Adventures in the East

By November 29, 2018


Besides the gluten-free chocolate Birthday cupcakes we made for Kevin’s Mom while she was visiting, we also took her on a massive tour of the East. We spent most of our time in the car, going this place and that, exploring it all!

First stop, Niagara Falls. We left Sunday morning, dogs in tow, with a cooler full of healthy snacks, lunch, dinner and breakfast for the following morning. We were prepared.

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9 hours of napping, eating, pit-stopping, getting busted at the boarder for taking a wrong turn and trying to enter the US without identification, later we made it… and it was raining.

Wait, no, it was pouring.


I was so cold.


I hate being cold. So we opted not to go in the little boat near the water. Too much water, too much wind.

But the falls were gorgeous nonetheless!


There was this eery looking building at the foot of the falls that looked perfect for a horror flick. Eak, you couldn’t pay me to go in that thing!


The drive was totally worth it (says the girl that napped most of the time).

Renee, Kevin’s Mom, had made plans with a couple of her friends in the Toronto area so we dropped her off on our way through.

Kevin and I made a pit-stop just outside of Toronto and grabbed a rotisserie chicken from the local grocery store. The four of us; Kevin, Lexy, Pebbles and I, enjoyed a little feast of roasted chicken and homemade salads in the car, in the rain, before we made our way back to Montreal.


Renee took the VIA Rail from Toronto to Montreal a couple of days later and then we decided to show her Quebec City.

We went on a bright and sunny day, but it was still rather cold. This time, I brought along my Winter jacket. No messing around here.


Again, we packed a healthy lunch – tuna, homemade gluten-free sandwich bread, mini salads, and granola bars.

We toured around, paying close attention to every detail. There is so much to see in the Old Town and looked vastly different than when we had visited just months before (I liked the city better when it was covered in snow).


There really is love everywhere in this city. Every where you turn, there is a couple kissing, holding hands, it’s all just so romantic!

quebec city 6

As always, we took the puppies with us, and Pebbles even climbed a little wall with me so that we could take this picture! Cute little one she is… I think she enjoyed Quebec City as much as the rest of us!


And even more pictures (including our visit to the Montreal Botanical Gardens!)…

What adventures have you been on lately?

Are there places around your home that you’ve been dying to check out but haven’t found the time?

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