Synching your Hormone Cycle with Fasting

By June 27, 2021

Synchronis Hormone Cycle and Fasting

How to adjust your fasting protocol for your hormones. Including, best time to fast for your cycle, the affects that fasting at the WRONG time of your cycle does to your overall hormone balance.

There’s a right and a wrong way for women to incorporate intermittent and longer-term fasting. If done correctly, your ketogenic diet will support your body. If done incorrectly, well, you won’t get the results you want, and you won’t feel too hot on your keto diet.

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Understanding at which point of your cycle; and when is best if you don’t have a cycle due to menopause or ammenorhea, is key to decoding the keto diet and making it work for your weight loss goals.

I started eating a keto diet to regulate my hormones. Now, fast forward 6 years later and I have had a period successfully for the last 5 years, healed a lot of my hormone imbalances and am finally in a place where I can fast longer and longer because my hormones are in a good place.

Having balanced hormones is KEY to… well, everything (including weight loss!).

I’ve been playing around with longer term fasts (24 hours or more) and sadly, just as all information on the internet about keto is mostly made and catered to men, as is much of the fasting information!

As a woman, your fasting protocol is going to be different. In today’s video I’m outlining why, and how to adjust to hit your goals safely!


  • How to adjust your fasting keto protocols based on your menstrual cycle
  • Rules for intermittent fasting for women
  • How often to do longer-term fasts 24 hours, or more
  • Adjusting fasting for women in menopause
  • Shifting your fasting time to evenings instead of mornings


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