Toxins & Heavy Metals – Do You Need to Worry?

By June 27, 2021

Can’t ‘get better’ no matter how hard you try? It could be mold, parasites, heavy metals, or a virus. Dr Jessica Peatross gives us the low-down on the 3-step process to clear the gunk and get back to balance.

It’s frustrating when we feel unwell, and no one is around to listen. Perhaps this has been your experience on your path to understanding your body better and taking care of yourself in a new way…

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Maybe you’ve been to your doctor and had to patiently explain your symptoms only to be told “you look fine” or, “it’s part of aging” or, “lose 15 to 20 pounds and I’m sure everything will be much better”…

I receive countless messages from women that are at their wits end working to figure out why they feel weak, shortness of breath, forgetfulness, anxiety… if this is you, and you feel like you’ve taken all approaches, and nothing’s worked, perhaps this conversation I had with Dr. Jessica Peatross would benefit you.

I’d gotten SO many questions about these symptoms that I knew I had to get someone on Zoom, record it, and share it with y’all.

In it, she shares the 3-step process to bringing your body back into balance + loads of other info so you can determine if what we’re talking about today is what you’re experiencing.


  • Parasites, heavy metals, viruses, mold, etc. What are they doing in the body?
  • What do these things affect?
  • Open drainage pathways – what is this?
  • Drainage pathways – Does everyone need to be concerned about this?
  • How do you get mold and parasites?
  • Standard screening test for lyme disease
  • Do all of these things affect the immune system?
  • The 3-step process to clear parasites, heavy metals, viruses and mold
  • The Kill-Bind-Sweat process
  • Sauna, thoughts on types?
  • Fasting and supporting body when it doesn’t work
  • Once we build this up/clean this up, are we safe forever?
  • Immune function and its role through the experience we have of life
  • Toxicity – sources
  • Pathogens, metals and toxins… how are they different?
  • The role of lymph
  • Role of gut in the process of removing toxins

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