Thanks for your great work.

  59. Leanne,

    if I were to make up a basket of my favourite products in would include chia seeds, PC almond butter (I am addicted), Mejdool dates, and fish oil.

    Happy Easter, This is sure a beautiful easter basket


  60. I’d make a basket of Chia Goodness (a hot chia cereal to which you only have to add water!), Coco Camino fair trade cocoa, chocolate covered Savi Seeds , coconut Larabars, rooibos tea and kombucha! Mmmmm. Getting hungry.

  61. I follow you on Facebook. Actually, because I post your recipes so much I know several people who do now ; )

  62. In my basket I would put things like simply bars and larabars, hemp seeds, coconut oil, vega shakes and yummy roasted flax seeds!

  63. My favorite things? salted caramels, nut butters, cara cara oranges, Larabars, raisins, and a can of Zevia soda.

  64. My basket of favorite things would have to include a jar of raw, salt-free cashew butter!

  65. There are SO many products that I would add into a gift basket! But, just to name a few: Mini LARABARS, mini Clif Bars and Luna bars, (my favorite snacks/treats), Spiru-tein Protein shake packs, Oskri Fig bars…

  66. I have been thinking and thinking about what else I would put in a basket, and honestly, the one you have is pretty close! I would add-
    Navitas Naturals Acai powder
    Cacao nibs
    Really anything from Go Raw! (I love their stuff!!)
    And a gift card to either/both Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods

    I just have to say, I LOVE your blog. Everyone in my family loves your recipes, which is awesome because I may have the pickiest eating 5 year old (an husband for that matter) ever. Oh, and cute new hair!

  67. i already subscribe and like you on FB :)

    what an amazing giveaway!!!!!

  68. If i made my own basket it would have:
    luna bars
    stevia (for the awesome baking creations)
    protein powder
    carob chips
    peanut (or any other) nut butter..i’m addicted
    and some really good steel cut oats..yummm

    I love your blog, follow you on facebook, receive emails and love the creations you come up with!! <3

  69. My basket would have dark chocolate, hemp seeds and almond butter for sure. I’m on a big sunflower seed butter kick right now so I’d throw that in too! I would love to win this basket to try the Vega products, I’ve wanted to try them but haven’t got around to it yet.

  70. Okay, I just completed every thing on your list to subscribe. So all to do now is wait, and look at yummy recipes on your blog! LOL

  71. I would LOVE to win this. Seroiusly, my favorite basket would be just about everything in that basket. Larabars are my favorite, and then I would fill it with cashews, almonds, hemp seeds, actually just about any nut and seed! Thanks so much!


  72. Quest Bars, Gnu Bars, Simply Bars, Lara Bars… As you can tell I love my bars!

  73. Oh yeah, i just forgot
    I would also add in some Kashi cereal or bars to my AWESOME..but imaginary basket!

  74. I am dialed in to “Healthful Pursuit”!! Your blog makes me soo hungry :)

  75. A few things I would include are : Justin’s nut butters, dried fruit, love grown granola, and Tazo teas.

  76. Oh and I love Lara Bars, Vega Protein Powder, anything from Navitas, and Zico coconut water :P

  77. If I could create my own basket of goodies I would pick

    Raw Revolution bars
    Coconut water and or reusable water bottle
    variety of sprouted nuts and seeds
    raw protein powder
    dark chocolate

  78. i love the stuff in your giveaway,, I guess the only thing that would make it better would be different larabar flavours and some chocolate!! :)

  79. My basket would have:

    Jay Robb Egg White Protein Powder – Strawberry
    Raw Revolution Chocolate Spirulina Bars
    Coconut Manna
    Celestial Seasonings Candy Cane Lane Tea

    Fun to think about :)

  80. I would put different nut butters, snack bars, granola, fruit, coconut water and protein powder!

  81. If I made a basket of my favourite things it would have the same Vega to go pouches, with some coconut oil, coconut milk, Larabars and some cal/mag capsules. Thanks for the chance to win. :)

  82. I subscribed, liked fb, tweeted, pinterest-ed. Some of my favourite things would be raw cacao powder and/or cacao nibs, date rolls (coconut, pistachio, or almond), enjoy life chocolate chips (is my chocoholism obvious yet?) Larabars (peanut butter chocolate chip, or chocolate choclate chip, or coconut cocoa chew) and some all-natural sugar scrubs (I have one with almond oil, turbinado sugar, vanilla extract and coconut oil which smells good enough to eat!). I don’t think I’ve ever been so eager for a giveaway as this one though!

  83. my favorite things would be vega products, protein powders, lara bars, nuts (almonds), anything coconut, stevia, pb2, anything chocolate :)

  84. Great giveaway, and a great question! Hmmm…Vega protein powder, chia seeds, flax seeds, coconut oil, and cocoa nibs! Oh, and some high quality dark chocolate bars, just for fun!

  85. Your favourite basket looks similar to mine! It would have larabars, Vega One packets, Peanut Butter, Organic Preserves of any flavour, and some tasty crackers!

    Oh, oh oh, I hope that I win this!!!

  86. Yay. Thanks for the contest Leanne. In my own basket I would have Simply Bars (love them!) or some other low sugar bar, no alcohol stevia for sure, unsweetened carob, an assortment of protein powders both vegan and whey (cause each are good for different things), and maybe a low sugar cookie of some kind! YUMMO
    April 11th is my 50th birthday too……. Yikes!!! :-)

  87. If I made a basket of my favourite things, I would include: Coconut Palm Sugar, gogi berries, vanilla liquid stevia, chia seeds, lemon flavoured lara bars and coconut flour.

  88. My favourite basket is simlar to yours :) I love larabars, PB, sunflower seed butter, Vega One on the go packets and coconut water!

  89. Love the idea of instant coconut water. Would love a basket of nuts, coconut water, lara bars and apple chips (I’m eating paleo). FUn!

  90. Winning something like this would be like christmas for me! Superfood green powder mixes, variety of nutritional energy bars, hemp protein powder, unrefined coconut oil, Go Raw Granola, honestly anything healthy and nutritious. I love to try new things!

  91. That looks like an awesome basket of delicious stuff! I can honestly say I don’t think I’ve ever had any of those things before (I’m new at this!), but it sure would be fun to get to try them for free :) I already have you on my RSS feed.

