Answers in Blood Chemistry

By March 3, 2022

Leanne Vogel

We’re all seeking answers about our health, it seems. Whether we should be eating more carbs, or more protein, less fat, more fat… whether we should do aerobic or anaerobic activity, what nutrients we actually need, what probiotics we would benefit from…

I believe you have specific questions you want answers to…

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And today, I want to highlight MANY of the things that a basic blood work panel can tell you about your health.

A couple of days ago, we talked about cells and where they are in the organization of the body (Intro to Blood Chemistry). Here’s a little image I created that may help bring everything into focus… when you look at your last blood panel, you’re looking at your cellular health. And that health makes up every organ, tissue, and organ system.

functional testing and levels of organization

What sorts of things can blood chemistry tell you about your cellular health? Here’s a small list…

  • Nutrient needs, like iron, vitamin A, zinc, b6, b9, b12, vitamin C
  • Infections, we can see patterns of H pylori, reactivated viruses, or parasitic infections that could be causing digestive distress
  • Source of exhaustion, understanding adrenal function and mineral need
  • Digestive distress, and what systems it could be affecting if it’s gone on long enough
  • Source of imbalanced hormones
  • Liver function, and whether the gallbladder needs support
  • Severity of inflammation and whether it’s metabolic, or something else (generally infection) is causing the inflammation
  • How much protein is needed in your diet, personally
  • Stomach acid levels
  • Hydration status, how much water is needed
  • Digestive enzyme need

Are you taking some of these supplements, just because… but you really have no idea if they’re helping, if you need more, or if you really need them? Blood chemistry makes sense of all of this, clarifying exactly what your body needs.

So many of the above items are KEYS to health. When these are off, everything suffers.

Remember: fix the cells, the tissues, organs and organ system (think: hormones) come into balance.

Very cool right? And so very encouraging. I’ll be back in a few days to show you how you can learn to understand your own blood work. So, you can whip out that last panel and actually understand; functionally, what your cells are telling you.

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