Jean-Talon Market, Montreal

The Jean-Talon Market in Montreal is a thing of dreams. Really, I’m sure I’ve dreamed of a place like this at one point of another.

The Market is easily accessible by public transit – a 15 minute ride on the metro from downtown followed by a 5 minute walk from the Jean-Talon station. They operate Monday – Sunday with varying hours, and they look to be open year round.

Corporation de gestion des marchés publics de Montreal; the group that runs the 15+ markets around the city, even has a seasonal chart available on their website so one can plan their purchases before they arrive. Sure, it’s in French… but that’s half the fun of it!

It’s filled with the magic I’d mentioned was missing from the Atwater Market. There’s a constant humming of activity – people shopping, merchants talking, produce being washed, cut, sampled… it’s amazing!

Each row of produce I came upon was brighter than the last. I’ve never seen blueberries so blue, strawberries so red and juicy…

and the cherries? Gosh, I was wishing I hadn’t had a big lunch at Aux Vivres before arriving.

There are spaces for patrons to sit and enjoy their foodie treasures in the middle of the market, as well as to the side in one of the accompanying bistros.

They had loads of produce I’ve never seen… like purple cauliflower!

And white bell peppers? I was so curious about this one.

Many of the booths are managed by the very knowledgeable staff that are passionate about what they do, and can answer every single question you may have about their product.

There were multiple sales throughout and many variety baskets with discounted produce at $1 or $2 for a giant helping of over-ripe items.

Even a lady who understands minimal French knows that this is a good sign – Non-GMO corn!

Each vendor had a slight variation to their produce that made walking through each isle of the expansive market landscape.

One of my favorite aspects to the market was the variety of flowers available, and for a pretty reasonable price, too.

Gorgeous sunflowers,

and beautiful wild flower bouquets that would be a perfect addition to my wedding Pinterest board!

The merchants to the side of the market, closest to the main building had items similar to those found at Atwater – meats, cheeses, pastries, honey, and health products. It really is a one-stop shop!

Ah yes, and the natural, homemade popsicles. Don’t they look delicious?

Jean-Talon market is definitely on my list of places to revisit during a trip back to Montreal!

What’s the most beautiful food market you’ve ever been to?

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  1. ok that market IS the place of dreams! All that gorgeous produce and i had never seen purple cauli until I moved to CA and for about 2 years, I had purple cauli as the header image of my blog!

    • I didn’t see the raw cheese shop! Darn! Guess I’ll have to go back one of these days ;)

    • amaze balls… haha I love that! Thanks, Caralyn. We had an awesome trip!

    • If you haven’t been, you definitely should. We had such an amazing time. The people were SO friendly, lots of great food, good music, it was a blast!

  2. I went farmers market hopping today, so I’m good on produce, though what you took photos of is making my mouth water! I really really really want to go to Montreal now.

  3. Now this is too cool… I’ve been to Jean Talon Market! There is an excellent sausage shop just a few steps outside the market, as well as a neat bread shop. I went in to buy bread and used my broken (more like hardly existent at all) French, only to learn on the way out that the cashier knew English the whole time! How embarrassing, standing there pointing at what I wanted when I could have just said it!

    Thanks for sharing these Montreal posts, LOVE them!

    • Too funny! Well, it makes for a good story at least :)

  4. Merci Leanne for the beaufitul pics that capture the essence of Marché Jean-Talon. I feel privileged to be able to shop there whenever I feel like it …. I dream of finding an appartment at a walking distance. Maybe next year … ;)

    • Walking distance from Jean-Talon Market would be amazing! Good luck in the search :)

  5. WOW! That market looks like a dream! I can’t believe I’ve never been… you’ve just convinced me that I NEED to go… even considering heading out there today.

    It will definitely be going in the very near future!

    I think it’s your pictures that did it. Wow… talk about mouth watering! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE your series on Montreal. Is there more coming?

    • Yay! Would love to know what you think of it WHEN you go.

      Yes, more to come! I still haven’t written about my restaurant experiences. Oh my gosh, so many photos to go through. Ah!

  6. Beautiful photos! I really wish we had markets that vibrant in Calgary. I have seen the white and purple bell peppers at the Crossroads market though.

    • I know what you mean, Lindsay. Our markets in Calgary are good, but nothing compared to Jean-Talon. It was truly amazing. Thanks for the tip on the purple peppers here at home, I’ll have to pick some up!

  7. I can’t believe I’ve never been to Montreal yet…even though my in laws live outside of Ottawa and it would make sense to go there sometime. (Did I mention that my close friend actually went to Montreal with her boyfriend this week haha).

    This market looks amazing. I would seriously have a problem with not stopping shopping. You’re right about those colours – they are pretty darn spectacular!!

  8. Those yummy Popsicles inspired me to make my own!! I’m impatiently waiting while they’re in the freezer :) I also love the purple cauliflower–I’ve seen some at Whole Foods before, but I haven’t been brave enough to buy any yet! I’ve never seen white bell peppers, though–so cool! Glad you had a good trip!

  9. I found you through your guest blog on “Bring Joy.” Oh my I love your blog also, and I will sign up to wait for your new offerings, and what fun I shall have getting caught up on what you have written in the past. I’m so happy!!! I love St. Lawrence Market in the heart of Toronto. My husband and I live a little more than an hours drive there, so we make a day of it. We have already discussed going to your preview market in today’s blog in Montreal, next summer. We can hardly wait!

    • Hi Marshai – thanks for stopping in and saying hello. Jean-Talon is a gorgeous market, as you can see. I have no doubt you and your husband will LOVE it!

  10. Hey there Leanne, My mom and I are planning a trip to Montreal this summer and I’m excited to try Crudessence, Aux Vivres and of course visit the Jean Talon market on your recommendations! I wonder if you have a favorite B&B, guest house or even section of the city that you would recommend for us. We’d love to be able to walk to a lot and take public transit to even more but we will have a car with us as well.
    Thanks! :) Sara

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