Imbalances That Cause Cravings on Keto

By August 30, 2019

Showing you how to navigate your cravings by understanding that many food cravings are based in denying ourselves specific nutrients, a lack of balance in the body, or a sign we need to eat more.

Of all the topics under the “how do I do keto the right way” sun, are the challenges we can all face with cravings. Whether you’re craving sugar on keto, gone as far as binging on your favorite high-carb foods, or can’t seem to find the perfect sugar-free treat, we keto women are no stranger to denying ourselves the foods we desire.

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SO many of us do good for awhile, struggle with sugar and carb cravings, feel starving, overpowered by sugar cravings, and then give into the sugar addiction, fall off the ‘wagon’ and repeat the cycle all over again.

If carb ups haven’t helped reduce your cravings and show you that carbohydrates are nothing to fear, listen up!


  • What causes sugar cravings?
  • The role of cravings on keto and low levels of glutamine and/or dopamine
  • How candida overgrowth and dysbiosis can make matters worse
  • Hypoglycemia or blood sugar imbalance from stress
  • 3 steps you can do right now to adjust your diet and mindset to bust sugar cravings

We chat about how to free yourself from cravings in my 12-week program for keto women, Happy Keto Body. Where, with the guidance of myself and Dr. Nina, you’re able to create an eating style that works well for you so that you can thrive on your keto diet, and nourish your body with healthful foods to support your goals. Registration is open now.

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