5 Easy Steps to Beat Keto Flu

5 Easy Steps to Beat Keto Flu #keto #lowcarb #highfat #theketodiet

Beware the ketosis boogeyman, The Great Keto Flu! It’s really not that scary, as long as you know how to fight it. And fight it, we will. Five simple moves to put keto flu on its back for good.

“Ye who forgo carbohydrates shall suffer,” is what I imagine is written on the tomb of the slumbering keto flu boogeyman. I know you’ve come across this fact of the ketogenic life. It’s likely the first thing you ever heard about ketosis. For some, it’s the last – they get so scared that they never go the distance.

First of all, keto flu is a good sign. Secondly, it’s completely natural. And lastly, it is eminently beatable. With knowledge and a simple plan of action on your side, you’ll be able to stomp out the abject terror that The Great Keto Flu has come to herald.

If you’ve come to the keto flu crossing and turned back, if you’ve been getting your tuckus kicked by the beast for way longer than you should – this video will give you clear-cut moves to finally ascend victorious.

Part of overcoming keto flu is balancing electrolytes, which I talk about in length in today’s video. The easiest way to balance electrolytes on keto is with bone broth. Either make your own (or if you’re lazy like me) buy it! My favorite is Kettle & Fire. And, because we’re talking all about electrolytes today, Kettle & Fire put together a special offer for us! Get up to 28% off + free shipping on your first order of Kettle & Fire’s bone broth.

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  • Keto flu causes and symptoms
  • Simple strategies to fight keto flu
  • Further tips to beat a stubborn keto flu


Keto Lemonade and Rocket Fuel Bone Broth recipes from my paperback book, The Keto Diet.

How was your first experience with keto flu? Or, were you able to outsmart it? Share your tips with us in the comments!

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  1. I just found your book at Costco! I’m allergic to aloe, is it ok to just leave it out of the Keto Lemonade recipe?

    • Absolutely! Do what you need to do, and experiment with substitutions! Let me know if you come up with something!

  2. Hello there

    I am having a back pain and I feel might be related the the electrolytes. I had gone low in carbs before and I thought it was related to my back so I did PT. However I was surprised the back pain came back the first day of Keto. Also had acid reflux and I think as you said in another of your videos might be the gold bladder. I will be drinking the lemonade to see if it helps with back pain.

      • I am getting better at this. Gold bladder is better, back pain is gone. The aloe in the lemonade helped with the heartburn. I enjoy the lemonade big time. However I get headaches during my work out and the lack of sleep so I am saving all of the carbs for the night and taking magnesium. I am sleeping better but not as much as use to. I am hoping all of these is a transition phase. I live most of my life with carbs and low fat so getting the fat on me some days is hard.Your website is amazing all of the tips are really helpful thank you so much.

          • I LOVE the fact you utilize carbs to your advantage on keto. I have been doing CKD since the early 90’s and so hard to find smart people like you who are not afraid of using carbs here and there. Thank you!

  3. I have a question about the pancakes in the first week of the plan in Your Keto Diet book. What’s a good substitute? I want to follow you menu as closely as possible through the first weeks until I’m more confident in my knowledge base and more in touch with my body. That said, the pork rinds kind of turn my stomach :). Also, I can’t find any that are organic/non GMO, or in anyway appear to be safe to eat! I’m particular about my ingredients. I just want to keep the day balanced – I love eggs, I plan on limiting dairy but I’m not opposed to cheese once in a while – especially goat. Any suggestions as I start this journey are very welcome.

    • Hey! Feel free to use any of the other breakfasts in the book that you’d prefer, or make a low-carb, high-fat breakfast with eggs and leafy greens cooked in your choice of fat. No big deal ;) Hope this helps!

  4. I tried the Keto lemonade. Be SUPER careful with the Aloe Vera juice. I used just a little and it tore my stomach up and I had to stay close to the bathroom ALL day!! Yuck!!!

    • Oh no! So sorry to hear that. Thanks for the word of caution ;)

  5. Is it possible to be experiencing keto flu by the 2nd day of diet?

  6. I am experiencing excruciatingly hot flashes/blood boiling symptoms! I think I need to add Magnesium. Reading on Bone broth, fat bombs, etc. but I have been right on target these past 4 days with all my macros.

    • It’s worth a shot! If you’re concerned about it, please don’t hesitate to consult with your healthcare provider. Hope you feel better soon, Shera!