Healthful Hints: 5 Steps to Kick-Start Weight loss

Have you followed a diet in the past? Did you feel frustrated, limited, and to top it all off, gain the weight back after the whole process? Well, you’re not alone!

Studies are now showing that 30-60% of weight lost through dieting is regained within one year, and almost all of it is regained within five years. Makes us question if what we’re doing is actually effective, right?

My approach to weight loss is simple. Teaching ourselves to enjoy a moderate lifestyle, incorporating healthy foods, showing love for our bodies, and staying positive when things get tough, will create balance in our lives and the pounds will become a thing of the past… for good.

Today’s Healthful Hints we talk about my top 5 ways to begin creating balance and kick-starting your weight loss journey. These tips can also be used to live a healthier life, or to create balance in your day-to-day.

The comments I refer to in my video, which can also be found on YouTube:

Clean eating protein powders:

My favorite calorie counter:



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  1. Thank you for all the valuable tips and encouragement! I have those days where the wheels fall off, todays advise helped and I have to stay focused.

    Thank you Leanne! You’re a great help and inspiration

    • You’re welcome, Brenda! You can do it :) Have a beautiful day!

  2. found you via a rabbit trail on pinterest. LOVE your website. we have been gluten and casein free for 5 years and my weight has crept up. we eat VERY clean but still i need changes and it is really hard to find good websites w/ allergen free ‘good for you’ stuff. (we are also soy free.) Just printed off a bunch of recipes and really liked this post so thought i’d just comment here. I loved that journal a few pages back… i get stuck on having to do it ‘right’ so i dont’ do it at all but that is simple enough for me to just at least begin there. I think just writing it down will be helpful. you are my new fav website. thanks

    • Thanks for stopping by, Amy! If it makes you feel any better, many, many people struggle with the same thing. It’s great that you’ve removed the foods that make your body unbalanced, now it’s time to work on how to fuel your body correctly. Sounds like you’re well on your way! Can’t wait to hear how you like the recipes :)

  3. I loved this video! Thank you for posting it. I recently found out I’m allergic to wheat, milk, and eggs and have been thinking about changing the way I eat by eating smaller meals more frequently throughout the day so I’m glad to hear that tip. I agree with the other ladies about nutrition during pregnancy and post-pregnancy. Thanks!

  4. I got really excited when I saw that costco got coconut milk. Really…really excited…Thanks for all of the great healthy living tips!

  5. I find it interesting that many of your tips for losing weight – more sleep, less stress, small frequent meals, tasting the food – are also part of my strategy to gain weight, not in a body-builder way, but in an “I accidentally ate an allergen all summer and would really like my pants to stop drooping” kind of way. I guess that a healthy body naturally gravitates to a healthy weight.

    • You’re right, many of the tips you’ll find in weight loss programs are the same for weight gain. Really, it’s just about finding balance and getting the foods that your body needs!

  6. I really love your vlogs and recommendations! But is it really that important to count calories?

    • Thanks Nadia. It is not ‘really’ important to count calories, no. If you have a natural flow to your hunger, and you trust that you’re making the right choices, then that’s far better than counting calories. Calorie counting is just one of the many tools available to us in order to make sure we’re making the right choices. In a couple of weeks I’ll talk more about calorie counting and the risks of filling out lives with empty foods as a result. Hope that helps :)

    • Thanks Kris :) they’re a lot of fun to put together!