The Romance of Quebec City


Regardless of the intense weather conditions this past weekend, Kevin and I packed up the car with healthy snacks and audiobooks and made our way up North for our first visit to Quebec City.

It was a lovely (snowy) day filled with beautiful sights, fogged up camera lenses and great eats.

Here are some of the shots that we took along the way…




Quebec City (65)

*great gluten-free friendly restaurant*

QuebecCity    Quebec City (36)Quebec City (61)Quebec City (59) Quebec City (55)

*our first maple taffy experience!*

Quebec City (19)

Have you been to Quebec City?

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  1. So gorgeous! My honeymoon was in January in Quebec City. It was cold, snowy, and wonderful. We loved the little lanes, cafes, shops, and galleries to look in. We ate a memorable meal in a restaurant called Toast and stayed in a cozy auberge just outside the old city walls. I’m glad you loved it, too!

    • Wow, I could totally see Quebec City being a fabulous place to honeymoon. Great choice, Sarah!… and congratulations :)

    • Oh man… my favorite city in Canada… ah, that’s a tough question. I would have to say my favorite place in this amazing country (I’ve been across the WHOLE country except the East coast) is Vancouver. But it depends on what type of trip you’re looking to take…

  2. Maple Taffy?! that sounds crazy! what was it? just poured over ice?
    thanks for the pics. looks so inviting!

    • Maple Taffy (Tire d’érable in french) simply is maple syrup heated to a certain degree of temperature and poured on snow. You let it stand a few secs and then roll it up on a wooden stick. Very, very sticky and delicious!

  3. This little village looks so quaint, what a nice weekend retreat! I adore the photos of you and Kevin shooting each other. :) Except I can’t reconcile your coat – though I love the color, it can’t possibly be warm enough. Unless it’s one of those snow things were it’s not actually that cold because the humidity is low and the cloud cover is holding out the wind. Down here in Georgia, we haven’t had anything beyond cold, blowing rainy blechiness, wouldn’t mind a little snow if it didn’t mean EVERYTHING shutting down for days. (I wish I were joking.) Sure would be nice if a trip to Quebec City was in my near future!

    • It is not really a village. It’s Petit Champlain which is situated in the lower part of Old Quebec City … which is only a small part of Quebec City which is the second largest city in the province of Quebec, with its population close to 700,000.

  4. Oh yeah! I tried doing that maple taffy thing one time when I was a kid living in Michigan because I’d read about it in Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House on the Prairie series. It. Didn’t. Work… Because we didn’t pack the snow! Haha! Was it good?

    • I’d read it in those books, too! I’ve ALWAYS wanted to do it?!?! It was everything I ever thought it would be. It was a dream come true. I loved it. LOVED it!

  5. Wow, you weren’t kidding when you said it was gorgeous and romantic! I’ve never been to Quebec City, nor have I had maple taffy but it looks tasty. I’d like to swap places with Michelle (above) and head down to Georgia because I’ve had enough of this snow!

    • We could go when you come to visit! I bet it’ll be really nice in May!!

    • We make jokes about Quebec City having only two seasons : winter and July ;) Even May may be not this cold but still not quite as warm as Montreal.

  6. Beautiful pictures! Awesome that you wen to Le Lapin Saute!
    Great of you guys to brave the cold ;) I know I sound like a broken record…but make sure to return in the summer for the Cirque du Soleil show under the over-pass ;) Bisous!

    • Such a great recommendation ;) it was amazing. Yes, it’s definitely on our list of places to go this Summer. I’ve never been to a Cirque du Soleil show so we’ll for sure go! Maybe we’ll see ya there?

  7. Love Quebec city, even if I do prefer the energy of Montreal.
    I’m French and studied in Sherbrooke, but I spend most of my free time and a summer in Montreal.
    I’m currently looking into the process of imigrating to Quebec, and I think, to Montreal :)

    A nice flat in “Le Plateau” or in the nice district behind McGill sounds nice to me.

    • Wow, moving here would be fabulous! It is a pretty great place, that’s for sure. I’ve heard great things about the Le Plateau area. I wish we would have known about it before we moved here!

  8. Yes! I have to say, my favourite bit was the poutine. :)

    Also, taffy on snow; my grandmother used to make it every Christmas – so Canadian. Love it!

    • *drool* poutine. They should really make it with daiya cheese.

  9. Le Lapin Saute is my favourite restaurant in Quebec city. I eat there more than any other restaurant!

    • I can see why! It was ridiculous good. What’s your favorite dish?

    • You know what, Shel… I’m not sure! There wasn’t much at the restaurant we went to… but I’m sure there were other restaurants in the city for vegans. Everyone seemed very adaptable and friendly!

  10. Beautiful pics! Did you get to see much else? La Citadelle is not too far away and the shopping in the city is great… :)

  11. My husband and I are taking a vacation from the Arctic (Northwest Territories) to Quebec city in April. Your photos sure amped my enthusiasm! So nice to see a light coat rather than the heavy Goose parkas we wear here. We are heading to Montreal after – would love if you did a post on a gourmet/walking/sightseeing tour in Montreal and some specialty food stores you would recommend :)

  12. I live NOWHERE near there, but your pictures make me wish I did! It looks, dare I say, “magical”? It almost looks fake, like it’s a movie set, or something people put together for a festival weekend or something to bring tourists in. It’s positively adorable, though, and looks so beautiful. The snow makes it look even more enchanting. Echoing everyone else, your photography is stunning.

    And speaking of adorable, It is just that when Kevin comments in your posts! He seems to be getting more “chatty”. :) I love it, though. You two seem SO cute.

    • He is quite the chatty man… haha! Well, if you ever get a chance to come to Canada, Quebec City is pretty fabulous. Yes, totally magical!

  13. I always get the duck salad at Lapin Sauté! So delicious! Hope you enjoyed it too :)

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