5 Easy Steps to Beat Keto Flu

5 Easy Steps to Beat Keto Flu #keto #lowcarb #highfat #theketodiet

Beware the ketosis boogeyman, The Great Keto Flu! It’s really not that scary, as long as you know how to fight it. And fight it, we will. Five simple moves to put keto flu on its back for good.

“Ye who forgo carbohydrates shall suffer,” is what I imagine is written on the tomb of the slumbering keto flu boogeyman. I know you’ve come across this fact of the ketogenic life. It’s likely the first thing you ever heard about ketosis. For some, it’s the last – they get so scared that they never go the distance.

First of all, keto flu is a good sign. Secondly, it’s completely natural. And lastly, it is eminently beatable. With knowledge and a simple plan of action on your side, you’ll be able to stomp out the abject terror that The Great Keto Flu has come to herald.

If you’ve come to the keto flu crossing and turned back, if you’ve been getting your tuckus kicked by the beast for way longer than you should – this video will give you clear-cut moves to finally ascend victorious.

Part of overcoming keto flu is balancing electrolytes, which I talk about in length in today’s video. The easiest way to balance electrolytes on keto is with bone broth. Either make your own (or if you’re lazy like me) buy it! My favorite is Kettle & Fire. And, because we’re talking all about electrolytes today, Kettle & Fire put together a special offer for us! Get 20% OFF + free shipping on your first order of Kettle & Fire’s bone broth.

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  • Keto flu causes and symptoms
  • Simple strategies to fight keto flu
  • Further tips to beat a stubborn keto flu


Keto Lemonade and Rocket Fuel Bone Broth recipes from my paperback book, The Keto Diet.

How was your first experience with keto flu? Or, were you able to outsmart it? Share your tips with us in the comments!

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  1. I am experiencing excruciatingly hot flashes/blood boiling symptoms! I think I need to add Magnesium. Reading on Bone broth, fat bombs, etc. but I have been right on target these past 4 days with all my macros.

    • It’s worth a shot! If you’re concerned about it, please don’t hesitate to consult with your healthcare provider. Hope you feel better soon, Shera!

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