Cheesy Crackers

By October 5, 2017

My sister, Christina, and I raced home after school everyday to catch the latest episodes of Jonovision, Street Cents, and Carmen Sandiego. Once we were home, we’d make ourselves a big snack plate; pieces of bread smeared with margarine and crackers topped with cheez whiz, then snuggle up on the couch just in time for the first episode to begin. Christina took the bread, rolling each slice into a ball before consuming it, and I had dibs on the crackers. Ha, it’s no wonder we’re both sensitive to gluten as adults, we ate our fair share of it as kids! 15 years later, crackers and cheese is still one of my favorite snacks. I love coming up with fun ways of combining the two into a savory snack that isn’t loaded with artificial colors or flavors (aka cheez whiz free). This time, I’ve combined unripened goat cheese with flax seed, rice flour and a bit of arrowroot starch, reminiscent of that snack plate from ’96… but way healthier! Head on over to the Happy Days Dairies website for the recipe. If you’re allergic to dairy, I haven’t forgotten about you! Check out some of the suggestions I’ve posted on how to make this recipe dairy-free. Also, the same link will take you to the nutrition info for this recipe.
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