Understanding Carb Intolerance and Metabolic Health

By June 27, 2021

Understanding Carb Intolerance and Metabolic Health

How metabolically flexible are you? Let’s review the ins and outs of looking at keto as a metabolic state instead of a diet and, how this shift makes keto even more effective.

We’re covering adjustments you can make on keto to gain metabolic flexibility (the role of calories, fasting, and monitoring), what to do when your body cannot burn fat, how to properly track macros and adjust for your weight loss goals, and so much more.

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There are few conversations these days that excite me more than talking about metabolism. It’s a topic MANY of us forget as we forge forward on our ketogenic diet. And, because of this, many women aren’t getting the results they want on their keto diet.

Truly understanding; and supporting, your metabolism is KEY to reaching success on keto. It sounds complicated, but it’s really, really not.

It all comes down to bio-individuality, and I have a couple of tips today (actually, there are FAR more than a couple…) that’ll get you well on your way to healing the very thing standing in your way from your keto/low-carb dreams.

I’ve linked out to 2 videos that I’ve made on this topic below. Carve out about 1.5 hours and you can zoom through the lessons and come out the other side well on your way with a list of tiny adjustments for a big difference.

Metabolic Health

Video #1 is focused on your metabolic health in an interview I did with Lauren Weiss.

Highlights in the video include:

  • Keto as a metabolic state, not a diet
  • Metabolic health: what is it?
  • How metabolic keto is different than the diet
  • 12% metabolically healthy
  • Adjustments on keto to become more and more metabolically healthy
  • Improving metabolic health on keto Role of calories / fasting / monitoring
  • When to add fasting to your keto diet
  • Complimenting your keto lifestyle with proper movement
  • Metabolic issues, cannot burn fat
  • Monitoring with macros, ketones, and glucose
  • Carb cycling to increase metabolic flexibility
  • We don’t need to be in ketosis all the time. How to shift safely and get back to fat burning
  • Role of mitochondria in fuel burn

Glucose Level and Metabolism

Video #2 will help you understand why knowing your glucose level is important to metabolism in an interview I did with Chris Irvin.

Highlights in the video include:

  • Metabolic health
  • Insulin sensitivity/resistance
  • Bioindividuality — the root of “issues” on your keto diet
  • When insulin is out there, are we burning fat?
  • Impatience on keto
  • How do we know our insulin is high?
  • Signs that we’re carb intolerant
  • How do we improve our tolerance? Less carbs, NO veggie oils, movement?
  • The role of movement for carb tolerance
  • What’s happening as we heal our metabolisms
  • What do we want to see? Let’s talk about the ideal scenario…
  • When our metabolisms are healed… how do we incorporate carbs?
  • You mentioned being able to HAVE carbs… what do this look like?

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