  92. If i got a basket of my favorite things, you would find coffee, natural creamy peanut butter, gluten-free/vegan gingerbread mix, Terra root chips, and lots of raw vegetables (if that’s possible!)

  93. if i had a basket of my favorite things, it would contain twincakes goodies, kale chips, laura bars, sunwarrior protein, and some GF puffins!

  94. My giveaway basket would contain So Delicious unsweetened coconut milk, coconut oil, Hawaiian pink salt, kukui nut oil for face/body, and some tropical fruit! I decided to go tropical/Hawaiian inspired for my giveaway basket!

  95. This basket is great – so many items I’ve been wanting to try. If I made a basket, it would include pb packets, dried cranberries, a mix of almonds, pecans & cashews, dried veggies (green beans, beets & sweet potatoes!) and dark chocolate squares.

  96. omigosh that basket is like a dream come true! i’m subscribed via rss reader!

  97. Great giveaway, Leanne! My basket of favorite things would include apples, yogurt, mint, avocadoes and eggs.

  98. if i could create my own basket of favorite things, it would have:

    -green & black 85% dark chocolate bar
    -blue diamond dark chocolate almonds
    -blue diamond sea salt almonds
    -sea snax seaweed pack
    -cherry pie larabar
    -brad’s raw natural nacho kale chips
    -wasabi rice crackers

  99. My basket of favorite things would include avocados, beets, homemade granola bars, and chocolate chips!

  100. My dream basked would have the following:

    1. Apple Pie, Coconut Cream Pie, and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough LaraBars
    2. Fruition Peach snack bars
    3. Cliff Jr. Bars in Iced Oatmeal
    4. Dried dates
    5. Chia seeds
    6. Sunflower seed butter
    7. Roasted cashews
    8. Vanilla Protein Powder
    9. Wasabi peas
    10. Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods gift card

  101. If I could make up my own basket I’d have to include popping sorghum (Mini Pops are a God send with my corn allergic kiddo :), Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips, Skippers from Vermont Nut Free Chocolates (nut free M&M’s essential that are one of the few treats my son gets), palm sugar (for me), canned coconut milk (for me) and ummm….lots else that I won’t take up a page and a half listing ;).

    • Oh my gosh, I’ve never heard of popping sorghum before. I’m allergic to corn too and have always, always wanted to sink my teeth into a big bowl of popcorn. Thank you so much! Good luck in the giveaway, Erika :)

  102. A basket of my favorite things would DEFINITELY include some chocolate coconut dipped Luna Bars, coconut water, almond butter, seaweed snacks from TJ’s…and plenty more. Now I’m hungry..

  103. Right now, if I could make a basket of my favorite things it would definitely include ice cream. Gave it up for Lent and missing it, so this basket would have gallons of Ben & Jerry’s.

  104. Plant Fusion Protein powder! I just discovered it and I’m in love! Also a giant jar of almond butter and coconut butter!

  105. If I made a basket of my favorite things, it would include Ritter Sport marzipan bars (they’re so good…), Snapea Crisps, fresh pesto, kiwis, and Harmless Harvest coconut water.

  106. If I was making a basket of my favorite things, I’d use larabars, little packets of Justin’s Almond Butter, Vitacoco pineapple coconut water, Kind bars, and a TON of fruit :)

  107. If I was giving away my favorites, I would include…..
    chia seeds
    steel cut oats
    brown rice cakes
    better than peanut butter
    cocunut oil
    Kashi Go Lean crunch
    vanilla almond milk

  108. My basket would include pita chips, popcorn, nuts, larabars, and whey protein powder. Thanks for the giveaway!

  109. In a basket of my favorite things (out of many) I would choose, extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, chia seeds, cacao powder, dates, Body Ecology green shake, almond milk, Celtic sea salt, lentils, lara bars, quinoa, local honey….

  110. a basket of vega products, coconut oil, larabars, pretty much like your basket!

  111. I would choose all that is in this basket….

    Outside of this basket…things I love include cashew larabars, sundrops, and kale.


  112. I don’t have pinterest though :( BUT if i had a “faves” basket, I’d put into it some hemp protein powder, raisins (random I know) roasted chickpeas because they are delicious and almonds. Actually all sort of nuts and nut butters.

  113. If I made a basket of my favorite products, it would have:

    An assortment of nuts- raw and unsalted are my favorites
    Unsweetened dark cocoa powder
    Flax seeds
    Unsweetened carob chips
    Nutiva coconut oil- great for baking/cooking and beauty care!
    Individual packets of almond butter- great for traveling
    Ginger Snap Lara Bars-my favorites!
    Burts bees chap stick
    Shea butter- for dry skin

    that’s a random basket of goodies…

  114. I’ve totally been wanting to try Stevia too but haven’t yet! That would be lovely to have!

  115. I liked you on Facebook too (now that I’d already done – in fact that’s how I found this post!)

  116. Hm, a basket of my favourite things? Homemade peanut butter, too-ripe bananas, 85% dark chocolate and salty pretzels :)

  117. What a great collection you put together! I think in mine I would also add individual packets of Justin’s nut butter and some stinger chews for running!

  118. All such great favorite things! So hard to decide what would make the cut in my basket… probably homemade Kale chips, chia seeds, coconut mojoto supplies (trader joes vanilla coconut milk, limeade, sparkling lime water, fresh mint and white rum!) and peanut butter cliff bars.

  119. I have been signed up for email RSS feeds every day. (which I love by the way)

  120. yum! I would add kombucha, raw protein bars, chia seeds, dates, nut butter, and some of that packaged wasabi seaweed..

  121. What an a.w.e.s.o.m.e giveaway!!
    My basket would have: the new vega one protein packets, justin’s almond butter (natural + chocolate!), favorite dark chocolates, homemade granola, coconut water, and if possible lots of fresh berries, which I love!
    Your basket is amazing Leanne!

  122. Your basket looks amazing! There are so many products I want to try! My basket would definitely include Clif bars, packets of cashew butter, dark chocolate, steel cut oats, and tea! My basket isn’t quite as interesting as yours. :)

  123. Hmm… my basket of favorite things would probably be a mix of kitchen essentials — tools like a Rosle flat whisk, a Henckels chef knife, an Epicurean cutting board, and a Sur La Table bench scraper; but also crucial ingredients like Nielsen/Massey vanilla bean paste, Penzey’s cinnamon, E. Guittard chocolate… I’m getting excited thinking about the possibilities!

