Video: Ask Yourself This Question If You Want To Be Blissfully Happy

Video: Ask Yourself This Question If You Want To Be Blissfully Happy

How asking yourself this one tiny question can lead to blissful happiness in the blink of an eye.

There are people in your life that suck you dry. And, there are people that fill you up. Defining which is which will literally set you free.

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Missed last week’s chat? Watch it (it’s about sugar addiction… I was never very good at surprises).

Do you have people in your life that drain you? Fill you? Let’s chat about it in the comments below or on YouTube.

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  1. Great videos, thanks! How to deal with a drainer husband?? (aside from divorce; have 2 young kids)

  2. I love both of your videos! Your videos nourish me on many levels; intellectually, emotionally and other ways, so please continue! I also just enjoy hearing about what you are processing right now and going through in your life so I hope you don’t feel like you always have to have something tangible to offer because your light and enthusiasm and generosity of spirit are enough to make it worthwhile for me to continue watching your videos. Thank you!

    • Wow, I love that you love them! More coming weekly ;) Thank you for your encouragement, Brigitte

  3. nice video. I’m definitely a drainer. usually have drainers in my life, too. when they move on they leave me. nicer term than toxic. trying to be less so. trying to be more positive. thanks for all your positive energy.

    • Hey L – thanks for being open with us! Very awesome that you see this in yourself. That’s huge! More positivity – actions, people, thoughts, and it’ll all come together <3

  4. Thanks for this. Can you speak more about addictions to any foods, carbs in general– raw oats, really whole grain breads, quinoa, fruit carrots but also protein like garbanzo beans and kidney beans. hardboiled eggs, canned fish- struggling bec addicted to every food. it’s like nothing is safe. nothing. also fats and fiber- nothing fills. and i don’t seem to be having that “happy” moment right before overindulging either. been struggling to understand why i do this and how to stop it. only thing i come up with is that it might be the second when it’s finished– it’s like i don’t have to worry about this anymore. and it’s freeing. but for a split second before the lambasting begins. but even that has now turned to fear oh no i have no more food in the house and panic. so not sure what to do. any insight would be appreciated. small plates don’t do it. dividing things into smaller servings. so i could “finish” the package but it’s not the giant container, whole jar, whole loaf etc. it’s every single food. and it’s really scary. it used to be certain foods- have eliminated those. but at this point don’t know what to do. of course, it seems that even if not eating “sugar” still am if eating carbs, so guess no carbs at all? but protein intake is way too high, too. so worried about that. Help!

  5. Incredibly powerful. I realize the voice in my head is probably the biggest drainer in my life. And I can choose to listen to it or not. I can agree with it or I can let what it says pass. And I recognize that I am more likely to tolerate situations and people that drain me when I am coming from the perspective from the drainer in my head.
    Love the videos. Thank you so much.

  6. Nicely said. Most of the people in my life fall within one of the 3 categories, but my dilemma is when there are a couple people who are both drainers and fillers, meaning that they switch from one to the other and I never know which one they’re going to be. Isn’t that odd? You would expect them to be mostly one way all the time, wouldn’t you? And I really don’t like the surprise element. They may be filling, and then suddenly they say something mean or negative and they’re draining me! I try to minimize the draining as much as possible, but that requires more effort on my part, which of course is draining!

    • Hey Jackie! I know how you feel on this one. It’s something I’m discovering myself. Then, I realized that those people who flip-flop usually find happiness in something. For instance, one of my friends is a GREAT pal for shopping. She’s always so happy when we’re shopping. So, that’s what we do together! Otherwise she’s a major drainer!

  7. Hey Leanne! I love love loved your video about sugar addiction. You did a great job providing very valuable information in a fun, genuine and relate-able manner. I am certainly suffering from a sugar addiction, and it made me take some time to think about where this would stem from. Also, it has been heightened through my pregnancy. I plan on purchasing your Keto e-book and trying to start my journey on a healthier lifestyle. I have been 90% paleo in the past and have found sucess, it is now time to get back to that healthier me. Thank you for the inspiration, information and resources.

    • Mecoh! So happy to hear you enjoyed my video. I saw your purchase come in the other day, thank you for purchasing it. I’d love to know how you get on with it once you get started. And, CONGRATULATIONS!

  8. Loved both of your videos, Leanne! Thank you for making them. Both are very thought-provoking and introspective. Keep them coming!

  9. Really enjoyed this video, Leanne. Thanks so much for sharing openly. :) Also loved the sugar addiction video. Both videos have given me much to think about. :) Happy holidays to you too!

    • Happy Holidays to you! Thanks, Heather! I’m so thrilled you’re enjoying the videos :)

  10. I love this Leanne!

    Such a simple practice, but I think it would make a HUGE difference in my life.

    Thanks so much for sharing! Really lovin’ the videos.

    • I would love to know how you find the practice when you give it a try. It’s SO easy! Glad you’re liking the videos. More coming!