With so many resources out there on how we can improve our health, it’s no wonder our heads aren’t all spinning out of control! Conficting information on avoiding sugars, candida self diagnoses, gluten intolerance, removing grains, food combining and increasing pH can leave us all a bit overwhelmed on what steps we should take to better our health.

Just like everyone looks different on the outside proves that we all work a little bit different on the inside. Knowing that, the way each of us approach our pursuit to health is going to be a bit different. Here, I feature the hottest health topics and highlight the pros and cons to each to help us make sense of things so that we can make the right decisions for ourselves.

Staying Motivated

My 4-day getaway to New York City is underway. This city lights me up and turns me ON. Creativity flows, internal fire blazes, magic happens. I crafted a healthy meal plan for myself before I made the trek out here. No ultra technical tricks, fussy shenanigans or complicated processes, just a list of meals for…

Healthful Pursuit 3-Day GREEN Juice Cleanse

It’s day three of our 3-day green juice cleanse. We’re at the end, we can see the finish line! Day three of juice cleanses are my favorite. You slide into a natural rhythm, a flow, your energy picks up, hunger pains subside, and your body starts to feel pretty darn good. It’s usually day three…

3-Day Green Juice Cleanse Day 2

It’s day two of our 3-Day Green Juice Cleanse! Are you feeling lit up? Starting to glow a little? Mega hungry? A little punchy? Oh my gosh, me too. All of it.

3-Day Green Juice Cleanse Day 1

The day is upon us. It’s the beginning of our 3-Day Green Juice Cleanse. My fridge is full of produce, I have lemons coming out of my ears, and my Omega 8006 Juicer is ready to ROCK any vegetable, fruit or herb that I throw at it.

3-Day Green Juice Cleanse

Are you ready to rummmmble cleanse? The last juice cleanse that we did together was crazy awesome. Oodles of lovely ladies, just like yourself, committed to cleanse with us. Juices were being made left, right and center, lemons were squeezed country-wide and many probiotics were consumed. We (officially) rocked it.

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