Gluten-free, Dairy-free Pancakes at Cafe Natura


I was on a mission to find some of the coolest gluten-free eating spots while we made our way across the country last week. It’s not every day that you get to visit 5 states and 3 provinces. I had a restaurant list ready and raring to go!

Sadly, my belly couldn’t empty out fast enough so we had to skip a lot of them, like the gluten-free Chinese food in Minnesota, one of Montana’s most popular burger spots, or the gluten-free crepes in Michigan. But all the restaurants we ended up going to when our tummies were empty and our legs needed a stretch, were real gems. Cafe Natura was no exception to this.


We woke up early in the morning… I think it was a Tuesday? Or maybe Wednesday? Our days felt extremely mangled together throughout our road trip. We packed up the car with my 500 pounds of luggage, the dogs, and our hotel coffee and headed to a trendy section of Sault Ste. Marie.

I’d found the cafe on the site, Gluten-free Ontario and, upon inspection of their menu, learned that they served gluten-free (and dairy-free!!) pancakes.

Setting Cafe Natura as a high priority on our list of places to eat at was a no-brainier. I’ll never say no to pancakes. Never, ever.


The cafe had around 6 tables, seating 4 or so people, each. There were herbs on the wall, treats galore, and a menu that excited us both.

We had the option to make my pancakes dairy-free (which I did) and to either stuff them with fruit, or layer it on top. For Kevin’s French rye toast, he had it dairy-free but with homemade rye bread, not gluten-free (but they can make it gluten-free!)

We ordered our breakfast at the cash register, grabbed fresh coffee, and picked a table. Our breakfast was ready in about 10 minutes.


My pancakes came out and I nearly died with excitement. They were complete with a little ramekin of vegan butter and local maple syrup!

Oh sweet baby pancake.


And Kevin’s looked just as delicious (although boring because he didn’t want any fruit).


We ate up our breakfast, barely speaking a word. After, we debated sharing a smoothie but we were stuffed and didn’t want to over do it. The flavors were mighty tempting, though.


Many of the treats on the counter – cakes, brownies, pies and squares, were all gluten-free.


It was one heck of a feel-good, small-town, gluten-free loving good time. For an allergen-free breakfast, unlimited coffee, and great service, our bill of ~$25 was very reasonable.

We would highly recommend checking out Cafe Natura if you’re every in the Sault Ste. Marie area.


What is one breakfast item that you love to bits?

For me, it’s pancakes but I’m not sure I could have them EVERY day. They’re a great treat, though.

What is your favorite everyday breakfast? You know, the one you prepare for yourself day in and day out…

Mine is roasted squash with veggies, eggs and sauerkraut. Don’t knock it until you try it!

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  1. Whats with you and that sauerkraut?? Ieew. My allmost everyday breakfast is muesli, flaxseeds, fruit, soy yogurt and lots of herbal tea. Keeps me filled till lunch.

    • I’m not sure… I think I’m going through a phase… Filled till lunch, that’s awesome!

  2. HOLY SSSSHHHHITAKE MUSHROOMS!!! Sorry, random post; Just found this site. Love, love love! 6 weeks in to clean eating and REAL nutrition…so so excited! And your site is like kerosene on my fire!! Can not wait to try your recipes! Thank you!! :-)

    • Jeanne – you officially win a prize for the best comment I think I’ve ever received. I’m happy that you found me… AND I’m head over heels in love with your enthusiasm!

      • Sweet! I never win stuff!!! ;-) Seriously, thanks and know you’ve got a new fan!

  3. mm mm I love quaint little cafes like that! they always have the best homemade food. always.
    my fav breakfast for everyday is definitely just plain old scrambled eggs with a side of fruit and either toast or oatmeal.
    the special treat breakfast….. well Im not sure.. probably eggs again because I love them that much lol

  4. I love discovering little gems like this little café! I thought I was the only one researching restaurants/cafés (I search for organic first, then vegan, then vegetarian, etc.) ahead of time, but I guess not. haha
    Every weekend I tend to make either roasted mixed potatoes and olive oil-fried eggs with freshly squeezed orange juice, or multigrain/low-gluten pancakes with fresh fruits and organic Quebec maple syrup. We can’t seem to get enough of these 2 options, weekends after weekends, after weekends… lol During the week, it varies, it can be multigrain toasts with almond butter and homemade jam, or a freshly baked wholegrain muffin, or a bowl of fresh strawberries, raw walnuts and maple syrup, or a bowl of muesli….. I love breakfast!
    Happy road-tripping! :)

  5. Love pancakes too!! Or I would love waffles if we had a waffle press. I actually had waffles this weekend at a friend’s cottage and now they’re all I can think about! This spot looks awesome. I would definitely consider stopping there if we’re ever in that area!