Freedom Brownies with Fudge Frosting

Chocolate Quinoa Cake (70)-2

Food Freedom.

Food Freedom is about doing away with the feeling of being overpowered and controlled by food.

Food Freedom is harvesting love within yourself to untwist your notions of foods you can’t eat, shouldn’t eat or foods you have to eat.

Food Freedom liberates you from feeling restricted by your allergies, food sensitivities, self-doubts and negative thoughts.

Food Freedom is seeing your body as your ally – of embracing your sensitivities, of getting in touch with your innate knowledge, of accepting and loving yourself.

Food Freedom is overcoming obstacles one step at a time and showing deep appreciation for your body, your mind, your entire being.

Food Freedom requires openness, inner connectedness, community and non-judgement.


To tap into your inner power, place love at the center of your actions. Think love, show love, emulate love.


To grow into the beautiful being that you know you are meant to be, stop fighting and give yourself permission to leap. Follow your gut, book the trip, cut the cord.

To live a life of food freedom, become a warrior in the pursuit of kindness, radiance and pleasure. Celebrate success, meditate, be comfortable.

I believe that you can. I am here for you. We are here for one another.


Our first order of business – busting through a plain ‘ol brownie recipe with an allergen-free fist.

Bam. Whap. Wowy.

Chocolate Quinoa Cake (2)

I shared my brownie recipe on Wendy’s blog, Cooking Quinoa yesterday. Head on over to her blog to check it out and as always, you can view the nutrition information here.



Quinoa Brownies (9)

Let’s ban together to create a powerful source of wisdom, strategies, tips and techniques in the comments below.

I really want to hear from you!

What thoughts, actions or steps can you take to place love at the center of your actions?

How are you going to feel free today?

Leave a specific and actionable comment below.

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  1. Hi Leanne, I just had a quick question about the dairy-free fudge frosting on the brownies. I was planning on using that for my child’s birthday cupcakes, but do they have be stored in the refrigerator because of the coconut oil or can be they be out for an hour or two without completely melting down? Just curious; thanks!!

    • Hi Vicki! I had the frosting out for about an hour or so as I was taking pictures and such and it was just fine. I bet it could have sat out longer. I think you’ll be okay! Have fun preparing for the birthday party :)

  2. I just wanted to thank you SOOO much for taking the time to post things like this. I honestly look forward to my e-mails from you and how empowering they are. I was diagnoised as a gastroparetic over a year ago and have since been told to cut out lactose. I’ve developed food aversions and a hatred for my condition but you are helping me learn to accept myself the way I am and work with my body, not against it. Thank you thank you thank you!

    • Thank YOU for your beautiful comment, Ashley! I’m so happy that my work is playing a small role in you realizing just how incredibly amazing you are… intolerances and all!

  3. I went to an EFT (tapping) session this morning with love at the very core of my intentions. In one hour, I started to chip away at my judgments, guilt, and the criticisms I have of myself. Food Freedom and unconditional love are always works in progress, but that’s the specific step I took in that direction today. :)

    • EFT… I need to get into that. It’s on my list of things to do. So powerful! Very awesome that you’re interested in it, too. You’re just one awesome lady, I tell ya.

    • Isn’t tapping wonderful? I helped my 4yo calm down from a traumatic application of eye drops (O.o) by asking him if he wanted to tap. He agreed immediately and participated right along, no more fussing or stress. :D

      • Wow… that’s amazing!!

    • To feel the love today…I am not letting the stress of work get to me today, instead I am focusing on my relaxing evening at home with my family followed by candles and wine after bedtime, a quiet and peaceful evening.

      • I hope you had a gentle day and beautiful evening, Catherine!

  4. Love this post Leanne! Started my second year of Yoga practice today with a warm Hatha, at my local Moksha studio. Eating clean again-finally, after a long stint with some emotional/stress/ eating.

    Feelin’ the love today. :)

    • mmmmm that sounds delicious, Jane! I look at healthy eating a lot like being on your mat – sometimes there are awesome practices where every pose feels strong, you feel confident, and other times no pose is going the way you want it to. Such a beautiful thing!

  5. I just adore your posts Leanne! You put so much thought into each and every one. I love it. I try to make love the center of every day by always focusing on the happy and positive, no matter what I am doing. If I can realize that every single day I am alive and well is a blessing, then I can truly cherish and celebrate every day and share that love with everyone I come in contact with. One smile at a stranger you pass on the street can change their whole day. It is always worth it.
    There is something so freeing about being able to let go of what doesn’t serve you and really embrace what makes you happy and sharing that with the world around you. Thanks again for another amazing post! xo

    • Hi Beth – you said it perfectly, thank you for that reminder. You’re right, we often get all stuck in our heads and forget to live the life around us. It’s such a shame. There’s SO much beauty out there.

