How To Bring Clarity To Chaos


When we are faced with a situation, we often allow it to become the determiner of the outcome. We fixate on mapping out every possible outcome, breaking up the situation into bite-sized pieces to determine a way out.

The situation takes control over us. There are no clear thoughts, assumptions are made, negativity overwhelms us and evaluation becomes impossible.

The situation brings the experience, chaos ensues.

This rigamarole is not serving us.

Bringing instant clarity to chaos comes when we adjust our perspective. To do this, we can ask ourselves::

What do I want to become of this? What is it for?

The value of deciding, in advance, what we want to happen is simply that we will perceive the situation as a means to make it happen. This shift in perspective will allow us to make every effort to overlook what interferes with the accomplishment of our objective and concentrate on everything that will help us meet it.

The goal makes the situation meaningful. It gives us purpose, focus, intention and eliminates the need to judge our actions once the situation is resolved.

Instead of seeking to split off segments and deal with them separately, we see the situation for what it truly is. We focus on truth. We see peace. We learn. We move forward.

If you’re looking for more guidance on creating powerful change with goal setting, I highly recommend Desire Mapping. It changed my life!

How does asking yourself, “What do I want to become of this? What is it for?” change your perspective on one of the current situations in your life?


I am SO looking forward to reading about your experience in the comments!

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  1. Hi,
    Would you send me a personal email? I have some qq and don’t want to fill up your blog with too much personal stuff. Thanks…

    • Hey Jackie – for sure. Feel free to use the form on my contact page!

  2. I use pure essential oils; they are amazing and work quickly. They have physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits.
    I really enjoy this website; you are incredibly talented, and while I generally would agree with Laura’s comment, I think that someone who has battled an eating disorder needs to do whatever they need to do to maintain their health, even if it includes eating during off hours. You are doing a fantastic job! Keep up the good work :)

    • Hey Jackie… I’ve been hearing a lot about essential oils lately. I used to be into them when I was a kid but haven’t done anything with them in a while. So cool that you find it works. I’m definitely going to have to get on that!
      I definitely don’t eat bacon everyday. Not even every week. And the bacon I cooked with in that recipe was actually smoked ham bacon. Not sure where the 1am reference came from, but hey! Just as we all look different on the outside, we all work differently on the inside. I firmly believe that if we tap in to the intuition our body has to offer, all would be well with health. Thanks for your support!

  3. Wow, this is the 2nd time today that I’ve heard about B School. Could this be a sign that I need to check out this site? I guess so…

    • Nothing about B School here… I think Danielle is promoting it perhaps? I’ve heard great things about the program!

      • After looking at the website fully, I see what you mean. I guess the bottom of the page caught my eye first for some reason. Site looks interesting, though.

  4. with all my heart I do this: I release my burdens and stress to Jesus Christ! He said, “come to me all you who are weary and I will give you rest, for my yolk is easy and my burden is light!” I release control to him, who loves me and you –

    • Hey Shari! Thanks for sharing, that’s beautiful :)

  5. Hi Lee Anne,
    I wasn’t sure where would be the proper place to post this but, I wanted you to know first of all that I think you’re incredibly talented. I found your website while searching for vegan soup recipes. I subscribed to your website. Shortly after, I started getting recipes for bacon dishes. I also received emails advocating giving people the thumbs up to eat whenever they want, whatever they want, including meats (especially bacon) that are very unhelalthful. I am a health coach and never in my studies and education have I seen any evidence to support that it’s okay to eat at 1 o’clock in the morning if you feel like it. Your body does better with a schedule, and letting iyour digestive system have a rest throughout the night. Also, bacon is never good for your body for so many reasons. Studies and research has shown over and over that vegans live longer, have less cancer, less diabetes, less obesity, let’s heart disease, etc. I would’ve been able to support you if you would have at least advocated getting meat and dairy from humanely raised sources. I’m super disappointed because I was really excited about this website but eating meat is not sustainable for the planet, it’s not humane, factory farming is a moral travesty, and I know too much about nutrition not to speak out. There is nothing “holistic” about bacon. To advocate eating whatever, whenever is in my opinion potentially harmful information.

    • Hey Laura – it sounds like my approach to my personal health has upset you. I’m sorry to hear that — I certainly never want to create angst or discomfort for anyone. I had an eating disorder. So, allowing my body to eat when I am hungry is the best approach I have to staying healthy. And, the good news is that I’m not the only holistic nutritionist in the world. :) There are hundreds + thousands of other people out there, sharing ideas + striving to be helpful (and healthy) — just like me, but differently. I trust that you’ll find somebody else whose worldview resonates more strongly with your own. Sending love, for the journey <3

  6. I just bought the Desire Map online and am so excited for it to be delivered!!!! Can’t wait to dig deep and plan the future I’m looking for :)

    • That’s so exciting, Michelle! Congrats! You’ll have to check in and let me know how it goes :)

  7. I bought the Desire Map (as per your recommendation, Leanne!) and MAN did it change my life… It has helped me plan for the future, create new goals that feel good, and — you’re right — change my perspective about multiple areas of my life.

    Asking “why is this happening?” helped me over Christmas, when my computer crashed, and I was PISSED… But then I connected that one of my biggest desires is PRESENCE, and having no computer over the holidays allowed me to create — and accept — the space to be fully PRESENT with my family and friends over the holidays. Being fully present would not have come so easily to me if my computer was fully functioning. And I wouldn’t have been able to connect my desire for presence to my crappy situation without The Desire Map!