    Love the blog, thanks for a great giveaway!

  124. My basket would have coconut oil, lara bars, green tea, dark chocolate with sea salt and cashew butter! Your basket looks great!

  125. I’m already following you on Pinterest.
    And a great giveaway, btw! Too bad it’ll all go to one person :P

  126. And if I were to create a gift basket, it would most definitely include Maranatha Raw Almond Butter, sugar free chocolate, and Coconut Bliss ice cream…

  127. Phew, I think I’m done now. My goodie basket would include KIND bars (especially the apple/cashew bar), Enjoy Life chocolate chunks, Coconut Milk, Justin’s maple almond butter snack packs, Synergy drinks, and a big bag of baked snap pea’s!

  128. My favorite basket would include NuNaturals vanilla liquid stevia, some Capella flavoring drops (french toast is AMAZING!), mejool dates, Penzey’s curry and chili powders, raw cashews and nutritional yeast from the bulk bin.

  129. My Favorite basket would include blueberry crisp and peanut butter Cliff Bars, NuNaturals Vanilla Stevia liquid extract, Pedialite, a Big River Running gift card, maple almonds, and Peanut Butter Co. Cinnamon raisin Peanut butter! Yummy

  130. and, finally.. a basket of my favorite products would be full of nut butters, daiya cheese, coconut water, larabars, and CHOCOLATE. My favorite right now is the endangered species brand 70% dark chocolate with cacao nibs. I haven’t tried the majority of these products in your basket.. I’ve only recently started my own “healthful pursuit” so I’m thinking a basket like this would be an awesome treat. Regardless, this is a great giveaway. Thanks for giving us the chance!

  131. This giveaway is chock full of goodies! If I made my own it would probably include chia seeds, liquid Stevia extract, coconut flour, lucuma powder, good quality vanilla extract…. mostly baking stuff. Or maybe I would add vegan yogurt starters, coconut kefir grains and such! But I like your basket all the same. :)

  132. In my basket of favourite things, where to begin! haha. well i wont include fresh fruit and vegetables as that would get a bit ridiculous and i see you havent, so: black quinoa, coconut, coconut water, phytoprotein natural protein powder, Nuferm 2012 probiotic vegicaps, assortment of activated nuts, chia seeds, chicnuts roasted chickpeas and i think thats just about all that would fit in any one basket! haha

  133. I must admit I became totally addicted to your blog, I don’t put my iPhone down all dadreading it and I’m in the kitchen all the time, trying out your amazing recipes.If it wasn’t for you, I would never have found out how much I love almond butter, how great maple syrup tastes,how versatile nuts are for preparing all kinds of healthy treats, I would never have thought of using rice noodles in mealtoaf, neither would I dare to mix avocado with dates& lemons.Thank you Leanne for all the effort and knowledge you’ve put into creating this blog and making it available to everyone. Ps- if I was to make a basket filled with my favorite products, it would be full of matcha powdered green tea,raw nuts, organic unsweetened applesauce, tons of cinnamon, maple syrup,almond butter and goji berries. Have a wonderful day ;)

  134. My basket would include lost of fruits and veggies!
    (Yummy, healthy, ready-made, store bought food is generally a little expensive for my student budget)

  135. My basket would have prenatal vitamins (awesome for your hair and nail growth), raw almonds and cashews, medjool dates, chocolate dipped coconut luna bars, unsweetened almond milk and a gift card to lululemon.

  136. In my own basket of favorite goodies, I would have: garlic hummus, chocolate covered almonds, earl grey tea, carrots and kombucha.

  137. My basket would also include Larabars, an assortment of teas including a couple from Celestial Seasoning and a jasmine and/or oolong tea, some of my favorite spices (like cinnamon), and really good dates.

  138. I would include a bunch of things from where I live, dried cherries and pears, some local honey, even some locally made soap. I’d have to include some chocolate too though :D Such a fun giveaway, thanks Leanne!

  139. If I had to assemble a basket of my favorite things, I’d include unsweetened chocolate Almond Breeze, fresh pineapple, liquid vanilla stevia, RW Garcia organic tortilla chips, hot salsa, wasabi-flavored dry roasted edamame, raw oats, and Think Thin bars.

  140. Love your stuff so much I follow all!!

    My basket would have
    Kitz Living Foods, Crunchies, chunks and crackers, all raw vegan, gluten free and grain free
    Kelp noodles
    Pea protein powder, vanilla
    Pure vanilla powder

    These things rock my world so hopefully they would rock someone else’s.. :)

    thanks for your great inspiring blog. cheers, Karen

  141. That’s one sweet basket! My basket would contain Lara bars, almond butter, Vega One, Synergy kombucha, and some good quality chocolate.

  142. As for my favorite basket, I think you got all of my favorites! I might include Luna bars too!

  143. My favourite things basket would include… Cookbooks! Raw desserts. Fresh ground coffee. Ontario sheep’s yogurt. Bananas! Dark chocolate. Maple syrup. Hemp seeds. Dried apricots! I could go on…

  144. Omg! This giveaway is too good to be true. So many awesome goodies! Very intrigued by the tea you’ve
    Included (:

  145. My basket would look similar to yours, except I would add some justins almond butter and trail mix. I have never seen that coconut water powder, that looks so interesting.

  146. Hmm if I had to choose my basket would include peanut butter, bananas, other fresh fruits, nuts and dried fruit, granola, avocados, gluten-free croissants (not really sure if they exist…haha) and a variety of gluten-free goodies :D

  147. If I was going to compile a basket of my favorite things I would include: Justin’s nut butter packets, Kind almond coconut bars, Trader Joe’s peanut butter chocolate crisps, popcorn kernels and a gift card for frozen yogurt <3

  148. If I could make a basket of my favorite things, I would include almond flour, KIND bars, Peppermint Liquid Stevia, Coconut Oil, sugar-free chocolate chips and some root chips. These pictures are making me hungry! :)

  149. I would put a bottle of chardonnay, a grapefruit, a bag of decaf coffee beans, dark chocolate with raspberries, and some So Delicious soy or coconut ice cream (wrapped in ice of course)!!!

