Video: How To Heal, Detoxify and Reduce Inflammation

By October 4, 2018


The unique healing benefits of near infrared. Encourage your body to sweat passively to heal and rejuvenate with hyperthermic therapy.

I am in love with my Pocket Sauna – the most inexpensive, powerful sauna product on the market (if you ask me).

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When my health care team recommended that I get a sauna, I was a bit overwhelmed at the options, and the corresponding price tags. Thankfully, after weeks of research, I found SaunaSpace. I ended up getting their basic hypo-allergenic setup (for under $1000) and fell in love at first session.

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I’ve been using my Pocket Sauna for 6 months, every other day, and have seen powerful results. Specifically the complete elimination of heavy metals without chelation therapy boosted mood and reduced stress.

Today, we’re chatting about WHY near infrared works, how it can positively impact your health and why sweating and detoxifying in a stressed state may not be working out that well for you.

For video transcription, scroll down.


  • How to heal your body with a simple sauna practice
  • Why far infrared saunas are a waste of time and money
  • How near infrared works and helps heal your body
  • Healing to the cellular level
  • Why sweating in a stressed state (yoga, working out, etc.) isn’t helping you detoxify
  • Who should or shouldn’t use infrared saunas


Video Transcription

Hello, health seekers and people who are probably a little bit interested in detoxing. I posted about how I would never juice cleanse again since finding near infrared technology and how I am using it to heal my body. You guys had a ton of questions that I could answer, but I wanted to get a professional in the field to come on here and give you the lowdown about how near infrared works. Why it’s more powerful that juice cleanses or standing out in the sun or sweating when we’re working out.

Today we are joined by Brian Richards, he is the CEO and founder of SaunaSpace, the creators of the pocket sauna. If you follow me on Instagram, I will include a link below this video so you can check it out. I did a little tour of my SaunaSpace Pocket Sauna, and how it differs from other saunas maybe you are familiar with. The cool thing about this, it’s like a tent set up in the corner of my bonus room, and it sits there, and it can be collapsed and put down every time, but I just leave it up. It comes with an interesting, 3 lamp or 4 lamp setup that has near Infrared Tungsten lamps right on there. It’s being held up by a bunch of posts. It looks like a little sweat lodge in my bonus room.

I go in there every second day, specifically to detoxify my body, and I used it to reduce my mercury levels because they were quite high at the beginning of the summer. Now I’ve got none in my body. It’s pretty exciting, and I also use it for stress management. It has become such a huge part to my morning practice, and we talk a little bit about that on the recording today.

Without further ado, let’s cut on over to our interview with Brian and hopefully, all of your questions about near infrared and detoxing and whether or not it’s more powerful than the sun and all the questions I’ve been getting, are answered.

If you have any more, feel free to write in the comments below, and I am sure that Brian would be happy to come back on the show again.

Hope you enjoy!

Thanks so much for joining us today, Brian.

Brian Richards: Thanks, Leanne.

Leanne: Yeah, so I posted a couple of things over the past couple of months about my SaunaSpace Pocket Sauna, and I had a lot of questions about NIR and how it works, so can we just go over the basics of, like, what a Pocket Sauna is and NIR and how that works?

Brian Richards: Yeah. Most basically, our product, the Pocket Sauna, that we make here at SaunaSpace, is a near infrared lamp sauna. It’s different than far infrared, but most people think of an infrared sauna, what they’re thinking of is the far infrared box sauna that is typically out there in the market. It uses far infrared light to heat the body. That’s all far infrared does, is heat the body. It has no photo biological effect, or in the scientific world, it has a lot of fancy names. Photo bio modulation, photo biology, low-level light therapy. It’s all summed up in a simple concept.

We have cell receptors in almost every cell of our body that are uniquely attuned to absorb certain wavelengths of near-infrared light, not far infrared. When near infrared light hits our body, not only does it penetrate much deeper, because it’s higher in energy than far infrared. Again, the difference between the near and far infrared is wavelength. Far infrared is longer wavelength and lower energy, near infrared, is higher energy and shorter wavelength. It’s also right next to red light, that’s why it’s called near infrared, it’s next to visible light. It’s on the spectrum.

Anyway, the difference is huge. Only near infrared light is absorbed by the photo receptors in the cells in your body. When that happens, not only is the near infrared heating your body, when it passes all the way through you, it heats you more efficiently. It activates photo receptors called [chromothworps 00:04:21]. These cell receptors, in turn, activate some metabolic pathways that are all about healing and rejuvenation and detoxification and inflammation reduction.

One of the most famous [chloriphorms 00:04:38] or cell receptors is called the [citochrome 00:04:41] oxidates in the mitochondria. When near infrared hits the [citochrome 00:04:45] oxidates, it immediately boosts cellular metabolism. Which is great for anything that the cell is doing.

