Healthful Hints: 5 Steps to Kick-Start Weight loss

By March 1, 2018

Have you followed a diet in the past? Did you feel frustrated, limited, and to top it all off, gain the weight back after the whole process? Well, you’re not alone! Studies are now showing that 30-60% of weight lost through dieting is regained within one year, and almost all of it is regained within five years. Makes us question if what we’re doing is actually effective, right? My approach to weight loss is simple. Teaching ourselves to enjoy a moderate lifestyle, incorporating healthy foods, showing love for our bodies, and staying positive when things get tough, will create balance in our lives and the pounds will become a thing of the past… for good. Today’s Healthful Hints we talk about my top 5 ways to begin creating balance and kick-starting your weight loss journey. These tips can also be used to live a healthier life, or to create balance in your day-to-day.
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