5 Ingredient Hazelnut Toffee Squares

Hazelnut Toffee (26)

Food memory throwbacks are the best kind of memories. The smells, the tastes, they’re essential to our life experience and should continue to be experienced even if  allergies, sensitivities, or a change in eating style threaten to ruin the show.

Allergies aside, I bet there are a handful of foods that ignite your creativity, stunt your unhappy thoughts and light your heart on fire.

One of those foods for me is toffee.

My Grandpa loved toffee.

He brought my sister and I toffee each time he came to visit. Only, I’m pretty sure it was more for him than it was for us, but he shared.

5 Ingredient Hazelnut Toffee Squares by @healthfulpursuit

When I learned I was allergic to dairy and couldn’t have toffee anymore, I was crushed.

There’s nothing quite like finding out you have an allergy to the food that makes you happy. It’s just downright cruel if you ask me. And, up until a couple of years ago, I didn’t think I had the power to change any of it.



I’ve chosen to be in the driver’s seat of my life, instead of letting my allergies run the show. First order of business, toffee. Second order of business, better toffee. Third… well, you get the idea.

I’m making toffee and it’s gawd-damn delicious.

Head on over to Brittany’s blog, Real Sustenance, for my new 5 Ingredient Hazelnut Toffee Square recipe and plan to whip up a batch, quick!

What is your favorite memory throwback food?

Have you tried to make it healthier, remove allergens, etc.? Any luck?

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  1. Wow, these look so delicious! I can’t wait to try them! FYI, I’ve tried about 8 or 9 of your recipes from your dessert freedom cookbook, and I have loved all of them so far!! They have all been so delicious and easy to make. (Although my husband didn’t like one of them, the cardamom crunch cookies, he thought they didn’t have enough flavor). But i liked those cookies, and he has enjoyed all of the other recipes! This week I made that cream “cheese” crumble cake, and he wont stop eating them! I had to hide some of them so that he wouldn’t finish them all in one day! haha! Thanks again for all your recipes!

    • I’m with you, Angela! Have you tried making the Strawberry Chia squares yet? OMG!!! Even without Leanne’s cream ‘cheese’ sauce on them, these bars totally remind me of a strawberry cheesecake. Before I tuned in to my dairy allergy, I used to LOVE cheesecake, so having these amazing bars has been like heaven for me. HEAVEN!! (I’m actually going to try drizzling some of the cream ‘cheese’ sauce on them the next time I make them. That way, they’ll be even more cheesecake-esque. Yum yum yum!)

      • Yes the strawberry chia squares were amazing! I also love the cheesecake flavor without the guilt of eating actual cheesecake! :)

      • Aw, you’re a doll. Thanks Dana!

  2. Dairy was one one the hardest things for me to give up as well. I LOVE cheese! I’ve tried the alternative cheeses that are available and haven’t been impressed…they’re just not quite the same. I have however, been able to enjoy mac and cheese with a sunflower “cheese” sauce. That was a game changer!

  3. these look seriously sinful! I love the idea of subbing in coconut butter for the nut butter and coconut nectar… perfect for the elimination I’m on! Pure genius Leanne :)
    My grandmother always made peanut brittle, almost the same idea… this brings back so many good memories, we fought over that stuff. It never lasted long either

  4. Leanne these look amazing! You are so innovative and creative in the kitchen, it’s a gift. Can’t wait to try these babies out :)