  150. My giveaway basket would include — coconut oil chapstick, Mercola’s cocoa cassava bars, vanilla stevia, goji berries, manuka honey, and fair trade rum royale cappuccino coffee beans!

  151. This basket looks wonderful! I would love to try everything in it! If I were to make a basket of favorite things, it would have to include chia seeds, raw buckwheat groats, steel cut oats, Green & Black’s organic 85% dark chocolate, almond butter, coconut oil, maple syrup, Trader Joe’s fig butter, Food Should Taste Good sweet potato tortilla chips, and habanero tabasco.

  152. If you could make up a basket of your favorite things, what products would you choose?

    Hmm, just favorite products? Some Peanut Butter and Co Cinnamon Raisin Swirl, some rice cakes, a bunch of fresh fruit (like my favorite yellow melons that are almost in season!), and some Greek yogurt with honey!

  153. I would fill a basket with quinoa, watermelon, apples, oatmeal, almonds, liquid aminos-marinated tempeh, and of course, dark chocolate! Cheers!

  154. My basket would have Larabars, fruit (fresh and dried), quinoa, yerba mate tea and something chocolate

  155. Wow, what an amazing giveaway! A lot of these things are favorites of mine, too. :) If I could fill a basket with my favorite things, I would add: Lara or LUNA bars, trail mix, single serving protein powder packets, stevia and some tea. :)

  156. What an awesome giveaway!
    I would put lots of nut butter,snack bars and fruit in the basket,I think! :) Although fruit wouldn’t be so nice to ship overseas… haha,never mind! ;)

  157. My basket would consist of Lydia’s Organics Mega Green kale chips, Justin’s maple almond butter, Pacific Foods Chocolate Hazelnut Milk, MimicCreme and Honibe honey drops.

  158. Wow, all those things in that basket looks very yummy, and half of them I’ve never tried but would very much like to :) Some of my favorite things is coconut sugar, coconut oil, hemp seeds, chia seeds and macadamian nuts.

  159. Subscribed to your emails, don’t know why I haven’t done that before!

  160. I enjoy reading your site so much and have made loads of your recipes with much success :) Actually i’m thinking of signing up for some consultations as i’m really struggling with my health at the moment.
    I’d fill my basket with all your giveaway items, as I’ve never tried any of them as you can’t them here in the UK x

    • Hi Serena, I’m sorry to hear you’re struggling with your health and look forward to working with you if that’s what you decide. Good luck with the giveaway!

  161. I couldn’t help but enter this giveaway through all 5 media :P Hmmm, if I could make a basket of my favourite things, I guess I would include these sort of health food + easter card + health magazines!!

  162. I’d love a basket full of baking supplies! Anything you use love your recipes!

  163. I liked your facebook page :)….I´d LOOOOOOOVE to get this cool prize basket:)
    Best from Austria!

  164. Elixo tea is the perfect drink after a long night of studying for an 8am class

  165. Mine would have chobani yogurt coupons, enjoy life chocolate chips, stubbs bbq sauce, micheals seasons baked cheese puffs, and kinnikinik angel food cake mix…yum!

  166. my dream basket would be filled with OatFit, yogurt, granola bars, brown rice, and organic lollipops!

  167. If I had my own basket it would include:

    An edible arrangement (I love fruit any fruit and they make them look so cute!)

    Sweet potato fries (best thing ever)

    Lemons ( I add lemon or lemon juice to everything)

    Feta cheese and olive oil (I’m greek)

    Chocolate chip bagel from great American bagel (butter included of course)

    Larabars (fruit tart, cashew cookie, lemon)

    Trail mix!! ( any kind, any variety. I love me some nuts dried fruit and seeds!)

    Chocolate orange walnut brownie (got it from some restaurant in London and fell in LOVE)

    Okay I think I’m done. I guess I have a lot of favorite things;)

  168. our favorite things are similar

    I would put in some sort of bar, I like several kinds. i would also put in sunflower butter or almond butter. also gluten free crackers and organic sugar free dried fruit

  169. And a box of my favorite things….dry roasted unsalted peanuts (for homemade peanut butter!), oatmeal, dried beans, Trader Joe’s bourbon vanilla (so good), and apples and sweet potatoes from the farmer’s market….wow do I feel like a loser, haha.

  170. How fun! I don’t have a Twitter, or a Pinterest, or a Facebook account, but comment I shall!

    If I were to assemble a basket of my favorite things I would first include a lip balm and face wash from Bubble and Bee. I’ve been using the Rude Raspberry balm since Christmas and I love it. I just bought the Pineapple Enzyme face wash and I’m super excited to use it; I just finished off her Cool Cucumber face wash. Bubble and Bee prides themselves on making beauty products from natural, organic ingredients. Stephanie, the owner, majored in Chemistry and she knows her stuff! I love their products. So that would have to go in my basket. I would also include a jar of coconut oil, because I can’t go a day without that! And I think I’d also have to include an assortment of Larabars. Last weekend I discovered a bar soap from a local soap maker that contains mud! It smells great, has just the right amount of scratchy for exfoliation and it lathers brown! It’s so fun! So that would also go into my basket. I would toss in a Gymboss Interval Timer too, because I love that thing and I haven’t completed a workout without it. And finally, I would add a gift card to Lululemon.

  171. Dark chocolate, cacao nibs, freeze-dried organic fruit (pineapple, strawberries), quinoa/sesame/honey bars, yes, bourbon vanilla, Justin’s maple nut butter, Amazing Grass Orange Dreamsicle greens powder, KAL organic stevia (least aftertaste, and organic, and one of the long-standing distributors before the Big Food companies jumped on the stevia bandwagon adding erythritol and other nondesirable additives), some organic lip balm (any citrus flavour), organic body lotion (any fresh scent), some space-clearing incense, and kale chips!

  172. A box of my favorite things would include organic peanut butter, tons of fruit, a variety of cheeses, tons of sweets such as chocolate, cupcakes, etc… a variety of nuts, and that’s all I can think of at the moment :-) There is definitely A LOT I would include though!

  173. Interestingly enough, I’m currently doing a goodie bag giveaway on my blog too! It includes Vega Protein Powder, Larabars, Natural Calm, and chia seeds! I think the only thing missing from my list of must-have staples is Almond Butter!

