1 Step To Clear Skin (saying goodbye to acne)

1 step to clear skin (saying buh-bye to acne) #acne #health #glowing

I’m not one to believe in the 1 magic pill that solves all problems…

But in this case?

It may actually be that easy.

I’ve struggled with acne for as long as I can remember. I have tried using apple cider vinegar as astringent, drinking chlorophyll, food combining, washing my face with honey, using coconut oil as a moisturizer, dabbing toothpaste on each zit before bed, clearing toxins from my colon with colon cleansing kits, increasing up my intake of healthy fats, mega-dosing with zinc and vitamin A… nothing has worked.

Until I made a discovery. Now, this is my skin (me on our honeymoon 2 weeks ago. Very minimal makeup, no edits)…


How I got here::

Anytime I go on a juice cleanse, my skin clears up. While it could be the boost of fruits and veggies, the extra hours of sleep per night, or the increase of liquids… it doesn’t feel like that’s what’s at play here.

Then, I had an epiphany::

During a balanced juice cleanse, the body restores its digestive juices, especially hydrochloric acid. The “hungry belly” feeling often experienced during the first couple of days of a cleanse is the hydrochloric acid in your stomach building up and preparing the body for food. Hydrochloric acid helps to break down food in the stomach. Without it, food will go through your body quite undigested.

The other awesome thing that hydrochloric acid does is naturally “cleanse” the body as it goes through the digestive system, clearing out undigested particles. The more acid (within a healthy range, too much can cause issues, too), the more food will be digested, the more cleansed your body, the clearer your skin.


1 step to clear skin (saying buh-bye to acne) #acne #health #glowing

30 days ago, I started supplementing with this inexpensive vegan hydrochloric acid supplement (1 bottle is $13 and lasts me 30 days).


My schedule::

2 pills when I wake up, 1 pill before lunch, 1 pill before dinner, 2 pills before bed.

My skin is as clear as it’s ever been.

I couldn’t NOT share this exciting discovery with you. If you have a history of weakened digestion, coupled with acne, perhaps this may work for you, too!

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  1. Hi leanne, I started having gall issues in 2014, had pancreatic due to that. Gotten my gall removed but every since my stomach issues I am having severe acne. One dermatologist suggested it rosacea buy gave anti biotic so no help. Right now also severe acne and stomach normally upset lIke I have diarrohea mostly. What do yu suggest. Thanks

  2. Have you ever tried kombucha to clear your acne? I wonder if the acidity of it would do kind of the same thing that this supplement would do? I recently started making my own kombucha and I switched to a keto diet 2 weeks ago so I’ll see if these things help my acne–if they don’t help, I’ll try this supplement!
    Thanks for your resources, recipes, inspiration, etc :)
    Have a happy day!

  3. Is there anything that can help with my psoriasis? I have splotches on my legs and elbows. UGLY!

  4. I thought betaine is an enzyme and as the HCl salt it helps make GI contents more acidic

  5. Very interesting. I’ve been on a daily prilosec for years. When I try not taking it I have terrible heartburn. Do you have any suggestions?

    • Hey there! Perhaps a digestive enzyme, like the one described in this post would help. Good luck!

  6. Your skin looks amazing. That’s my goal currently… clear skin :)
    So you take this on an empty stomach? Is that safe?

  7. Hi Leanne,
    I have peanut allergies, why is it important for me to avoid Fenugreek?

  8. Hi Leanne,
    I don’t have acne but my digestion is not the best in general. Do you think HCl would help?

    • Heck yeah! If you are low in HCl it could definitely help. Another good one is digestive enzymes