Food For Thought: My Personal Reflection on Nutrition Choices

By March 31, 2017


It was brought to my attention earlier today, that the post I’d written this morning may have offended some readers. I want to let everyone know that it was not my intention to judge the mother or undermine her parenting. I do not know her situation at home, her finances, health, self-esteem or self-worth. I was merely trying to point out that our society has a huge problem with our current approach to health and the relationship we have with our food. Education and resources for parents are slim, and with the economy being as poor as it is, it definitely doesn’t help us get ahead of our food battle. I understand that there are many families that have a very strict budget and that eating healthy is a luxury for many. In working with many families in the time that I’ve been practicing nutrition, it is evident that many of us don’t know that we can eat healthy on low cost foods. It’s amazing to watch families that spend upwards of $900/month feeding their family on empty foods, switch to bulk grains like rice, pulses like chickpeas, chicken, homemade granola bars and oatmeal, and actually cut costs and eat healthier. But, I didn’t go into this information in my post this morning, and for that I apologize. It pains me to watch families making the choices that they are. I don’t blame them. Before receiving my certification in nutrition, I had no idea what to eat. I was the person with the grocery cart full of pop, chips, and granola bars. I can honestly say that I thought I made healthy choices. I knew that Thursdays were double cheeseburger days at McDonalds, and that I could get a Wendy’s frosty with a medium fry for $0.99 on Fridays. So, I understand that people make choices based on the education they have. What my post should have been about, is the impact that a lack of education has on the choices people make for their health. If that Mom had been through a course on how to feed her family in a healthy [cost effective manner], I can imagine that her choices for her family would be different. Or you know, maybe they wouldn’t. Treats are good once in awhile, and part of a healthy lifestyle. If I was a parent 5 years ago, I would have thought that the conversation that mother had with her children was fine. It just hurts me, down to my soul to see people making unhealthy decisions. I should have approached the post like that, but I didn’t. I can’t expect you guys to fill in the blanks when I’m writing a post. I should be more descriptive of the points I’m trying to get across. I apologize if I upset anyone or if you felt that I encouraged negative conversations about parental food choices. It was not my intent, or the intent of those that left a comment. I hope that I didn’t offend as many of you as I think I have. I hope that I can continue to be counted on to encourage you and your family to make healthy choices and that I didn’t come off as being self righteous. I can only imagine how challenging it is to be a parent and the choices you have to make when you’re on a crazy schedule, times are tough, and money is tight. I can understand choices are made and life goes on. Next time I will be more mindful when I speak about other peoples’ choices, and think before I blog. See you all tomorrow morning. – Leanne

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