  174. my favorite things basket would include : baked lentil chips from mediterranean foods, everybody’s nuts salt n pepper pistachios, greek gods honey yogurt, saint andre cheese, sabra hummus and red peppers, my granola, biscoff spread, barneys almond butter, and some honey crisp apples.

  175. and if i could have a basket filled with anything i want… assortment of nut butters, preserves,organic nuts,wheatberries,granola,chis & flax seeds,organic honey,larabars and last some pumpkin and sunflower seeds

  176. my fav thing basket would have sun warrior protein powder, fresh fruit, steel cut oats, and chickpea flour!

    katherinedibello (at) gmail (dot) com

  177. I would include dark chocolate chips, oatmeal, cinnamon, dates, almonds-YUM-wish I could fill my belly with all of those right now!

  178. I could probably make up a basket out of all my favourite coconut products – Zico chocolate coconut water, Andean Dreams quinoa coconut cookies, coconut agave syrup sticks, coconut oil…I’m sure there’s more I could think of!

  179. I didn’t know you had PinInterest, but now I do and am following ~

  180. For a gift basket, I would like to give away coconut oil, coconut butter, a package of unsweetened coconut flakes, some sesame seed butter, some chia seeds, some carob chips, some rootbeer stevia along with a bottle of sparkling water to inspire a healthier alternative to pop, and some raw cashews. Yum. Now I’m hungry. Thanks for the opportunity to win and try some of your favourite things.

  181. Subscribe to the Healthful Pursuit RSS feed in your RSS reader

  182. I’d put in Udi’s lemon-poppyseed muffins, lara bars, kind bars, and Betty Crocker brownie mix.

  183. My snack basket would include: Olympia Pea Protein, peanut cookie larabars, navitas cacao nibs, mulberries, and goji berries, trader joes wasabi seaweed snacks, packets of justin’s almond butter. Yum. Now I need to go eat a snack!

  184. well, now … the only thing I don’t do is tweet.! But you already grace my email, I see your face on Facebook, and I follow you on Pinterest! Are you feeling stalked?? :)

  185. 5 – a basket of my favorite things would include: hazelnuts, unsweetened coconut, tempeh, a Vitamix, a massage gift certificate, So Delicious coconut ice cream and a spiralizer!

  186. I love everything you have in your basket and if I were making one of my own I’d include some rawvolution bars, Bob’s Red Mill coconut flour, stevia sweetener, hemp seeds, dried goji berries, Dagoba lavender chocolate bars and dark cocoa roasted almonds! Also some of my favorite books: Green Smoothie Revolution by Victoria Boutenko and Raw Food Detox Diet by Natalia Rose.

  187. Hmmm….a basket of my favorite things? Definitely chocolate, vegan chocolate. Almond butter would be in there too and fruit to dip into my almond butter. Coconut water, kombucha and chia crackers. Yum :)

  188. I follow you on FB. So glad to have found you via The Healthy Foodies FB page!!

  189. My basket would probably have coconut oil & coconut sugar, some Iaso tea, nut butters, fruits. But I’m in love with your basket and even learned of some products that I didn’t know about! Thanks for the opportunity!

  190. Hmm, a basket of my favorite things would be an eclectic mix: Toblerone fruit & nut bars, cashews, pistachios, Herr’s BBQ Rib potato chips, Swedish Fish, and somehow I would manage to get some tubs of ice cream in there (salted caramel truffle!)… messy….

  191. WoW AMAZING stuff you’ve got here :) Would loook so cute in my kitchen hihihi
    #1 I Subscribed to the Healthful Pursuit RSS feed

  192. #2 I followed you on Facebook :: Like Healthful Pursuit.
    :) Happy to have discovered your page!

  193. A basket of my favourite things would include hemp seeds, tons of nuts and nut butters, dates, granola, coconut oil, larabars, chick peas, goat cheese and lots of organic tea.

  194. If i got to choose what was in my basket, there would be something involving chocolate and peanut butter and probably luna bars too!

  195. and #5 my fav things basket would have : chia seeds, agave nectar, grounded, flax seed, Vega Sport protein, glutamine, Larabar, raw honey, coconut oil, sesame oil, green tea and lots of things I’m not thinking about right now lol
    Thanks for this great giveaway :D

  196. I love TEA and would like to try the Elixo tea. And never heard of instant coconut water before. I grew up drinking tender coconut water from the coconut itself. So I excited to try the instant version. I’m making changes to my snacking habit for which the Larabars and simply bars will be great. I stopped using white sugar long ago….still contemplating on switcing to stevia or stick to sugar in the raw and agave. I’d like to try stevia before making changes to my pantry. Instant smoothies will be a breakfast treat after the workout and jogging.

  197. Already ‘liked’ you on FB, already a subscriber, and if i could make up a basket it would have Crazy Richard’s peanut butter, Bob’s Red Mill soy flour and coconut flour, organice canned pumpkin, steel cut oats, and Torani SF syrups!

  198. I’m a devoted, long-time subscriber to the Healthful Pursuit emails (and have gotten many family members to bookmark your site in the hopes that I’ll return for Thanksgiving or Christmas to find your recipes all laid out… to help remind the family I send them links anyhow!) and follow your twitter links as well (I apologize that I’m set to private on Twitter though).

  199. A basket of my very own personal favorite things? As a foodie I’d have to include packets of coconut oil, Justin’s almond butter packets (on-the-go is so incredibly useful with these kinds of foods!), unsweetened finely shredded coconut (the loveliest oatmeal booster), Larabars, whey protein packets, and green tea. Of course green tea.

    (Also, I realize there is more than one Shelby here, so I’ve added my last initial. The above comment regarding sending my family links for holiday meals and how I follow @be_healthful but am set to private, is me as well.)

  200. my box of favorites would have tons of fruit & veggies, smooth & creamy chocolate hempmilk that’s perfect in coffee in the morning, chia & hempseeds, lots of dates and stevia too.. vanilla extracts, powders, pastes & beans.. and definitely coconut oil! and some of that lucuma powder i’ve read about(not a favorite, never even tried it ha! would love to though) and kombucha!!

    that powdered coconut water looks killer! does it work well?
    there’s a little indian store up the street from my house with really cheap sorghum & millet flour & buckwheat.. I’ve seen powdered coconut water there but was apprehensive. maybe i’ll fit it into next months grocery $$

  201. I suppose as well that a basket of my favorite things would include grapefruits, raspberries, cinnamon, and an electric tea kettle (it can come in handy for so many things, from oatmeal to, obviously, gallons of tea at the drop of a dime). I would also have to throw in a small cutting board, a one-serving size ramekin (I only have one at the moment!) and a very big spoon. A small water filter (like those Brita water bottles with a built-in filtration system) wouldn’t hurt either.