  6. Freedom–definitely growing to realize I can have this! :D I’ve, in the past month, taken a job with a non-profit where I am a full-time classroom instructor charged with teaching adults from all walks of life basic writing and reading skills. This new job, though exhausting and stressful at times, has totally freed me from my previous (rewarding in who I helped but soul-sucking in environment) job, doubled my income (a DIRE need I had), and finally gave me a glimpse of what I really want to do with my life. It’s like I’ve suddenly broken out of chains and run out into the sun!

    My very job allows me to show love, and I’m blessed to be able to say that. The people I teach daily are often considered, by society, the lowest of the low. Low income, parolees, past drug user–you name a stereotypical “low” person in our American society, and I can guarantee you they’re in one of my classes. By giving them the best quality reading/writing education I can, I often show them more love than they’ve previously known. By being a non-judgmental listening ear, I demonstrate more love than they expect. It’s truly a blessing.

    So, to keep love at the center of my actions, I’m going to resolve to take at least one challenge each day–both at home and at work–and look at how it’s an opportunity placed in front of me to show love, even when I’d rather scream and flail my arms. :D

    • Wow, it’s so beautiful to read about how much love you have for your job. That’s just fantastic!

      I’m going to take your challenge, too! I often do the arm flailing trick (it never has benefited me one bit).

      • It is SUCH a nice change of pace to have a job that feels like it fits the real me. I also am adoring FINALLY being considering a professional instead of a para-professional or a student worker. All the hard work in school is finally starting to pay off!

        …also, being wickedly passionate about it keeps me from wanting to scream on trying days, in my opinion. I love to teach, but HOLY COW are students sometimes hard to work with. I pity many of my past teachers!

        • My circle of friends and I have a joke in my family that my boyfriend’s and my relationship is summed up in one image: him standing still, all calm, cool, and composed, while I am quite literally running circles around him, arms flailing, freaking out about many things. It’s pretty darn accurate. I always mean well, but I am a high-strung altruistic Type-A personality :)

  7. Excellent topic and powerful post, plus BROWNIES to boot! One of the most inspirational things about your blog is the way your sense of freedom really shines through your posts – you gently suggest we readers could try this or play with that, alter one or two ingredients in a recipe or flip an entire concept on its head, depending on our own comfort level. You respectfully, supportively urge; you don’t demand or claim sovereignty over an absolute system. (Doesn’t hurt a bit that you’re also an extraordinary photographer!)

    I’m currently exploring this matter of permission you mentioned in a work-in-progress I’ve entitled Permission: GRANTED – My plan is to handwrite it and scan it in as artwork for the final draft to give it an extra layer of raw intimacy, something I think we’re generally very afraid to do in our society because we fear opening ourselves up so fully. Facing into the fear, leaning its direction, watching it dissolve – Beautiful process!

    • Aw Michelle, I’m blushing! Thank you so much for all of your kinda and generous words. Wow. Way to stupefy me with gratitude and praise.

      You’re right, facing fear and jumping forward and letting it all dissolve is a pretty awesome feeling. Your permission plan sounds divine!

      • You’re welcome – you earned it! I believe we hold in our praise too often because we don’t think we have anything to contribute or we rein it in because we’re embarassed of being thought effusive or maybe we just don’t even think to express it… And I believe it’s about time we change that. I remind my boys all the time that I can’t read their minds and if this little comment reminds/encourages even ONE other reader to leave their comments, that would be fantastic.

        Your words and photos have delighted me plenty and I don’t mind saying so. Heck, if I stayed silent (if we all stayed silent), you might *forget* how wonderful you are and stop posting. And that would be a right shame indeed!

        • You sound like an awesome Mom. Purely awesome. You’re so, so right. Praise is so very important. I love knowing that what I’m doing is helping. That’s why I do what I do!

  8. Love the post, love the photos, and I KNOW everyone is going to love your book!! These look amazing and there’s so much more here than just brownies. To feel free today, I’m planning to let my after-work tension go by meditating and making a delicious dinner. (Candles and relaxing music too, of course!)

    • Candles… I LOVE that you light candles when you make yourself dinner. One of the best things. Love, love it :)