Understanding Your Blood Work

By March 3, 2022

Leanne Vogel

We’re having a blast talking about blood work. We’ve covered: an introduction to blood chemistry (why it’s important and what we’re looking at), and the answers we can glean from a basic blood panel (especially if that panel has a CBC w/ differential and a CMP-14)

I hope you’re beginning to see just how integral blood chemistry is to understanding your body. And how much it can teach you about yourself – fill in the gaps and start to make sense of what you need.

Guide to blood lab work Guide to blood lab work

The best markers to look for in your blood work.

Get the guide

The coolest part? Blood chemistry has the MOST research behind it than any other form of testing.

You probably have a panel or 2 saved somewhere and perhaps the markers and values look like Greek to you. Your practitioner said there was nothing wrong (diagnostically speaking) but you saved it anyway, for a day like today…

I wanna show you how to understand your blood work.

There’s a lot to this.

First, in understanding which markers to look for/which are important functionally.

Then, a much tighter range, so we can see what’s off well before it comes up as a red flag on a diagnostic test.

Then, in determining what the marker means (functionally) when it’s high or low.

I highlight ALL of this in a super easy-to-consume way here.

And, if you don’t have a recent panel to use, I can help you with that, too.

If there’s anything I’ve learned on my journey to healing my body (phewf, that’s a story for another day…) it’s that there ARE capable practitioners to help, but knowing a little yourself is TRULY the key to success.

And, knowing what your cells need, is like picking up on the song your body is creating. It’s a wonderful practice to get into, and can help not only yourself, but your friends and family seeking answers, too.

If the idea of learning blood work markers and ranges has you dizzy, but you want answers about your health from your standard blood panel, there’s another option…

I can do it for you!

But seriously, learning the basics yourself comes in handy A LOT. And the videos, worksheets, and PDFs make it a lot easier to comprehend. That worksheet is 👌

Work with me to spot the patterns in your blood work: HERE


Signup for the blood work course, and learn the basics for yourself: HERE

My most-favorite thing about the program is showing you; through a series of case studies, what sorts of answers we can get, as seen here:

Blood Work Study 1
Blood Work Study 2

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