  202. Added you to my Google Reader! I made your Smoky Bear salad the other day…so delicious!

  203. just followed you on pinterest.. already have a bunch of your recipes on my boards! wanna try all those cool crackers you’ve made- the buckwheat bears & banana bread animal crackers!

  204. I LOVE Larabars, so a bunch of those, plus chia seeds and maybe some Vega products thrown in would make an ideal healthy basket for me.

  205. As a college student in the midst of art school, snack bars are essential for when in the studio for overnights, on the go to shoot on some far-away location, or simply bounding between 12 hours of classes in one day. I typically go to Larabars for their nut bases and incredibly easy ingredient list. I haven’t tried many other whole-foods bars, there can just be so many I don’t know where to start! I’d like to figure out which are the best sustenance for me… and then, using the ingredient list, whip up batches myself for less! Aside from eating wholesome, not spending very much money in my budget is a huge necessity for my days.

    (Your posts relating to India have truly been so inspiring too as I understand what you mean about not needing the things in your home, of coming back from a different country and culture and looking around at all your home’s belongings and wondering why one earth you “needed” all of it in the first place… but I’ll finish this comment on the appropriate post!)

  206. and now, what would I pack in my basket?
    Well, I guess I would bake some muffins and breads such as banana bread (my absolute favorite). Then I would put in seasonal fruit and veggies and of course almond butter! What else? Maybe a nice bottle of champagne or a good red wine and some dark chocolate…
    There are just too many possibilities!

    By the way I really like your blog :)

  207. I love larabars so I would love to share those! I also think that little kitchen gadgets would be a blast to put in there too.

  208. And finally, a basket full of small Moleskine notebooks and black-ink pens would be such a delight. For good measure I’d throw in boxes and boxes of different green tea varieties (have you had coconut chair green tea? It’s really fantastic and organic and can be found here for a lovely affordable price: as well as different nut butters (any nut butter, as long as it’s unsalted or using sea salt). Perhaps some perfectly crisp apples to round out some of the nutrition too. I think I’d have to fit a small and cozy blanket into this basket so that I can take it on a picnic. That is what I call a (Try To) Relax Basket.

  209. m fav. things would include: coconut oil. blacks organic chocolate bar, raw sweet ptotato chips, organic coconut, bob mills pancake and waffles mix, thai kitchen coconut milk… mmm. im sure there would be other things…

  210. Thanks for such an amazing giveaway Leanne!

    My favorites basket would have clif bars, peanut butter, bananas, dark chocolate, chocolate fudge rice dream (ice cream)

  211. Already subscribed via RSS feed. I would so so love to win! A lot of your favs are my favs too. But I’d really like to try some of those healthy items I’ve never even seen before. Thanks for the great give-away!

  212. I would love to add Kind bars to the basket because those have the right amount of chew.

  213. If I were to make up a basket of my favorite products to share with others it would have Justin’s Almond Butter, Almond Breeze Unsweetened Almond Milk, Amazing Meal, Chobani Greek Yogurt, Erin Bakers Grabola, Vitamuffins, and Seghesio Red Zinfandel.

  214. I already subscribe to you! I would love to win this, you’re totally getting five entries from me.

  215. And here I am one last time. I actually use a few of these product already and would be so excited to get them but would be even more excited for the things I haven’t tried like that tea and the simply bars. If I had to add something to my own basket it would definitely have to include: hemp hearts (since I eat that by the spoonful), Eden organics apple butter, Guayaki iced Yerba Mate, and my favorite snack of all time: plantain chips!
    It’s been so nice reading about your trip to India, it’s really been giving me itchy feet, as always, such an aspiration!

  216. I LOVE your blog! I’ve tried many of your recipes and they are all great!

  217. My basket of favorite (edible) things would include:

    Fresh Strawberries
    Toffee flavored Stevia extract
    Coconut butter
    Good Earth Sweet and Spicy tea

  218. A few of my fav items are: Larabars, chia seeds, coconut water, almond flour, Numi teas (esp Chocolate Pu erh), Goji berries!

  219. Happy Easter Leanne:

    I’m already subscribed.

    If I chose a basket, it would be pretty close to what you have.
    This one looks perfect.


  220. This giveaway is amazing! A lot of my favorite products are already in your gift basket, but I haven’t been able to purchase any of them recently since I’m trying to cut back on my grocery bill. To create my perfect gift basket I’d probably add chia seeds, almond butter (or coconut butter :) mmmm) and my new favorite quinoa pasta!

  221. My basket would include granola, fresh fruit, Chobani yogurts, and some not so great for you treats: gummy candies and chocolates! :)

  222. My basket would be full of chocolate things, nuts, almond butter, and fruit!

  223. Pinned and liked, was already following thanks to Sonia over at the healthy foodie!
    My basket would contain products you may not have heard of seen as there from the UK/Ireland…and some we’ve managed to get on our shops shelves from the US!
    Raw Nakd Oatie Bars, Sunwarrior Protein Powder, chocolate and vanilla, an array of dried fruit including chewy banana and pears, chamomile and peppermint teas, alpro soya dessert pots, hazelnut milk…and some home made raw goodies!

  224. My dream basket would have larabars, chia seeds, GF breads/muffins/cookies, and coconut oil/butter. :)

  225. How do you calculate the nutritional info for your recipes….like the ones in the chart/box? Do you use a specific website? Can you give us the name? Thanks you so much!!

  226. WOW what an awesome giveaway!! I love everything in that basket. If I were to make one I would definitely have vega protein powder / smoothie mix, Taza stone-ground chocolate (my favorite!!), good quality cocoa powder, cocoa nibs (notice my obsession with chocolate.. ;) , and some Trader Joe’s goodies!

