Keto: What I Eat in a Day

Keto: What I Eat in a Day #keto #lowcarb #highfat

The keto foods I eat in a day, with loads of ideas for your keto meal planning.

So much has changed in the way I eat keto since the last time I made a video like this. I’ve cut a lot of food preparation out of the equation, eat fewer fat bombs, and care less about the making my meals beautiful. I’m excited to share some of these processes and ideas with you to help with your keto meal planning!

As time has passed on my keto diet, I’ve come to rely heavily on reliable, high-quality products instead of making everything myself. Relying on these keto-friendly products helps cut meal preparation times, frustration, and keeps us true to our grocery budget. How often have you had all of the intentions to make things “fresh” and then have the ingredients rot on you? I just can’t do it anymore! Two of the products I share in today’s video are Manitoba Harvest Hemp Heart Toppers and Ellyndale Coconut Infusions Butter Flavored Coconut Oil.

Okay, let’s get to it…

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  • Alternatives to fat coffee in the morning on keto
  • How to save time preparing keto lunches
  • The best time to eat fat bombs


What are some of your keto food preparation tactics to save time and money in the kitchen?

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  1. Transcript doesn’t show up in my inbox or junk mail. Tried several times. I’d love to get my hands on that shake recipe. <3

  2. I signed up for the transcript and never received anything – inbox or junk.

  3. Thank you for sharing! Was so nice to hear what you eat in a day, since I just posted quite similar Bulletproof meal post in my blog. But I have thought that ground meat is not good at all.. How and where do you find good quality, grass-fed, ground meat? (Btw, do you have roots in Germany? Just noted your last name, it’s bird in German ;)

  4. I am excited for your podcast. I Love everything you put out! I’m having difficulty getting “enough” fiber, say 25 grams daily, and getting into ketosis…seems the highest fiber foods I tend to go for are also carby such as fruit. I have not been able to keto adapt or lose weight … I’m thinking I should be bringing this up on Thursday

    • Happy you’re excited for it! Perhaps remove the fruit, just for 10 days and go for fatty things. I found whipped coconut milk helped with my fruit cravings. As soon as you adapt, you can play with what fruits feel better for you. PS: there are no Q&A sessions anymore. I’ll be coming out with something similar for a project/program I’m working on for late-2017. In the meantime, if you have ideas for the podcast or videos, you can contact me via

  5. When I click on the keto milkshake, it makes me sign up for the newsletter again and doesn’t give me the recipe. How do I get it?

      • Hi Tracy! The milkshake recipe is in the transcript. If you’re already subscribed to the newsletter, you won’t be subscribed again. You simply enter your information and I’ll email you the transcript (with the milkshake recipe in it!) within 5 minutes of entering your details in the form. Hope that helps!

  6. omg hemp heart toppers!!! so excited for this yum yum yum! plus that new coconut oil try?!? thanks so much! ;)

    • Right?! So happy you’re as excited about it as I am. SO sad it WAS my last jar. All gone!

  7. Thanks as always! I love these videos since I struggle with my protein being too high on a daily basis and never sure if I should worry about calories or not. I need to do single fat bombs in the future. I find that I could easily and mindlessly eat them despite what I ate through the day. I’m also trying to get through the eating when I’m hungry and not because everyone else is too. That’s the hardest because of past history.

    • Oh tell me about it. I made a batch of fat bombs for my Keto Holiday Cookbook… and then ate the WHOLE BATCH for breakfast. Eh, there’s worst things. I’m so, so happy you like the videos!