Keto Blood Work Results: Before and After

Keto Blood Work Results #keto #lowcarb #ketogenic

A string of videos I posted on Instagram Stories, highlighting the changes I’ve seen in blood work from before keto to now (3 years later).

Part of the process of moving into the RV has been scanning all documents and images so that they take up less space in our life. I came across a stack of blood work from before I was keto to a couple of weeks ago and thought it would be fun to share the results with you.

The following video was created on Instagram Stories a couple of weeks ago. In it, it highlights the changes I’ve experienced since going keto July 2014. It’s so cool to see that my body continues to heal and adjust the longer I eat this way.


Many of you have been asking…

  • Where did you get your testing done? I went to my regular ol’ doctor’s office and requested a bundle of testing. Testing bundles vary from provider to provider. If you want a list of the specific tests that I recommend, check out chapter 16 in Fat Fueled
  • What kind of blood test did you ask for? Total cholesterol, triglycerides, HDL and LDL cholesterol, free T3 and T4, estradiol, and vitamin B12 are the tests mentioned in this video, but I was tested for oodles more than that— You can find the entire list in chapter 16 of Fat Fueled 
  • How do your test results translate to US values? If my test results are not in your preferred unit of measurement, this conversion tool should help you interpret things 
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  1. Hi Leanne, I purchased your bundle and started keto diet 3 weeks ago. I don’t like to eat sweets my whole life so cutting sweets is not a big problem for me. My diet before keto was pretty low fat/moderate carb/mod-high protein. Anyways, so far I haven’t experience much of the keto flu (I tried to eat many veggies and all keto flu preventions so that might helped.) My question is this: My fasting blood glucose was 90 (taken in March and my diet hasn’t change to keto until July) before I started keto, but now my fasting blood glucose is always above 105. I remember I read somewhere saying to get into ketosis the fasting blood glucose should be under 83, preferably between 55-75. My blood ketone levels are around 1-1.4. So am I in ketosis? I’m also doing 18/6 or 16/8 IF, and I’m just concerned why my fasting blood glucose is higher since I started keto? Is this physiological insulin resistance? But I’ve only doing keto for 3 weeks. Will my fasting blood glucose getting higher and higher? How do I lower it down? Please help, thank you!

    • Hey, Eve! Do you have Fat Fueled? If so, definitely check out the section on insulin resistance starting on pg. 144. If your blood glucose continues to rise, I’d try to the Adapted Fat Burner profile where you’re carbing up every few days.

  2. HDL TRI LDL Ratio B12 Folate AST ALT
    pre keto 4/16 51 163 120 4.4 14 14
    6/16 54 83 126 4.4 140 4.7 17 18
    9/16 58 124 108 3.3 17 20
    4/17 57 78 128 3.5 526 5.4 13 13
    8/17 65 79 129 3.2 810 14.0 13 12

  3. Awesome!
    My physician suggested a modified keto to lower my really high numbers of bad cholesterol and raise the good. I Just had my blood work done after 3 months and the results were crazy good! My doc said ‘keep doing what your doing!’
    I don’t need to go on Statins after all! Yay! My triglycerides (sp) dropped crazy low too!

    Thank you Leanne!
    Love your book! It’s been my inspiration! You podcasts and recipes blogs too

    • Wow, physicians like that are hard to come by! You lucked out ;) So amazing that you were able to improve your numbers. I’m thrilled to hear that, Leia, thank you!

  4. I have high cholesterol. Has it been your finding that bad cholesterol levels increase or decrease when in ketosis? Currently doing Whole30, looking to change to your Keto beginning 30 days purchased.

    • Whole 30 is a great transition diet into keto. If you don’t see the results you’re wanting with it, I would definitely give keto a try. The “bad” cholesterol levels tend to decrease, especially when focusing your diet on quality whole food sources.

  5. I’m a data geek when it comes to tracking blood work over time as well. So good to be able to see the results of your efforts.

    My question is what lab do you use to get these results? When I go for an annual checkup cholesterol, ldl, hdl, etc are usually measured in much higher ranges… e.g. cholesterol say is 160-200 or something like that. Is this all just a matter of decimal points?

    • Oh good, I hope it was helpful! I just got the test done through my regular ol’ doctor’s office and I’m not sure what lab they use. I’m in Canada so my results are in SI units. If you’re in the US, they’ll look a bit different but you can use this conversion tool if that’s helpful for ya!

  6. Also my other question is this: How am I able to stay in ketosis while carbing it up every few days? Or is that not the goal?

  7. Hello! I am loving all of your content and am on the verge of purchasing your plan. I received your free meal plan and it looks great! I have hashimotos and have been doing keto since February but have been recently experiencing anxiety, feelings of being overwhelmed very easily etc. I’m feeling my adrenals are off and thought maybe keto was the cause. I’ve read fasting isn’t good and that keto can put stress on the body. Can you give me any info in regards to this. I feel my best (digestive) on keto and want to continue but just don’t want to further distriy my thyroid and adrenals.
    Thank you for your guidance

  8. Love this video! It’s so amazing to see the changes you can make just through diet and lifestyle. Quick question for you – were you able to shift your TSH too, in those 3 years?

    • Thanks! It totally is. I’m on thyroid medication so my TSH didn’t really change. If anything, it probably got lower.

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