  227. If I made my own basket, I’d include:
    Habanero seasoned almonds
    Coco almonds
    Chocolate dipped coconut Luna bars
    Clif mojo peanut butter pretzel
    String cheese
    And… I don’t know, something salty or savory. I usually don’t crave sweet snacks. I know a lot of those items aren’t the most healthy but I usually have half a bar or half portion of the salty habanero almonds. They’re perfect for traveling and better than some alternatives…

  228. A basket of my favorite things would include: Larabars, Two Degrees bars, Justin’s single serving nut butter packets, Peanut Butter Puffins, Nature’s Path Ancient Grains Granola, Trader Joe’s fig butter, sweet potato chips, coconut oil, and dark chocolate!

  229. If I made a basket of favourite goodies, I would put matcha tea, cocoa powder, chocolate brown rice protein powder, soy but butter, Coconut butter, and some vegan thumbprint cookies from whole foods :D

  230. My basket would have to include natural chunky peanut butter(lately I can’t get enough), medjool dates, cashews and larabars for sure! This is a great basket! I love when you share your fave’s with us! You have a knack for finding fantastic products!:)

  231. my favorite things basket would have peanut butter, vegan chocolate chip cookies, granola, vegan chocolate protein powder and lots of tea! (and maybe a bottle of red wine)

  232. If I had my own basket it would include:

    A variety of raw nuts
    Coconut milk
    Kale chips
    Coconut oil
    Gluten-free flours
    Cocoa Nibs
    Chia Seeds
    Almond Milk
    Vega protein powders

    A big basket of goodies, eh? :P

  233. if i could have a basket made for me i would love a basket of exotic fruits and veggies

  234. My basket would contain the following:
    – All natural crunchy peanut butter!
    – Vega One Nutritional Shake
    – Almonds
    – Udo’s Oil
    – Vanilla Creme Stevia
    – Steel cut oats
    – Flax seeds and chia seed

  235. my favorite things: PB2, sunwarrior protein powder, stevia, almond milk, and almond butter–raw and crunchy!

  236. If I made up a basket of my favorite things I would choose dairy free chocolate and my new favorite cookbook ‘The Allergy Free Baker’s Handbook’.

  237. Ooh my box would include peanut butter, dark chocolate, almonds, kale chips, rice cakes, chocolate coconut water, and some coconut macaroons. Random but oh so delicious

  238. That is such a great giveaway! My favorite things giveaway would include any Vega products – shake & go smoothie, performance protein powder, or the vibrancy bars especially – any sunwarrior protein powders, larabars, raw revolution bars, raw nuts and seeds or granola.

  239. and for my basket i’m going with: blue monkey coconut water, oskri quinoa bar, some green tea, candied ginger, and soy beans covered with dark chocolate.

  240. If you could make up a basket of your favorite things, what products would you choose?
    Gluten-free to go meals. That way I can take them with me when I travel in my car, so I will always have safe food to grab on the way out the door.

    tes 1283 yahoo

  241. A box of my favorites would include cashew cookie Larabars, dark chocolate, Trader Joe’s coconut oil, raw nuts, peanut butter, and spinach! Probably not a complete meal there….

  242. Thanks for such an awesome giveaway! My box would include…
    belgian milk chocolate, luxury cocoa powder, peanut brittle, yummy granola, sweet pepper jam and some coconut barfi

  243. A great basket would be full of fresh fruits and vegetables if it doesn’t have to be mailed! If it has, it would definitively include Larabars. Great site Leanne!

  244. A basket of my favorite things would include:
    Anything with coconut, chocolate, steel cut oats, energy bars, popcorn, black and green tea, soy milk, almond milk.

  245. I’d include super dark chocolate, almond butter, maple peanut butter, coconut chai tea, and some larabars.

  246. I already subscribe to your blog via email. I love waking up each morning to read your posts!

  247. My gift basket would include Almond Honey and Blueberry Coconut Rise bars, Hemp Butter, Artisana Coconut butter, Cacao nibs, gogi berries, and Kaia Foods Cocoa Bliss Sprouted Buckwheat Granola…YUMMY!

  248. If I could make up a basket it would have some homemade goods in there, Puffins cereal, Justin’s Maple Almond Butter, Lunabars, dried fruit, veggie chips, TJ’s pumpkin butter and TJ’s cookie spread!

  249. Hmmm… I’ve never seen the powdered coconut water concentrate. That may be a must have for my little 3 yr old dancer/cheerleader after practice.

  250. oooo, my dream basket would be Kind Bars, Matcha powder, on-the-go peanut butter packets, and anything chocolate.

  251. Subscribed via email!! Why haven’t I done this sooner?! Now I can get your recipes straight to my inbox WOO HOO!!!

  252. My ideal basket.. oh how to choose?! Collection of seeds: Chia, Flax, pumpkin, sunflower… NUT BUTTERS! non-dairy and gluten free protein powders.. with a smoothie/shake recipe list! Favorite collection of dark chocolates – Mmmmm. My mind is blowing up with ideas!!

  253. What a great giveaway idea!
    Everything you chose looks great.
    I think I would have to include: raw crunchy almond butter (I love the kind from Trader Joe’s!), homemade peanut butter granola, medjool dates, and rise bars!

  254. What an awesome basket and giveaway! I think I would put almost all of that in my ideal basket. And anything chocolate!

  255. A basket full of my favorite things would include…chia seeds, cacao nibs, goji berries, Greek yogurt (hopefully the basket is in the fridge), bora bora bars, rise bars, and every nut butter known to humankind- coconut, cashew, peanut, almond, walnut, pecan, plus the chocolate/honey/maple varieties. And a butternut squash thrown in for good measure.

  256. my best basket…mmmmmm……I would want coconut water, coconut butter…mmmmmm…and extra virgin coconut oil. I’d want LOTS of fresh produce…kale, avacadoes, sprouted grains, LOVE Silver Hills breads, NutraSea suppliments, my all time favourite…GIDDY YOYO raw chocolate…. :)

  257. If I did a basket give away, I would definitely put in some natural peanut butter, vegan protein powder, odwalla bars, and maybe some natural lotion/body wash too!

  258. I love Oskri rice protein/ cashew bars for snacks in between meals. Amazing Grass Super food powder for my smoothies and Numi organic Roobios Chai tea for a yummy “dessert”

  259. I would have peanut butter, Sunwarrior or some other protein shake, thinkThin bars, oatmeal, and Nut Thin crackers. And sweets too!

