GIVEAWAY: 100 Bags of Beanitos Chips

By April 3, 2017

During a recent visit to Tango Bistro, I was introduced to what is now one of my favorite products. Kevin and I began our dinner as we do with any night out, we asked what items on the menu could be made corn-free, gluten-free, yeast-free, and dairy-free. The kitchen staff provided us with some direction, and offered to serve many of their appetizers with with corn-free, gluten-free “tortilla” chips. “How could it be?” I asked. “A gluten-free, corn-free chip? Are you pulling my leg?” Kevin questioned. The server looked at us with bright eyes and said, “No, not at all. We serve black bean chips with all of our appetizers” :| Betcha can’t guest what we ordered? There we were two hours later, feasting on an array of dips and chips, enjoying a 100% allergen free evening away from home. Naturally being the curious nutrition educator that I am, I had to ask for the name of the product and their supplier. There was no way I was going to let these babies out of my sight! One month later we had a huge box of Beanitos snack bags on our front door step. I think it’s safe to say that I kept about 10 bags to myself and I gave out the rest to clients, friends, colleagues, ashram visitors, gas pump attendants, and other random people. I’ve been ranting and raving about these for quite some time, so it only made sense to rant and rave to you all as well! So, okay… maybe I should talk about why I love this product so much instead of hoping you’ll just trusting me on this one and get yourself a bag ASAP. I’ll break it down plainly and simply:
  • they’re chips made from beans
  • taste ridiculously similar to tortilla chips… but they’re a healthier alternative!
  • naturally gluten-free and corn-free
  • come in four flavors:
    • pinto bean & flax (vegan)
    • black bean chipotle BBQ (vegan – depending on your thoughts about brown sugar) *second favorite!
    • black bean (vegan) *favorite!
    • pinto cheddar cheese
  • high in fiber (5g in each serving), protein, and omegas (in the pinto flax variety)
  • part of the non-GMO project
  • makes for a great lunch companion. I smile ear to ear when I remember I’ve packed these in my lunch box.
Ah, I just love when I find products that are just so darn fantastic. Have you tried these chips? You must.

The prize is sponsored by Beanitos. The review I’ve supplied above is my own personal opinion, which I was not paid for.

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