No bake Brownie Fifteens

I woke up this morning to a toe hole in my favourite Burton socks. I cried a little inside. I love those socks.

I would have taken a picture but, let’s be honest, foot pictures? eak!

On with the eats…

No bake Vanilla Fifteens were a huge success, high five! [I'm such a nerd]

I have been craving chocolate this week like nobody’s business. This could be why when I tried to make peanut butter Fifteens, they just didn’t seem to taste right to me. I wanted chocolate. [Sorry Jess, sorry Tara - I promise I'll do PB next time]

Although still Fifteens, these babies are slightly different than the last. In comes Spirulina! [I feel like it should be wearing a Super-Man-like cape]


Spirulina and I became best pals after I struggled with protein deficiency while I was vegan. I learned very quickly that the key to a healthful vegan diet is awareness. Awareness of the foods you eat, why you’re eating them, what nutrients they provide, and what nutrients you still need to get in by the end of the day. Do this, and you’re set! [In fact everyone should be aware of the nutrients they're taking in, but we'll save that for another conversation]

So, who is my pal? Referred to by David Wolfe as the protein queen, Spirulina is a single-celled blue-green spiral algae with huge nutrition benefits.


Simply put, Spirulina contains an astounding variety of nutrients, including chlorophyll, protein, vitamins, major minerals, trace minerals, essential fatty acids, nucleic acids [RNA and DNA], polysaccharides, and a vast spectrum of antioxidants. Spirulina is so rich in nutrition that is it believed by some that you could live on it alone for quite some time [although I don't suggest it]

  • consists of 65-71% protein
  • complete protein source: contains all 8 essential amino acids
  • rich in vitamin A (beta carotene), B1, B2, B6, E, and K
  • abundant source of chorophyll, salts, phytonutrients, and enzymes, that help to boost energy and cellular health
  • is a source of gamma linolenic acid [GLA], an EFA necessary for the health of the nervous system
  • contains phycocyanin, an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antiviral, and anti-arthritic
  • rich in B12 and easy-to-absorb iron
  • boosts immune system by aiding in the production of antibodies

Also, don’t be afraid to cook with Spirulina. It can withstand high temperatures due to it’s conditioning in nature!

Gosh, I could go on about Spirulina for days. But I will stop there for today.

Excuse me while I go pig out on these Fifteens and finish watching Harry Potter.

Happy Saturday!

PS: you can find Spirulina in the supplements section in health food stores. I’ve seen it sold at pharmacies like London Drugs, too!

No bake Brownie Fifteens

Vegan, Gluten free, Dairy free

How often can you say the snack you just had helped to strengthen your immunity, feed your cells, and support your nervous system, all in an itty-bitty package? Taking fifteen minutes out of your daily routine to enjoy this healthful snack will leave your body happier, stronger, healthier, and ready to take on anything that comes your way!


  • 12 medjool dates, pits removed
  • 1/2 cup walnuts + 1/2 cup crushed walnuts [for topping]
  • 2 teaspoon spirulina
  • 3 tablespoon cacao powder
  • 2 tablespoon cacao nibs


  1. Combine all 5 ingredients but walnut topping in a food processor.
  2. Pulse until dates have broken down and walnuts are tip of pen cap sized [about 1 minute].
  3. Roll “dough” into balls and place on a clean surface [I used the counter].
  4. One at a time, place a fifteen in your hand, sprinkle crushed walnuts and roll the ball between your hands to make the walnuts stick to the fifteen. Repeat until there is a good coating on the Fifteen.
  5. Pop in the freezer for 4-5 minutes to harden up [I like them best a bit frozen]

Makes 8 Fifteens

What super foods do you rely on, or which are you interested in trying?

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  1. I put a teaspoon of spirulina in my green smoothies, but I’ve never thought to put it in a cookie! These look delicious. Recently I’ve been experimenting with chia seeds and maca powder.

    • mmm maca powder! It’s been so long! I used to love maca in vanilla yogurt with granola. So tasty!