  260. Oh this like a great basket full of all things yummy. I am in love with Larabars, all flavors kinds. I recently tried Banana bread, and it really did taste just like banana bread. I also love No Pudge Brownies, give me a plate of those any day. Thanks for giving us a chance to win all your favs.

  261. I would have to have the ThinkThin protein bars in annnny flavor. They are so yummy. I also love any form of natural peanut butter. :D

  262. A goodie basket….peanut butter lara bars, almond breeze unsweetened milk, no nuttin vanilla granola bars, coconut oil and, for pure indulgence, a Cloud 9 Bakery pb cookie!

  263. I tweeted and shared on fbook! I would include some sweets of the earth treats… love love the vegan/gluten free espresso cheesecake!

  264. my dream basket would have any combination of nut butters and chocolate. OH and sweet potatoes!

  265. I thought I would tell you what I AM putting in a basket that I am making for a friend. She sent me a package while I have been living abroad with some of my favourite health food items. So I am putting something together for her as my travels come to a close. It will include:

    hazelnut butter
    Samba dairy-free “nutella”
    fruit juice sweetened dried cranberries
    Artisana cocoa coconut butter (have yet to try this)
    local Caribbean honey
    organic cocoa nibs from Grenada
    nutmeg from Grenada

    Hope this fits the criteria for the comment. I thought it would because it includes some of our favourite items that we have discovered at home and during our travels.

  266. Just “liked” your page to enter to win the basket, but also because I really do like (or more like love) Healthful Pursuit!

  267. A basket of my favorite things would include all things oats – oatmeal, granola, and cookies!

  268. I liked you on facebook! And I LOVE all those things in the basket! Delicious!

  269. Hmmm, a basket of my favourite things… definitely would have some Clif Bars (probably the cool mint chocolate flavour), some coconut water, some Ultima Replenisher, some almond butter, some PB&Company Cinnamon Raisin peanut butter, and dark chocolate! Oh and sushi :).

  270. If I made up a basket of my favorite things it would include all things coconut (oil, butter, shredded, flour, you name it), dark chocolate, nut butters and kombucha tea!

  271. make a basket of my favorite things would be supplement chews, herbs, protein bars, Chocolates and different flavored teas

  272. Hello!!! :) I’m a new reader!! :) If I could make a basket of all my favorite things, it would have oodles of dark chocolate (my favorite is the endangered species raspberry with the grizzly bear on the front!), tons of dried fruit; mulberries, wonderful dates, currants, pineapple, raisins; young thai coconuts, raw coconut cookie treats, teas, exotic fruits, vanilla beans…really anything and everything chocolate :)

  273. following you on Pinterest, like you on facebook……love getting your e-mails
    my basket would contain pretzels, dark chocolate,cookies, tea, & some Fox Barrel cider

  274. I subscribe to your RSS feed on my Feedler iPad app. I’ve been really enjoying your posts about India. I’m so intrigued!

  275. If I could make a basket of all of my favorite things, it would definitely include SunWarrior Vanilla Protein, Almond Butter, Coconut Butter, Silk Almond Milk and Stevia, just to name a few. I’d then dump said favorites into a blender and make the best (and biggest) smoothie in history. ha! Thanks for the giveaway!

  276. What a fun giveaway! My own basket would have to include some homemade ginger-grapefruit kombucha, kefir + starter, Amazing Grass All Natural Drink Powder (to make kefir smoothies), and some Trader Joe’s almond butter with flax. I could go on and on! Love all the other commentors’ recommendations as well.

  277. A basket of my favourite things would definitely include my vega one (just like you), some E3Live flakes, the Philosopher’s Brew loose leaf herbal tea from Silk Road in Victoria, raw almond butter, and some absolutely delicious raw honey! I was not aware that I could get a powdered coconut water concentrate. Excellent! Perhaps that will be on my next list of favourites.

  278. If I could make up a basket, and it’s just food stuffs, it would definitely include larabars, chia seeds, oats, green and mint teas, trader joe’s natural PB and some PB&Co white chocolate PB (for the fun of it!), cherry nut mix from Cherry Republic and a bar of Theo’s chocolate!

  279. I Liked you on FB a while ago. Didn’t know you had a Pinterest before. Now that I do, I’m following you there! :)
    I would fill my basket with tons of fruits and nuts. I am crazy for fruits! All of them! So I would probably need a huge basket :)

  280. That basket looks fantastic! Mine would include peanut butter, a variety of gluten-free flours, orange oolong tea, and a big jar of the best honey I’ve ever tasted from my local farmer’s market (not vegan, but the venders are kind people).

  281. 4. My dream basket would be close to the one you are giving away! All organic items would be great as well. Vega protein powder and bars are great too. :)

  282. This one may not count, but I posted your giveaway on my wall, and I pinned it on pinterest :)

  283. I like you on fb already.

    On my list would have to be Food Should Taste Good Sweet Potato Chips. Sometimes a girl needs chips!

  284. Favorite things to fill a basket: rawtella- YUM! Some delicious teas (looks like you have that covered), homemade granola, dates, wine, etc etc. Your basket looks delicious, and I would love to share it with friends.

  285. for my personalized basket…. would definitely be full of simply bars…protein powder for shakes on the go…and also, some of the questbars that I have been recently turned on to. all things that can keep us on the right track in a pinch…thanks for the chance to win an incredible basket!!

  286. if I was making a basket of my favorite things I woudl have larabars, almond milk, raw almomds, dark chocolate nibs and fresh organic eggs

  287. a basket of my favourite things… tough choices! The must-haves would definintely be multi-seed and -grain granola, coconut ice cream, dried mango slices, oragnic wine, raw nuts, almond milk, dairy-free chocolate chips, rice crakers and hummus.

  288. My basket would include nuts (probably pistachios and walnuts), dried fruit (mango, pineapple, dates…), dark chocolate (I’m not sure if it would be Vivani or Green & Black’s 85%), tea (maybe rooibos), and some good-quality herbs and spices.

  289. My dream basket would contain protein powders, dark chocolate, PB2, Flavored Stevia drops, and Blueberry Larabars!

  290. If I could make up a basket of my fave healthful things….There would be Lara bars, Kind Bars, Nuts of some kind, Dried fruits, Cashew butter…