Chocolate Power Water

By November 3, 2018


Cacao-infused water with bits of chia seeds for a high-fiber, hydrating drink that will power up your afternoon and cleanse your body.

Chia and I are best pals. When I don’t want to add fruit to my smoothies, I use chia. Blend, leave to thicken and BOOM! Thick smoothie, sans banana.

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Chia is also a fabulous natural source of energy. Soaked in water, Aztecs used the drink to amp up their stamina when preparing for war.

Aaand (because pre-war stamina may not be your thing…) chia also has the ability to make your bowels happy.

used by the Aztecs to prepare stamina for war; a very natural energy drink. – See more at:

Chocolate Energy Water-9103

Ever tried munching down on a handful of chia? Don’t. It took me over an hour to get all of the sticky bits out of my teeth.

What you should do is mix chia with coconut water and a bit of chocolate (for good measure). The energy- boosting benefits of chia + the electrolytes in coconut water makes the perfect all-natural energy combo.

No sticky bits in teeth, smiling bowels and stamina for… well, whatever really.

Chocolate Energy Water-9156

Click here to get my Chocolate Power Water Recipe – I shared it on Daily Bites Blog this morning.

Free of refined sugars, flavors, and anything artificial. This chocolate water will hydrate, refresh and eliminate toxins safely and effectively.


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Is chia easy to find in your area? What recipes do you use that call for chia?

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