The bunny came!

Ah, a chocolate bunny exploded in our hallway and all over my office!

Pretty sure my day’s going to consist of chocolate, breakfast rolls and a much-needed afternoon run to wear off all the sugar before Easter dinner.

What did the bunny bring you?

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  1. Reese’s eggs! and lots of yummy food and desserts with the family :) glad to see the Easter bunny visited you this year! Sounds like your spring fling pasta salad was a hit, looks perfect for Spring :)

  2. My cats would be all over those…

    The bunny brought Turkey Saltimbocca and baked Camembert to my house – decidedly not Easter, but delicious!

  3. LOVE cadbury mini eggs!!! (maybe it’s just because I know they are only around this time of year!!…) ha.

  4. the bunny didn’t bring me anything. but I made the family a wonderful brunch and just made/ate way too many blueberry donuts with lemon glaze. Nom Nom!

  5. Mmm chocolate… the Easter Bunny forgot about me (I’m on vacay) however, I did treat myself to an Almond Joy egg and a white chocolate Reese’s egg this morning! :)