My 30-Day Kombucha Experience

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No matter how healthy I eat, how much yoga I do, how hard I run, meditate or relax, my intestines like to go rogue every now and again.

Gas, bloating, constipation, it’s nasty.

I’ve correlated much of my digestive symptoms to food, emotions and activities, but 6 times out of 10? I have no idea why I feel awesome one day and horrible the next.


I know I am not the only woman that prays for her digestive system to be normal, reliable and healthy.


Digestive balance was the #1 reason I agreed to do a 30-day RISE Kombucha challenge last month.

Kombucha has LOADS of healthy bacteria and, since my digestive system responds well to mega-dosing on probiotics, I thought that maybe kombucha would help to achieve the same thing.

30-day RISE Kombucha Challenge

Here’s a brief rundown of the digestive improvements I experienced during my 30-day RISE Kombucha challenge…

I noticed a change in my digestion on day 3. Regularity replaced volatility. Gas and bloating decreased with each bottle.

By day 9, I felt like my body was on the other side of a juice cleanse. I wasn’t reacting to foods with gas and bloating, I wasn’t cravings sugary crap, my mind was clear.

30-day RISE Kombucha Challenge

As my digestive system became more normal (normal like, 2-3 times a day normal… if you know what I mean) my skin started to clear up. Minor acne began to heal itself around day 9 and by day 16, I had no more blemishes.

My skin started to glow around day 21.

30-day RISE Kombucha Challenge

Not only that, but I just feel more balanced. My immune system feels stronger. My body feels cleaner. My organs are happier.

All of this in one little 355ml drink, once a day.

Crazy pants, right?

Did you join in on the 30-day kombucha challenge?

What sorts of things did you noticed?

Have you tried kombucha? Are you scared to? I want to hear from you!

This post was sponsored by RISE Kombucha. All opinions expressed herein are those of Healthful Pursuit Inc. and are not indicative of the positions or opinions of RISE Kombucha. Thank you for supporting the brands that I believe in and choose to feature here.

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  1. So my first attempt at trying Kombucha was today! Because I’m KETO, I poured over the refrigerated aisle looking at the sugar content and finally made a selection; 2 carbs/sugars 14FL OZ. This is good in relation to all the other brands but is it the same benefit? You seem to be a researcher like me. I can’t help myself – or maybe it’s because I’m nosy – is there a difference really? If you have any thoughts, it’s Clearly Kombucha.

  2. Hi Leanne! We are loving your book and we are definitely still learning the Keto way, but we have a question about Kombucha. We have been longtime Kombucha drinkers. When starting Keto, initially we thought Kombucha would not be allowed because of the added sugar. What are thoughts on the sugar content? And do you recommend certain brands that are better than others? Thanks!

    • Hey! This post is from waaay before my keto days ;) I rarely enjoy kombucha anymore, mainly because of the caffeine content. I prefer water kefir for that reason. If you find a kombucha with very little sugar, or only drink a little at a time, you should be good! I also really like Farmhouse Culture Gut Shots. They’re totally keto and deliver tons of probiotics. Hope this helps!

  3. I am on day 2 of a Kombucha and superfoods challenge. I did it so I could stop my cravings for my sugary Starbucks drink that I’ve been getting every day. I’m only on day 2 and already I feel less foggy headed, less sleepy and I saw a video of friend posted of a cookie dough cake and it made me feel like I wanted to hurl. Lol. Good stuff so far!

    • Check out the store locator here to find Rise Kombucha near you! No joining needed! You can simply start drinking kombucha every day for 30 days and take notice of how you feel :) It doesn’t even have to be Rise Kombucha, it can be any kind.

    • Hey, Kim! Perhaps the carbonation in the kombucha is making you feel bloated. Perhaps a kombucha tea would be better for you. Yogi brand makes a good kombucha tea :)