Audio: What Your Hunger Says About You

What Your Hunger Says About You #health #nutrition

How to satisfy different hunger cues, what they mean, and how to connect the hunger you experience with the types of foods you’re eating… your real life hunger games.

Hunger is a funny thing. I remember experiencing intense hunger when I was young. Growth spurts, non-stop activity, I ate all the time. But somewhere along the line, I stopped trusting my body and restricted what I was eating. I stopped listening.

All queues from our body; including the ones we receive when we’re hungry, are like a muscle – if we stop paying attention to them, we lose the ability to hear them. If we can’t hear what our bodies need it makes it really difficult to understand when we’re hungry versus when we’re not.

Whether you’re on top of your hunger game or are so far removed from the practice of mindful eating that you have absolutely no clue why you’re here reading this mumbo jumbo about mindful eating and understanding hunger, today’s Q&A is for you.

A must listen if you’re ready improve your health and mend your relationship with your food and your body.

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May mindfulness be ever in your favor ;)

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  1. Hey Leanne,

    I’ve tried four times now to order your ketos beginning guide, but your site keeps giving me an error on the page. I’ve tried from both my computer and phone with no success, although I did get as far as entering by credit card informtion one time, but nothing processed. Any tips?


  2. Love LOVE this. I think it is so SO IMPORTANT to teach kids this also — and respect their food needs. Sometimes what we see as “picky” is them knowing what they need when they eat it.
    Love this!!

    • I couldn’t agree more! Respecting our food is a really great and important factor for sure..when I was younger I got labeled as picky and I think that prompted me to make less diverse food choices, I really believe I just had a food intolerance…

  3. Thanks so much for having me, Leanne! It was so fun and such a pleasure! I hope people find this audio helpful along with the mindful eating challenge!
    Amanda Browning

  4. Great articles always except spelling mistakes!!!! Queue is when you are in line and cue is the word you were looking for. Happy to go over any articles before they go to print.

    • Thanks for listening and reading Sheilegh! I hope you enjoyed!