Got That Getaway Feeling

by Leanne Vogel (Healthful Pursuit) on February 12, 2012

Thank you for your amazing support earlier this week when I shared the anxiety I was having over my pending trip.

Each and every one of your stories, experiences and words of encouragement gave me the power I needed to kick my anxiety to the curb and begin getting excited for this adventure.

Ongoing panic and anxiety have been replaced with small bursts of nervousness followed by uncontrollable excitement. A huge improvement from a knotted stomach and a racing mind consumed with fear.

I managed to squeeze in one last spin class yesterday morning, followed by a nice trip to the mountains with Kevin in the afternoon, then began the tedious task of packing!

Thankfully I had almost everything I needed laid out on the coffee table, so it made sorting through stuff and going through my checklist so much easier.

My Grandma called just as I was beginning to place all of my food in their respective ziploc bags (ya, I’m a very peculiar packer) which couldn’t have come at a better time.

She sensed that I was slightly nervous and; as all Grandmas do, knew just what to say to me to help me see that this trip is about trusting my heart and accepting that; at the time I’d booked the trip, I 100% believed that it was the right thing to do.

Grandma’s are so awesome.

And, so are dogs. Lexy and Pebbles stayed really close to me yesterday, and today. It’s as if they know I’m leaving!

After I was all packed, Kevin and I hung out in my office so we could go through all of the things he’ll be managing while I’m gone.

He’ll be accepting all of your comments, sharing my updates on Facebook, and posting all the pictures that come his way.

He’s such a sweetheart!

Okay, so my itinerary!

I’m taking a 9 hour flight from Calgary to Frankfurt tonight, followed by a 2 hour layover, then on to another 8 hour flight from Frankfurt to Mumbai. I should get into Mumbai around 2am local time on Tuesday February 14th.

From there, I decided to hang out in Mumbai for a day to acclimatize, sleep my face off, have as many hot showers as possible, order room service and watch TV before I’m thrusted into a life of… well, not that.

In the morning of Wednesday February 15th, I’ll take one last 2 hour flight from Mumbai to Thiruvananthapuram. Ya, try saying that 3 times. Heck, try saying it once. When people ask where I’m going I say trivalupagogo. That’s pretty close, right?

After I land in Thiruvananthapuram, I’ll grab a cab and head to Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Dhanwantari Ashram, where I’ll be staying for 2.5 weeks.

Wow, when I type it all out like that it doesn’t sound so scary.

I can’t wait to get home to share what is sure to be the most epic adventure I’ve ever been on.

Until then, take care, eat well, and smile wide!

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Averie @ Love Veggies and Yoga

Glad to hear you’re getting excited for this adventure and that the anxiety has lessened and it’s more about excitement now.

The flight and travel schedule to India is just…so long. I’ve talked to friends who’ve told me about it and I can’t wait to hear about your adventures once you get there. You are doing something I’ve always wanted to do; this pilgrimage and trip. I will be reading every post with anticipation and can’t wait to hear about it (when you’re back home and posting or whenever is convenient as I can’t imagine you’re going to want to be doing too much blogging while you’re there!)

Safe travels!!!!!


Nora @ Natural Noshing

I hope you have a fantastic trip Leanne! Looks like you are incredibly prepared! That always makes me feel more comfortable when I am in control of some of the food I am eating. Can’t wait to hear all about it and see photos from your trip! Have a blast, enjoy it and be safe! :)


chelsey @ clean eating chelsey

Be safe! I’ll be looking forward to your updates!


Sona Khosla

Bon voyage, my friend! I can’t wait to hear all about it when you get back. Kevin (now that I know you will be accepting our comments), if you need anything, let me know!


Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table

I love all the food you’re bringing. Have some yummy curry while you’re there – I’m counting on you for a great re-created recipe. :)

You are going to have the time of you life. Can’t wait to hear all about it!


Angela @ Eat Spin Run Repeat

Ahh I’m so excited for you Leanne! I meant to comment on your anxiety post earlier this week but I was rushing off to work and didn’t have time when I got there. I’m so glad you’re feeling better and I think you’re going to have a fantastic time. Have a safe trip over there – I’ll be praying to the travel gods for you in hopes of no extra delays or turbulence! I can’t wait to hear all about your adventures! :)



I hope you have a wonderful flight(s)!

I’m so glad you are feeling better–I know you will have an absolutely wonderful trip! Please take lots of pictures and I can’t wait to read about all of your adventures :)



Your trip sounds lovely Leanne, I can’t wait to read your posts! I hope you have a wonderful time in India (and on all the flights…)! It’s all about living our best lives, and many times that involves doing things we (initially) find scary. Every time I come to your blog I get more motivated to keep working on staying healthy, in body and soul, and to not give in to my fears but keep going after the life I want. I even have your picture up on my inspiration board to remind me of this every day. I’ll think about you and pray that you’ll be safe on your journey (and I’m sure the universe will take care of you).


Leanne (Healthful Pursuit)

Thanks for your words of encouragement Elin :) you’re so right, some of the scariest things are usually the best for us!! Thanks for the reminder (and the prayers!)



This has nothing to day with today’s post but I was thinking about your recent juicing cleanse and I was curious what kind of juicer you use. I am thinking about investing in one. I make a lot of smoothies but I don’t know if that has the same effect.


Miranda @ Biting Life

Wow, that’s so awesome. You’re going to have SO much fun!

I bet that your dogs DO know that you’re going to leave. Whenever my cat sees us packing to go away on a trip, he notices the luggage and gets super cuddly and upset because he knows we’re leaving soon.



Leanne! I believe that you are going to have the BEST feeling once this trip gets going (you are probably on a plane right now!) Don’t forget to remind yourself that you are an amazing being who is extremely courageous and goes after her dreams. You are SUCH an inspiration, I hope you truly realize that. Have the best trip of your life, I’ll be thinking of you! :)


Beth @ Tasty Yummies

Have a wonderful trip Leanne! Cannot wait to hear all about it!



Wow, I can’t wait to hear about this experience and live vicariously through you! Bon voyage!



Have an awesome trip, and a safe flight! I am so excited for you, and can’t wait to read all the updates and hear about it!


Sonia The Healthy Foodie

Hope you have a super fantastic trip Leanne. Sounds like quite the adventure! I am soooo envious of you. Can’t wait to hear all about it. Quick, quick, start sending pictures already! ;)

Hey, enjoy it to the fullest, have a blast, live every minute of it to the max, ‘cuz it’ll be over before you know it. Trips always go by way too fast.

Oh, and take pics! Tons of pics. But mostly, share them with us! :)



Oh you’re going to Trivandrum?! I was there last May on a field school, Kerala is very beautiful! I definitely had my share of culture shock, but the people are very nice, at least from my experience. They do this cute head bobble thing when they are agreeing with you :)
Good luck to you, and hope you have a wonderful trip!



Wishing you a safe & healthy trip!


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