It turns out that Thomas Edison’s invention, the old school Tungsten light bulb, produces near infrared light. What we’ve done is we’ve created a sauna product using Tungsten filament heat lamps, that are both low EMF, provide enough heat to heat the body and give a hypothermic effect, and also provide the unique healing benefits of near infrared light photo therapy. In the Pocket Sauna, we’ve coupled this unique near-infrared light photo therapy with the time-honored tradition of hypothermic therapy. In the sweat lodges of old, in the hot spas, in the Scandinavian saunas, they’re all relying on the basic human biological concept of sweating passively to heal and rejuvenate the body.

Again, in our sauna, in the Pocket Sauna, you’re getting the synergistic combination of the two. Hypothermic therapy and the healing light of the sunlight.

Leanne: Right, because I get this question a lot. Why would I have a sauna in my house, specifically a Pocket Sauna, if I can just go out in the sun or go to a hot yoga class and sweat?

Brian Richards: body’sYeah, it’s quite different when the body sweats in a stressed state. When you’re on the treadmill, when you’re working hard, and exercising vigorously the body is in sympathetic dominance. It’s not designed to detox. All of the blood flow is going to the heart and lungs and muscles, for the locomotion or responding to the stress. The body is not designed in that fashion. The body is, in fact, designed to detox in the relaxed nervous state called para sympathetic, so-called rest and digest.

It’s only when the body is … When you’re sitting passively and sweating profusely is the energy in your body at the cellular, tissular, and holistic levels, being geared towards repair, rejuvenation, and detoxification.

When you’re out there running on the treadmill and working out at the gym, you’re not detoxing at all. In fact, you’re stressing yourself out. The truth is, in the West, and in the world, we just have way too much stress in our lives. That’s the last thing we need to do. What we need to do is sit down in our saunas and sweat passively and relax. Relax our minds and our bodies, and heal.

Leanne: Yeah, and it’s so true. I go into my Pocket Sauna every second day, for like 20-30 minutes, depending. I’m way less stressed. I do it in the morning before I even get started with my day, and it encourages me to take time for myself and it’s become such a large part to my morning practice. Then, after, I feel like really chill. Then I’ll have a shower, and I’ll chill out and I’ll just take my time with the morning.

Yeah, I find it a lot more helpful that going to the gym for an hour, like on so many levels.

Brian Richards: It really does, and it’s not just a psychological, a psychosomatic relaxation. The near infrared light directly calms your nervous system, immediately. That’s why when you sit in a Pocket Sauna, and you’re exposed to near infrared light, you feel the zen, calming effect. That is the near infrared component that is the healing component of the sunlight that is calming you down and relaxing you nervously. This is the component of the sunlight that keeps away the sad in the winter, that Seasonal Affective Disorder that so many people suffer from up in the North, especially in the Northern states and also in Canada.

It’s not because they’re not getting enough sunlight, per se. They’re not getting enough near infrared light from the sun. Interestingly, this is not UV. This is not ionized radiation. Near infrared light and this near infrared light from our Tungsten heat lamps does not tan you. It doesn’t have the carcinogenic associations that UV light has over time. This is all of the good in the sunlight and none in the bad.

Leanne: Who should and shouldn’t use this product? I’m just coming up with ideas, but say you have an imbalance of sodium potassium in your body, and it induces a lot of sweating, would this affect your ability to use your product or near infrared light of any kind. Are there people that should or shouldn’t use it?

Brian Richards: There are some basic contraindications, Leanne. Children under the age of 5 shouldn’t use. A pregnant woman should not use, and certainly everybody needs to follow the product manual. Namely, consulting your health care provider beforehand to see if it suits you. Also, to start the use of the sauna slowly and carefully. What’s recommended is to start with no more than twenty minutes initially, rotate a quarter turn every five minutes, no more than once a day.

You pay attention to your body, you drink water before hand and after. Of course, take a shower to rinse off the yucky toxins and sauna sweat off your body afterward. You start slow and steady, because your body, the near infrared lamp sauna therapy is leaching out toxins out of every cell of your body. Your organs of elimination have to process that. Not all of the toxins are sweat out of the skin. Some have to go through the kidneys and the liver and be excreted in other ways, via the bowel and other ways.

You know, slow and steady wins the race. In fact, and, of course, I can’t make any medical claims, I’m not a health care provider. This is not medical advice, I’m not qualified to do so in any way, but I can relate some anecdotal experiences from our customers. We have a ton of customers from all walks of life and complaining of many different, with many different physical and emotional and psychological complains about their health.

Virtually everybody has seen improvement in their well-being and in their state of being with the Pocket Sauna. It’s not even really our product. It’s this basic concept of detoxification and of repairing and healing the body with infrared light and with passive sweating.

