10 Christmas Desserts, 26 Ingredients + FREE Baking Checklist

10 Christmas Desserts, 26 Ingredients + FREE Baking Checklist

The 26 vegan, gluten-free & paleo ingredients that you will need to bake healthy Christmas desserts this holiday season.

There’s nothing worse than having to spend hundreds of dollars on ingredients when you buy a new cookbook… and then those ingredients going to waste because you can only use them for one recipe.

When I first had the idea of creating a Vegan, Gluten-free, Paleo Christmas dessert cookbook that used just 26 common ingredients, even I thought I was insane. Skepticism aside, I went for it because I had an intense desire to create this cookbook for you.

6 months later, I can proudly say that I have mastered the art of the dairy-free, egg-free, gluten-free, grain-free, nut-free, paleo Christmas dessert.

10 Christmas Desserts, 26 Ingredients + FREE Baking Checklist

From Vegan Tiramisu, Egg-free Pecan Pie Bars and Paleo Shortbread… Dairy-free Caramel, Grain-free Rum Balls and Nut-free Gingersnaps…

10 Christmas Desserts, 26 Ingredients + FREE Baking Checklist

And, as planned, all of the recipes in my Christmas Dessert Freedom Cookbook use a variety of just 26 easy-to-find ingredients:

1. Almond Flour ($13) 2. Blackstrap Molasses ($15) 3. Brazil Nuts 4. Cardamom 5. Cashews 6. Cinnamon 7. Cloves 8. Cocoa Powder ($9) 9. Coconut ($7) 10. Coconut Butter ($13) 11. Coconut Flour ($9) 12. Coconut Nectar ($6) 13. Coconut Oil ($8) 14. Coconut Sugar ($5) 15. Flax Seed 16. Ginger 17. Hemp Seeds ($12) 18. Macadamia Nuts 19. Maple Syrup 20. Medjool Dates ($9) 21. Pecans 22. Rum 23. Sea Salt ($4) 24. Semi-sweet Chocolate ($8) 25. Tahini ($7) 26. Vanilla ($8)


Get your FREE Healthy Christmas Baking Ingredient Checklist

To help simplify your Christmas baking experience this year, I’ve create a Healthy Christmas Baking Ingredient Checklist for you.

Ingredient Substitution IdeasCoconut: hemp seeds could be used instead. Coconut Nectar: honey (if part of your diet) or maple syrup can be used, also. Coconut Sugar: any granulated sugar will work. Hemp Seeds: coconut, pulsed sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds can be used instead. Maple Syrup: coconut nectar or honey can be used in its place. Nuts: almond flour can be replaced with ground sunflower seeds, cashews with hemp seeds, macadamias with sunflower seeds, pecans with toasted pumpkin seeds and brazil nuts with coconut. Rum: omit if you are alcohol-free. Tahini: any nut or seed butter can be used.

Get 10 Classic Christmas Recipes Using These Ingredients

My new Christmas Dessert Freedom Cookbook is the all-in-one healthy Christmas solution for you and your family. If you grab yourself a copy, I hope you revel in the recipes, bathe your days in caramel and live a worry-free, guilt-free, healthy and happy holiday season.

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  1. Thank you for sharing the ingredient list and for creating the Xmas recipe cookbook. Just wanted to share a tip on Medjool dates. You can buy them in bulk directly from the growers on eBay. I just purchased 10 pounds from Fernandez Dates for $44 with free shipping. I split the order with a friend and freeze them in one pound bags. These ate amazong dayes and they probably included a half pound or more over the 10!! I have purchased from them in the past, never disappointed. There are several sellers from California and the middle east as well. WherevI live, no retailers sell these.

  2. What a fantastic idea!! I’m always trying to promote simplicity .. pretty things are nice but if it’s too much of a hassle then you won’t want to do it. This is great!

  3. You’re a genius, Leanne! I’m thinking of whipping up another batch of those delish gingersnaps…so glad I have your book.

  4. You’re too good to us! Thank you – Merry Christmas & MUAH!!