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Got My Taste On

by July 13, 2017

Taste Of Calgary-1811 I wake up around 7am every morning and, after a quick stretch and meditation, I give Kevin a morning kiss, go downstairs, turn on the TV and tune into Breakfast Television – a habit I picked up from my Mom when we were living with my parents earlier this summer. My favorite part to watching Breakfast TV, is staying in the know about the events happening in Calgary. From festivals to volunteer opportunities, they feature it all. Last week, we learned about Taste of Calgary – an outdoor food festival in the heart of downtown Calgary where a bunch of different restaurants come down and feature some of their favorite dishes. I was curious about the event and decided to check out their website to read through their menu and, to my surprise, they had LOADS of gluten-free options. So (naturally) I told Kevin we were going. Taste Of Calgary-1810 Tickets were $1 each and 3-5 tickets were needed per dish at each restaurant station. Taste Of Calgary-1840 We went to Jackie’s Thai first. Taste Of Calgary-1815 I chose the Yellow Veggie Curry. It was simple, the flavor was great, it wasn’t too spicy and the veggies were fresh and still crisp. We like crisp veggies! I wish that there had been more curry and less rice, that’s my only complaint. Taste Of Calgary-1841 The owner, Jackie, was really nice! Taste Of Calgary-1843 … and I tried my hardest to eat around the rice. Less rice in belly = more room for veggies and meat! Seems logical, no? Taste Of Calgary-1853 Next up were the Pakoras at Delice Pasty Shop and Cafe. Taste Of Calgary-1822 They were great tasting, good consistency… but I wish they were served with chutney of some sort. They really needed that balance of sweet, with spicy, it would have been awesome! Taste Of Calgary-1862 Unknowingly saving the best for last, we headed to the Shiraz – a Persian restaurant on Center Street and 11ave. Taste Of Calgary-1837 I went for the Shato Bryan – a ground beef dish. Taste Of Calgary-1871 As you can tell from my face, I was pretty excited about it. The meat was perfectly seasoned (and salty!) I would definitely, without a doubt, visit Shiraz for a full-on meal. Taste Of Calgary-1879  Taste Of Calgary-1858 Overall, the festival was pretty cool. We ended up spending $11 on the 3 dishes. There were a lot of people – a bit too many people for my liking. But the lines weren’t excessive and everyone was really friendly. There were a lot of ethnic foods to choose from, which is great for us because we like that sort of stuff, but may not be right for everyone. Although it’s a great place to try new things without a big commitment of the full sit down dinner. We’d go to the festival again, next year, for sure! Have you ever been to a food festival?

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