Roasted Garlic Brussels Sprouts

I know what you’re thinking… ‘Brussels sprouts? Why would you waste a perfectly good post on Brussels sprouts?’

That’s a fair question.

I don’t really like them either. That is unless they’re prepared using the recipe below or added to a grain-free veggie bowl like I did here. Maybe it’s all the roasted garlic, the coconut oil, or a special (secret) herb that pairs so darn well with these cabbage looking veggies that you’ll be wishing you’d fallen in love with Brussels sprouts sooner. Whatever the case, this recipe is the bomb.

And it’d be really good served on the Christmas table! I bet you could get a couple of Brussels sprouts haters to feast on them…

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  1. I’ve never had brussel spouts and bought some last weekend to rectify that …. and they are still in my fridge, probably bad now lol. I had good intentions but I just wasn’t inspired. Yours look delicious so now I have no excuses!

    • They last in the fridge for quite sometime so you may be okay! If they are, roast them up. It’ll be a great way to introduce you to the little guys :)

    • Haha yes, you got me quite hooked when I was visiting! That and the darn maple balsamic. I’m going through withdrawals and wishing I would have brought it with me to Calgary. Brussels sprouts will definitely be on our Christmas table, that’s for sure!

  2. These look goodI I love Brussels sprouts, (when i was little i called them mouse cabbages!!) They can be bitter if not treated carefully, so my favourite way, as i only recently discovered, was with a little maple syrup glaze stir fried in a hot pan! so good.

    • Mouse cabbages! That has to be the cutest thing, my gosh. I LOVE it with maple syrup and balsamic reduction. I’ll have to try them stir-fried. Brilliant.

  3. I love brussels sprouts in all shapes and forms (unless they are mushy and overcooked), and nothing is quite the same as the mouthwateringly savory, but somehow slightly sweet flavor of roasted garlic. Combining the two is sure to be delicious! I’ll have to snatch up a big bunch of brussels next time I’m at the market – I’ve got so much to make!

  4. I sadly LOVE Brusselsprouts done anyway. But this recipe would totally be divine for a brussel sprout lover like myself.

    • Sadly? No… that’s awesome! Good to know there are so many of us that love the little guys. Guess this means I can throw them in a bunch more recipes in the future!

  5. A post about brussel sprouts is NEVER waste… those little green orbs are one of my favorite, favorite foods. Just reading this post is making me hungry for some!

    • That is awesome, Dayna! I’m learning that there are so many yummy ways to prepare them!

  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE the sprouts…!!! I roast up a bunch every week and munch on them throughout the day.. i’ll just go into the fridge, grab a sprout and pop it (ends up being SEVERAL) into my mouth. I call them nature’s candy!! They are SO good!!! side note: the boyfriend is not as enamored with them when I eat them as I am… ha ha. Bring on the Brussels Leanne!

    • Kevin is right there with your boyfriend… he HATES them. Once, I dared him to eat one, begged and pleaded him to try… so he put one in his mouth and swallowed it WHOLE so that he didn’t have to chew :|

  7. I made it for the very first time. It was enough good. I liked the garlic in there! But i had to cook longer cos they was not soft after 20 min. So i cooked abaut 40 min. But if i cook or steam very little bit before i fry?

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