  2. These look great Leanne! We are starting to incorportate more of these types of things into our meals but they can be expensive. I have a question about the dates though. I could only find honey date last week at the store (of course they had medjool dates this week) but I was wondering if there is a nutritional difference between the two dates or is merely a size difference?
    Thank you for these great snack ideas!

    • Yes, it can get expensive with some of the ingredients. Please free to ask me for substitutions of the ingredients I use in my recipes. There are always ways to make a recipe less expensive while keeping it healthful. For this recipe you could use any greens powders. Most grocery stores now have the little taste testing packets for $2 or less. You could throw that in here instead of the spirulina.

      Great question on dates! Medjool dates have less sugar than honey dates [to me, honey dates taste a lot sweeter!], but honey dates have more calcium and vitamin A. Medjool on the other hand, have higher levels of potassium, copper, and manganese than honey dates. For me, personally, I get so much vitamin A and calcium from my diet that I chose to sweeten things with medjool dates. Plus, medjool are a lot softer to work with than honey dates. I’ve only ever been able to find the really chewy/hard honey dates which make blending difficult.

      A tip on dried fruit: the fresher the better. The longer a dried fruit has sat on the shelves, the more concentrated the sugars are, increasing the carbohydrates and sugar content in the fruit.

      I hope that helps, Lori!

      • Thank you Leanne, that was very helpful. The honey dates I bought are pretty soft, and quite tasty. I have been chopping them up and putting them in my oatmeal when I make a big pot at the beginning of the week!

  3. I LOVE all the info on Spirulina! I have a bottle of tablets and I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to take it. But hey, now I’m heading to take one right now thanks to you!!! :)

  4. I love dates, they have just enough sweetness to be a treat without making me feel I just gorged on something questionable. This is a great recipe and if I find an alternative to the walnuts it’s absolutely perfect for my daughter’s nut-free school!

  5. Wow, Sister, David and I are friends, I learned a lot from him too and I integrated lots of his wisdom. I know this language! Awesome! I make something similar with the Maca and coconut, Maca for me now is the dream herb! I take it every day. Thank you for sharing those delicious tid bits:-) Yum.

  6. I take chlorella as a “superfood”, although it tastes so bad that I have to either use minute amounts or take the pills. It’s similar to spriulina, except it has huge detox benefits. I wonder if I can put chlorella in these brownies! They look delish!

    • You could add chlorella too, I’m sure of it!

  7. Hi there I just found your blog while looking for a spirulina energy bar. Your recipes look very nice. I’ll try a few. Could you please provide the nutrition facts for them? That will be really nice. Also I started using spirulina about 4 years ago but then I got pregnant and I could’t take it anymore, do you know if it is safe during pregnancy. Thanks and stay healthy.

    • Hi Mari, thanks for stopping by and saying hi! No human studies have been done to prove that spirulina is okay during pregnancy. Having said that however, there are multiple animal studies suggesting spirulina can benefit pregnancy! It’s a toss up.

  8. this sound delicious!! just wondering…if u don’t want to eat them all straight away, what is the best way to store them?

    • I like to keep them in the freezer in an air-tight container. They last up to 1 month. Enjoy!

  9. hi Leanne,
    this looks so good, i always end up on your blog when i’m looking for a recipe.
    i bought spirulina and tried it only once. is it suppose to make you feel energetic?i tried it in the evening and had some trouble falling asleep, i was so full of energy for 2 days.
    one more thing, do you know if the spirulina lose it’s effect when mixing with a certain ingredent?like maybe when i add it to my orange juice?
    Thanks again for a great and easy recipe.

    • Hi Daniel, so great to hear that your body responded well to spirulina! Yes, it is a natural energy booster. It can be combined with lime to increase it’s benefits, too. Enjoy!

  10. Thank you for introducing me to the idea of using dates as a natural sweetener and binding agent in so many delicious treats! I was only able to find honey dates at my local bulk barn which still worked well although I used a few more than the recipe called for as they seem to be on the small side. I haven’t ventured to a health food store to purchase spirulina yet, but substituting with ground chia and flax seeds worked great too.

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