No matter where you are and what complaint you have, if you detox and you repair yourself, and your tissues and your body has less toxic load to stress it out and compromise your immune system and just compromise. The biochemistry of your body begins to function more properly and more optimally. As the body detoxes, it begins to take care of itself. That’s what we see here. This is more of a respectful approach to the body. The body has beautiful, brilliant systems of repairing and healing itself.

All we’re doing is using light and heat to activate them. The body takes care of the rest.

Leanne: Speaking from my experience, my digestion has gotten a lot better. Massively a lot better. Just by going in there, like I said, every second day. Stress for me is helpful, so that’s cool.

For people that are interested in using your product, and getting a SaunaSpace Pocket Sauna, what are sort of like five tips of making the most of their experience in their sauna. You mentioned having water before and after. Should you heat up your sauna?

Brian Richards: Yeah, most people usually preheat the sauna 5 or 10 minutes before hand. The primary reason for the enclosure is to have the air around you above body temp, so the air doesn’t cool you down. Otherwise, it’s the penetrating effect of the near infrared light that heats you gently from within. Most people preheat because you want it to be nice and toasty in there and comfortable. Of course, water, before and after.

I think the biggest, the most important thing is to respect the discipline required for sauna therapy. For it to work, you need to do it frequently. It’s not something that you do once or twice. It’s something that you incorporate into yourself, and use at least a couple of times a week, if not more so. Then continue to do so for months.

In light of that, that has been my singular obsession for the last 4-5 years, is how can we make this sauna experience convenient and fit into people’s lives?

Our design is really, incorporates that mission into every aspect. It’s so easy to set up, it’s like 55 pounds or less, your grandma could set it up, it’s a tool free assembly. Everything is very safe and very quality built. It’s a exquisite material choice, it’s only wood, cotton, and steel, so it’s very hypoallergenic. Contains no petro chemical treatments of any kind, because out gassing is also important. We don’t want to be exposing our self to toxins while we’re trying to detox, and it’s also low EMF. We don’t want to be exposed ourselves to high EMF when we’re trying to relax our bodies. Just like you wouldn’t put your head in front of a microwave.

There’s a lot of design challenges that were overcome, or that we’ve overcome over the years to make this, literally, the most convenient way in the world to sauna.

Leanne: And you were talking about that, there’s a lot of new things happening in SaunaSpace. You were talking about before we started recording. The mat changes and things you’re doing. Can you run us through a couple of exciting updates to the Pocket Sauna?

Brian Richards: Yeah, Leanne. We launched our brand new Pocket Sauna last month. There were some radical changes to it, it’s still the same trapezoidal foot print, still the same light panel. The frame now is completely revamped. It’s a patent pending, canvas wrap based frame fitting that’s so easy to set up and take down. Much more so than before. It’s also involves an integrated, snap-in mat that has allowed us to remove the lower door crawl, so the sauna’s much easier to enter and exit because there’s no lower door crawl to trip in. It’s, in fact, wheelchair accessible now. That’s exciting. Also, the fabric we have been now very special fabric. It’s naturally preshrunk using our proprietary 100% chemical free process that both makes it a much cleaner, much more hypoallergenic canvas. Most importantly, it’s now machine washable.

For the first time, you’ll be able to wash this in your washing machine, after 5-6 months or so. With these changes, really, and with the convenience. Not only is it just so easy to use now, but it will also literally last you forever if you take care of it and care well for it.

All of these changes we launched at once in October. The initial feedback from our customers has been phenomenal, everyone’s really happy with the new changes, and we are just so excited to finally bring into the market.

Leanne: Cool. Where can people find more about you and all the things that you’re doing? I’ll include all the links and everything that you mention here below the video and recording, as well as on my blog posts that I’ll use to share this video. Where can people go to find more about you guys?

Brian Richards: They can find everything at That’s S – A – U – N – A – S – P – A – C – E dot com. Our stories on there are design, our product, of course, were completely transparent. We have everything about our product, and our pricing is all on there. We ship worldwide; we offer all the plug types and both voltages of lamps. Our shipping’s affordable, our pricing is phenomenal, our Pocket Sauna bundles range from just over $1000 to about $1430 now. Very accessible pricing, it comes with a 3-year warranty, and now has a 60-day money back guarantee. There’s no buyer remorse with us; you have a long time to try this out, see if it suits you.

Leanne: That’s great. Thanks so much for coming on the show today. I know that it’ll help answer a lot of questions from the Healthful Pursuit community. Yeah, thanks so much.

Brian Richards: Well, thanks so much for having me, Leanne.

Leanne: Yeah, you bet.

Brian Richards: Take care.

Leanne: You as well.

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